BEGINNER learn to SWIM FREESTYLE in 1 Lesson (Live lesson)

are you today I'm good thanks okay but today we will try to remember the steps to learn the freestyle okay to make your freestyle improving so it's kind of easy on the stroke freestyle your intention is to glide on the surface of the water and stop to fight and the objective is not to be a fighter is to be a swimmer so you have to relax and every time you change our to glide okay so there is three steps to learn the freestyle the step number one is to learn how to do the streamline the arrow position after you push on the wall so basically you have to put your both hands together behind your head okay you're very stiff so try to bring them together here like this and then your head below then you blow your bubbles with your mouth you don't show me a head here and you kick on the surface basically you just push and glide on the surface no need to no need to use your hands okay all right put your goggle on let's try step one is super easy so you take a big breath and you do the arrow position and chill me on the surface go all right awesome your most diamon okay you can use your legs you have to kick the water remember yeah I can take a breath and go all the way awesome remember to keep your head below the water I don't want to see your head on the strip anyone seen nothing so chin on your chest push and kicky kicky the kick are small and faster awesome wow that's cool okay we did 10 meters about yes all right let's go back same things take a big breath and just keep okay okay for the kick right don't don't put all the water all over kicks are small and fast on the street face okay and your feet are pointed don't put your feet like this point your feet and relax okay cool that's good for the step one so easy right okay step number two if you don't know how to do we will do the free stuff so basically freestyle is like your boyfriend swim together right huh you go but when you learn is very good to learn how to use only one hand first to feel your resistance in the water the power so when you pull right you pull you look for the power underwater feel the resistance in your hands on your first portion of your arms that's why you keep your hair bows up and then after you accelerate the movement behind okay you pull and you accelerate behind so we'll use a board right right so the board don't press it down you have to push the board forward freestyle is going forward to glide so you want to glide when you swim okay so that's your board but you Kelly you will do one big stroke pool underwater feel the resistance go back on the board grab the board push the board and then you change your hands pull and stretch grab the board pull and stretch now wrap the board so when you pull your hand stretch when you pull the other hand stretch and at number three turn your head on the side and breathe okay start to breathe okay blow your bubbles first how you can cheat something okay to brief you just turn your head there you go okay important man when you breathe down chin up don't look where you go look ice inside the water okay so out of your face inside of water here you're very close to the water so we've no other hand basically you hold the board you would brief like this okay and you go back your head before your hand pass your face so your hand is here then go back underwater bubbles grab the boy all right so the timing matters huh you turn your head to breathe when you pull you go back your head before your hands and drink stroke one and Stroke to you do bubbles so babbles babbles turn your head to breathe catch the ball verse-by-verse then you head to breathe catch the ball so you turn your head at the pool number three okay go easy with your legs so we do our position we were born and the strokes let's go so one fool – fool turn at number three breathe and babbles one fool – fool – not number three breathe and babbles right stop okay not too bad not too bad when you breathe the water is here so basically your face is a – hi right try to be a bit closer but otherwise it's good all right let's go coach you so one fool okay – cool janitor three breathe turn at number three breathe better babbles yeah you go hey much better you drink water no okay this time the water was about it okay that's kind of good okay if you chin up completely water is here is bad and the more you look at the more you fit sinks so freestyle is about being very horizontal huh if you look up too high you're not a reason thought any more behind it sinks and then your balance is not good we do again step number two priest our turn at number three we were bored on the front keep your eyes in the water when you turn your head you have to go slowly huh it's not the fight remember feel it feel it's easy let's go and one pool to pool turn at number three breathe go back alley a bit too high turn three okay better wrong to turn ice in the water too much alright alright okay too high on this side you're not too bad on this side you turn too much huh yeah okay you realize it so that's good if you know okay the good point is I can see how you remember the last lesson right you pull and then your hands follow up your body so basically that's very good when you pull after your hands stay close to your body so the elbows high so the guys behind you can read under your arms that's cool and your hands is relaxed if you're relaxed is nice if you're stiff you're like a stool you're gonna sink if you are soft like this you're like a leaf you're gonna fly you're gonna glide it's stretch cool relax your head balls keep your hands relaxed near to your body you can even surf with your fingers in the water like this do it bits of surfing with your nail in the water so basically your hand is almost touching the water policy that's very relaxed you don't need to be outside too much that's that's hard or straighten out okay just be close to the water and relax your hands and okay so the step three is the same thing we have the board disappeared see I have my board it's gone it's the same thing and instead of catching the ball what you're gonna do you're gonna catch the skin of your hands so you're gonna touch the other hand so freestyle touch okay step three freestyle touch your hands one touch to touch Jonathan with your breathe and touch okay the real free star is not touch huh but let's do it this one first all right are you ready all right let's go okay so one hand touch your skin two hands just in turn keep your hands on this your face yes tonight number three Wow okay Christian is very nice you know the tricky part is when you turn your head usually what you want to do you turn your head you want to use your hands to push the water to keep your head that's the the mistakes when you turn your head you want to stretch forward and remember just and pull for this one to glide huh they work together I pull for you this one pulled for her and pull and glide or pool and glide is not cool and cold if not you're gonna keep falling instead of gliding okay a same freestyle touch your hands ice in the