31 thoughts on “Beginner Salsa Lesson (Free)”

  1. F*ck the professionally revised videos… I've seen so many salsa basic instructional videos also paid DVDs in german language but this is really the best video I've seen so far

  2. Excellent and easy to follow instructions. Thank you for taking the time to explain the basics of salsa! ❤️

  3. I was about to give up till I discovered your video instructions. Great video for beginners like me who doesn’t have experience at all. Very easy to fallow. Keep up the good work. You got a new subscriber.

    Greetings from Canada.

    Cheers and thanks you again!!!

  4. Great and clear video. I’d add one quick suggestion: the lady’s arms and shoulders could be just a bit more relaxed, lower nearer the waist, in a more natural position, similar to the gentleman here, and then of course they’d be higher in a closed body position with a partner.

  5. Absolutely fabulous video and even my VERY experienced partner has learnt from it – I have learnt a great deal and it's an essential reference for us and our friends.

    Just one question – when doing a stroke move particularly the one at around 16:05 how do I unambiguously indicate I don't want my partner to turn. She has, on occasion thought I was signalling a turn.

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