31 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics”

  1. I really wish this series existed 5 years ago.
    5 years ago I used blender, tried making a robot spider, got confused and dropped it because I had uni. Now I want to get into 3d modelling so I can get in the game industry or table top wargame industry. Since most 3d programs are really expensive, that just leaves blender and sculptris. I feel like I can actually make something now that there are tutorials.

  2. As a Maya user I agree that if you're not learning 3D in college you should use Blender. There are just way more tutorials and online sources for help. Personally I already know my workflow in Maya so I'll likely won't switch and colleges usually provide you with their own Maya tutorials. But if you're going to learnt his by yourself then go for Blender.

  3. Hi, what software is used for stereoscopic 3D creation and could support such as RealD 3D, IMax, and Dolby 3D?

  4. I do not have any idea of this blender , but i will retern to my comment ,and i will shere my first Video here .

    thaks andrew.

  5. I really need help with a guide of what computer/computer parts to get to get into this cause I’ve tried it at home and love it but this is all I need

  6. Hello i love your videos (like) but do you believe its possible at sometime to create a quick tutorial for Freestyle and NonPhotorealisticRendering ? – thank you

  7. Sir blender is not getting started in my software…..It's showing the system is not responding n more…..Wat to so

  8. I love to see internet like this! FREE, SHARE, COMMUNITY, PEACE. I'll start with blender for sure! Thanks mate! 🙂

  9. Hi am Jesse from Ghana. Your video has said it all but I want to ask must you necessarrily know how draw before you can animate?

  10. You are doing God's work, man. Bless you! My last encounter with 3D modelling was back when 3D Studio Max 6 was at the top. Your videos piqued my interest once more.

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