water they're gonna check your eyes now class go okay good one honey one touch to catch turn at number three keep your hands up one two one I in the water a bit too much turn we're relaxing your ass turn okay there is still this side or you turn a bit too much but definitely much better than last time when you chin you which snap completely right all right what's happening if you turn too much your head that's right huh horizontal okay now turn your head too much you see your body below is twisting okay your legs are twisting and you become like this and that's mistake like what you wanna do is to not twist too much when you swim you wanna keep your body straight swing a little bit okay but not too much not you lose your balance your legs open and that's not right okay okay and your head is the first things to lead if you had moved to match the rest of your body will move too much okay so this is the leader move it less possible turn just enough to breathe not too much okay keep touching your hands re freestyle step 3 touch your hands let's go hi one hand touch two hands touch Jen at number three too much one hand attached to hand touch Janet number three better one to relax and Christian this side too much this time better dessert like a breath hi you have to relax the more you are stiff intense the more you consume oxygen the more you're breathless we don't want this on the last I was too short yeah yeah that's normal so just be careful ah easy let's go one touch to touch tarnish number three better all right relax I feel your hands your sauce I feel you very steep Christian all right don't compare them too much is better yes man a see this one you turn less you can glide better you turn to much happier you fold the illusion speed up if you okay so the next step is to do the same thing it's good for you because you're your AV half full of bones and muscles so you sink like a stone it's not helping you a lot so the step three second portion is to do a freestyle touch your hands with the board between your knees so you're gonna fly more with your legs huh it helps you to don't think no need to kick you walk only on your HEPA body you see your balance will be a bit shaky that's normal try to balance it by swimming with your hands touch still touch so this is tricky alright okay let's go Adie don't lose your balance 1 and church your hands well I told you that's more tricky now we are going on more advanced 8 no no no strife start from here it's ok put it in between your legs and I'm telling you if you go too slow you will lose your balance so you have to go one touch to touch turn at number three touch one two three so it's timing and one two three and one two three don't lose your written if you lose the read you will lose your balance let's go early so one two one two up too bad that's excellent hey good one to check out number three Wow hey you got it you got it first try okay you understand what I'm saying if you good too close to the water you eat the water you have resistance I saw you doing this you put in the water and then when you come back your hands in the water that's not good you have to fly above the water near to the water but above if not you put in the water this way okay and this way it's full of resistance you're gonna lose then you're gonna flip mmm and then don't stop your hands you need to rhythmic top top banned Dutch Dutch Dutch in Dutch okay that was excellent for the first time I thought you will not make it alright same things freestyle touch your hands with a board between relax your elbows I come touch touch turn in touch keep your hands on the surface touch your skin every time not too bad don't turn your head to match good Ally touch your hands on the front objective is to glide Wow hey that's cool oh how you like the pool boy do you like it makes you float right it's easier to keep going it keeps you original horizontal yeah that's the point of it okay at the same time since you yeah you don't see the balance of the legs so sometimes you feel yes but if you're good with this one especially if you keep touching your hands you would be good for the next step which is the last step so step 3 last part part number 3 it's to do that butterfly is like is show off later this is freestyle no touch freestyle elbows head and open so I will put your hands on the shooter we don't touch any more we open shooters the wide we don't cross the line of your or your head okay you keep open put on the right when your hands go back okay you will eat the water as far as possible don't go close to your face jump your hands as far as possible then glide underwater don't sink your hands you go as responsible touch the water glide just underwater and stretch on your shoulders when you do this do so and pool so pool and stretch just want to go back when it when this one touch the water stretch and pull stretch and pool stretch and pull okay let's get you stretch and pour and listen the sound the some of my arms eating the water because I'm very relaxed thank you splash splash it's not that it's not the bomba it's a relaxed things splash splash stretch and pull stretch and pull stretch and pull stretch and pull and you stretch up you don't stretch down okay same things you turn up number three but this time don't touch your hands side to side stretch and pull stretch and pull stretch and legs just kick easy legs are for balance okay let's go so adding one to turn one to turn one to turn you're doing okay look Christian it's not too bad huh but you are you are a bit too much like this I want you to open see how your sugars are wide your white like that it's very wide so I want your hands to be white like you're shorter somebody tell you which room like this stop to go like that it's finish now you have to learn how to be more straight you're like on the train huh each on one rail yeah okay so stretch pull stretch together stretch and pull stretch and pull stretch and pull on the rail okay no more middle area let's go honey butter stretch stretch stretch stretch stretch I don't think your hands want to turn and stretch on this your face wrong to turn and stretch on the surface okay that's not too bad how you feel better still still a bit probably a bit tense okay you're learning about this transition you have no more board you have no more touch so it's all about the feeling now you need to pull to Algiers I want to stretch on the surface you need to relax as much as possible to don't sink and to be able to save your energy okay and you need to feel the correct speed when you are on the good timing you will feel it's easy and it's actually nice huh it's it's enjoyable you like it when you fight you feel it's a mess you have no sensation of resistance you have no power in your hands you're breathless you don't know when to turn you are not in control you control control the speed control the sensation and try to enjoy okay swimming is about sensation so now let's practice longer distance and we will make you better okay cool all right

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