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Today’s video is all about how I’m trying to learn guitar and it’s so hard and how it’s making me appreciate what it’s like to be a beginner singer. It’s like, I mean, I’ve been singing for so long that I haven’t been a beginner singer in many, many years. But now, I’m trying to learn an instrument that a lot of it is similar to voice. It’s giving me new insights into what makes a singer successful when they go to start learning. So this video is basically my best tips and takeaways from struggling to learn the guitar that’s gonna help you and your singing practice whether you’re a beginner or whether you’re just continuing to grow your voice. What are the approaches and the mindsets that are gonna lead to the most progress in your singing. Stick around! Hey, in case you don't know me, my name is Fel You can call me Fel, too. And this is my channel. I do singing tips all day. The first bit of advice I have for you that is really obvious but which I’m learning so intensely as I’m learning guitar is that progress takes time. Now with the way I teach singing is that I’d like to give you cues and tips that give you results right in the moment right? We can make adjustments that a lot of times help right then and there but in terms of internalizing it and really getting it into your body and committing it to muscle memory that’s where the time and the practice has to come in and it’s just the kind of thing that I’m just re-learning it in such a humble way. I’m like ‘oh’ (plays the guitar) it literally will take me just a lot of time learning how to move my hand and learning how to move my other hand while I’m playing the guitar. The same goes for singing, if you’re learning a new scale I can give you really good adjustments. You can understand it intellectually and then you can go to execute and get it a few times in terms of really learning it. Really committing it to that muscle memory. (plays guitar) It’s just gonna take time and consistency. And the way that I approach that is I think it’s better to practice every day for about 15 minutes shooting for small windows of time everyday rather than practice once a week, once or twice a week for say an hour. Remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint. And I’ve been putting it to practice with my guitar playing and on the days where I can only put in a little bit of time it really helps cause I see it carry over into the next day. And that’s really the best way to build up that muscle memory. My second bit of advice is similar and really builds on number one which is that sometimes you just need to sleep on it. A lot of times when we’re working on like a new chord or a new fingering configuration and my hand would just start to look like a monkey’s paw and I’ll just feel like, completely like, just deformed over here. And I’ll realized that I’m just completely exhausted and that no amount of effort is gonna really help me at this point. So what I’ll do is I put in some practice time, I’ll step away, I’ll sleep on it and then the next day when I return to my practice I find that somehow my body has internalized it a bit more and it’s just a bit easier for me this time. So same goes for your singing if you find it you’re really grinding away, and you’re really trying to get one sensation, you’ve been practicing for a while and you’re just exhausted and you’re not breathing well anymore, better quit while you’re ahead. Take some time, step away. Know that you’ve put enough time and I think you’ll be really surprised the next day when you revisit it to see how much your body remembers. So stay in touch with your body and know when to call it a day, know when you’ll return the following day. The third tip has to do with how we talk to ourselves and our moves when we practice. Now when I first started taking guitar around the third day that I was practicing I was getting really frustrated with the fact that my fingers just didn’t seem to be creating the right amount of pressure on the guitar. And I was so mad at myself that I started directing like all these hatred and negativity to my poor hands and to myself. And it was probably one of the most frustrating practicing sessions I’ve had in a long time. The more I started thinking about how I couldn’t do it, the harder it was. So I stepped away and I revisited the next day and I said to myself, “Fel, you’re a voice finder, you tell people how to practice singing all the time and you really emphasize the importance of positivity. So why are you not applying this to your own guitar playing?” So I made a policy for myself. I made a policy that I would think of my guitar playing as recess. As a chance for me to have fun and be silly, and really kind of have playtime with myself And I made it a policy that every time I messed up, I would laugh or go ‘wooh!’ (plays guitar) as opposed to going (saying irritating lines) and end up being like, at first really weird, but then ultimately like totally fun. (strums guitar) And my husband in the next room was like, ‘what are you doing? Why are saying ‘wooh’? and totally I was like ‘I’ll explain later’. And I can't stop being, so much more productive, so much more fun and I gave my poor hands the love they deserve and my technique…Surpise! Surprise! started to get better. Remember, practicing your singing or practicing your guitar playing or really any pursuit where you’re trying to get better at something is not an opportunity for you to be hard on yourself. Ask yourself, why are you even doing this? Are you learning how to sing so that you can impress other people? Or that you can beat yourself up over not being good enough? Remember, singing is an opportunity for you to experience joy, and have fun. So that’s always the bottom line. I would rather let you don’t even make any progress on a given day. But that you laugh at yourself and you have fun while you’re practicing and believe it or not that mindset shift that positive outlook will lead to progress faster.

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  1. My first attempt at playing guitar and signing at the same time. Didn't go so great, but at least I did it.

  2. I can play guitar well and also I can sing well enough but I can't do them both together.
    Please upload a video on how to sing while playing guitar

  3. Damn i'm rock singer in my band, i'vee been expert in mix voice for open vowel. But i'm getting tired so fast or sometimes i really need volume tu make my voice sounds good on high notes. I'm still suck.

  4. I've been playing guitar for around 8 years and I'm almost in the same situation as you were when you made this, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. i feel like instead of exercises, if you’re “imitating” singing that’s doing that technique but as part of a song, then you’ll enjoy it more? like singing gospel looks like so much fun and i feel like they must just pick it all up as they go, getting practice all day as they sing those songs at home? i could wah my way through “wade in the water” then use the words but keep the same “wah” voice technique?

  6. You are amazing person!!! I'm not a singer! Thank to u i sing to myself now 🙂

  7. I retired and decided to learn to play the Ukulele, old as I am. Then I realized I have to sing or no one knows what I’m playing. So now I’m trying to learn how to sing. Then I decided I sing horribly so I decided to learn chord melody. I think I should have started this many years ago! But I love it. We’re never too old to learn something new.

  8. Hey fel can u please please please please help me to sing rap cause I feel out of breath as I finish about 5-10 lines and I feel out breath so can please help or give me some tips or just give me a reply on this comment or contact me on my email [email protected]

  9. I would love to just send you a video of me singing a musical song because I have a huge performance soon and I never had any voice lessons so it would mean the world to me if you can comment on it and maybe tell me what mistakes I make!!

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