Beginner LEARN to DIVE to improve SWIM diving start

hey James oh how are you today I'm good I'm good okay are you ready to learn how to do a diving for your lesson so you can swim a little bit of freestyle already which is good and different strokes but for your diving you are struggling a little bit okay so the idea today is to check how you can dive and to try to improve your diving okay can you show me what is your current diving level so okay okay show me just and then we see from there right oh come back very come back all right all right we try again show me another time okay try to relax when you go huh remember the intention is to dive underwater to go forward not to fall in the water okay I would be here okay tell me when you're ready it's when you want okay you ready okay you can go let's go dive show me how you do it okay that was not too bad okay that was not too bad come back Jim so actually that's much better than the first one you show me you know cool okay so okay get out the pool let's talk about the little details then you can already make a big difference come here alright alright so I show you when you start first things your feet need to grab here the wall alright so you grab with your feet both so you have a good grip you can do with two with one legs behind if you like okay then your knees here when you get ready to do a little squats you down your knees okay then when you're ready to go you will extend your legs like you want to jump to the sky give you a jump jump straight straight down don't jump in the water just jump to the sky jump okay that's the idea okay you extend but you will not do it in the sky you will first you will fall and when you feel you fall then you extend on the front okay then your head here okay when you start you have to way of starting you can start already in the position of diving which is here okay so you're a streamlined kind of arrow position you need to fall first don't you already in the water you have to go forward remember okay you can start like this okay we can try this version you go forward stop to go deep okay fall first and push all right come back then come back okay you see the sound the spoon that means your belly your ties and your chest eat the water all in one go splash flat that's that's what you don't want what you want is actually to go slowly from your hands to your head to your chest your belly until your legs and not in one spoon if not it's painful and you have not like the correct entry in the water okay but defintely the push was better so come back here okay let's repeat your legs ready on the wall grab the wall cool then your legs get ready for the bending your hands you can put it up remember your intention is to go inside like this not to pump it the water flies so your idea is to put your hands down as soon as it water straight forward to glide for are you ready to try okay bend your legs bend your legs bend your legs bend your legs then your legs fall for slowly and push alright let's try in the water come back here come back come back there is still this kind of big splash you know what you will do ok let's try to good slightly more deeper on this one ok we will avoid the big impact which is painful sometimes ok I will be with you so okay go out yes get up you can climb here let's go hurry all right so come here on your position okay well I want you to do now you will try to don't dive to go forward only you will do good are you ready okay and let's go that was not that was not good that was very flat impact right I come come come come come come let's get up get on up yeah you see the water here imagine here there is a target your intention is to put your hands here and then after your head and your legs everything goes in this little hole here I draw a little hole here okay yeah just right there so don't try to go far away try to go deeper okay yeah yeah more deeper so you will avoid the big splash okay I tell me when you're ready and go deeper when you dive keep your chin on your chest and go push alright okay the entry was not painful this time okay so now look you need to mix it both come here you need to mix the ball so you an tree will be like this as soon then you eat the water on your hands stretch your hands forwards we think like so basically you will enter the water with this angle you eat the water and then you stretch your hands forward to glide forward okay so the entry is here but after once you are inside water stretch your hands forward I let's go out we try it one more yeah all right that's not too bad okay come closer get ready grab with your legs ready get your legs ready then your legs okay we wait for the losing balance keep going forward you can lose your balance and you extend when you feel you're falling wait to fall fall fall fall fall fall jab you forgot to jump you need to extend stronger you know my friend if you extend you will have a jump and then a fall if you just fall then you eat the water very close to the wall so you have to fall then when you feel you fall you jump for up and then after you die okay the diving is actually entry portion first portion get ready on the wall second portion fall from the wall on forward when you feel you're falling it's over then extend with your legs and with your hands to go forward and last person enter the water correctly to don't splash it and to dive forward after it okay are they try for the last time alright so you try to jump forward enter the water deeper and extend straight forward after your entry okay alright James are you ready oh yeah when you want ah or you can go deep one metre and a half if you like even more okay okay good I've was not paying for your entry was more Jagannath but James when you are underwater don't chin up you need to keep your streamline if you chin up on the water you got a lot of resistance and you lose speed so the idea is to keep your chin on your chest with your hands above your head even you enter the water and to glide forward okay and you cannot open after your dive in the water you open up at no time you never open up to swim actually after you die so you dive head below your hands you eat the water you keep your head below your hands you reach the surface then you start swimming okay living is not so hard it's just remember the point of diving is to other good start okay in order to swim good after the dive so we practice more next time Cheers

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