36 thoughts on “Beginners Guide To Cooking – Learn The Basics”

  1. Silly question, but when you wash off the tongs because it touched raw meat, how long or throughly do you need to wash it?

  2. i’m 24 & don’t know how to fry and egg because i’m just afraid of over-cooking or undercooking so i don’t try so ty

  3. Listening to you talk made me self conscious about how loud I get when I'm having a good time with friends lol but this was like the Joy of Cooking with Bob Ross

  4. He added 3 cheese to 1 tortilla and 4 to the other. I'm triggered. Nevertheless, great video… Bob Ross.

  5. Damn cool video. Started it thinking I'd only watch the first 10-20 minutes but ended up watching the whole 45 min before I knew it.

  6. Just the kind of video i needed to watch. I like his mindset and attitude on cooking. Take something that many view as a chore and make it fun.

  7. Thank you for this video. The laid-back style you have is just great. I've always been stressed out because of recipes. I just can't read a bunch of instructions and avoid getting confused. I lack the fundamentals, and this video definitely delivers on that. Next time, I'm gonna cook without reading any instructions, and I'll just see what it'll turn out to be. I this your attitude is right. I've always hated cooking because I've felt like I'm in chains because of following instructions. Thank you so much for putting this video out. You earned yourself a new sub, and I'm definitely getting back to cooking.

  8. This video has been awesome for me. I'm currently in my first few weeks of an entry level kitchen job and I love it, but I have no formal training and want to move up because there's a lot of space for that. So videos like yours have been really great for expanding my knowledge on cooking.

    Thank you.

  9. I’m 47 years old and I’m sharing these videos for my young relatives because I love them and your videos are very well done. Great job

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