Beginner Kid Learn to Swim Freestyle in 1 Class

mr. Roy who are you today I five different swimming club mr. no way last time you remember I teach you how to do the arrow position you remember that I represent like go stretch your arms for weight blue bubbles bubbles don't show me your head and Kimmy your head inside my stomach right you remember that okay we do ten arrows position let's go for number one blue bubbles Steph is doing the class okay yes yes okay come back up number three go arrow position push one more time push push yes you have to kick faster my friend okay can you kick faster synchronicity okay show me your legs again faster okay ready superhero okay let's do two more it will be enough one-to-one Mongo super-eruption so question number one did you blow your bubbles did you kick on the surface with your legs did you put your hand on the top of the water please you did like this keep your hand on the top of the order and stretch your arms for what's very good so now like last time remember I give you a board and we swim so one big stroke you blow bubbles you stay on the arrow position catch the ball too big stroke you blow bubbles huh stay on our position 3b stroke you can breathe and then you look down again are you ready push okay one big stroke a blue bubble big blue bubbles three big stroke 1 & 2 & 3 & 1 & 2 2 big blow bubbles 3 big stroke and with it ok try on your own 2 1 go buddy one big stroke good too big stroke good three weeks throat breathe and kick don't forget one big stroke two and three and change han-shan ahead one very nice – very nice three don't forget to look at the bottom after breathe look at the bottom one nice – very nice did you keep the board on the top of the water yeah very good always keep the board on the top of the water you know what this board is too easy yes okay one more time the board on the top we try the magic board later on are you ready okay don't forget to look at the bottom when you do stroke one and one okay my is very good so basically you're doing one big stroke look at the bottom and robots to destroy look at the bottom and blow bubbles three big throat you can go happy and look at the bottom again before you can go back to the board no board this is a magic ball now look take the board now look magic power the board disappear but you are still the board see it's a magic ball so now you swim the same with the magic board one big stroke take the magic board take two big stroke keep the magic marker keep it up too big okay it's always I'm sorry keep your hand up all the time it's very important okay never let your hand go down keep your hand on the surface and two and three did you keep your head on the top of the water yes it's not correct buddy so look at that now you can slap your hand if you want look you can slap the top of your hands one big stroke spin on your hand woof keep your head up don't let go down your hand keep it up this one too big stroke keep the big stroke slap three big stroke keep it up keep this one up step four big stroke you understand the first end don't go down right okay at number three you can be let's go let's go yes yes no no you have to sink don't say sorry just remember when you right right all right always the same things okay don't lose the track let's go one and step two and step three one and slit to and snapped three go ahead and slap your hand keep going keeping slap one very good nice much custard and – nice one good job easy to make it easier I hold your legs so you just have to focus on your arm okay right correct lose the track okay let me do again give me a hand one bad pose and slap to boss and slap three bubbles one two three I want to slap slap good three and all right – and snap correct you can stand up I don't mind but look not that slow the speed is too slow it just may be too slow you lose your speed okay when you swim so look this lap need to be quick and stop listen listen hello hello hello here not now okay I just remember brief you can look at when your brief I don't mind you know what at number three when you breathe I help you to go up with your head so it's easy you don't focus on the brief focus on the slap and big stroke okay look at the bottom and go again yes qu qu and slap grief and slap slap slap oh man this one is very good this one is perfect you did Walter stop thief 23 and stop you don't forget to slap if you go slow it doesn't work I want to slap snap ping to slap ping three go ahead stop okay soon I teach you how to turn your head on the side it's even even easier so far yeah something like this but it's actually totally on the side of your arms over there not on your arm like this you cannot use your arms like a pillow but don't focus on this do the slap I just have to think about numbers one this week at the bottom two big bubbles look at the bottom three big stroke you go help and your brief right now you will turn your head three big stroke you keep your hand okay and you turn turn turn turn turn turn turn turn turn turn turn more on the side of your arms over there don't put your head on your hand no turn on the side turn down here and very don't see and the water catch your face in to portion so keep this eye inside the water when we do decide when we do this side look can I see can I see when we do this side okay turn more your head no you have to look on the side yeah so the water catch you're facing the to portion can I see the water on a check okay please put your head on your on the side on the side okay yes no yes but yes – turn turn down here down see down is good will from your nose in case okay to turn underside down down and – you have to keep one eye inside the water you can do this your eyes in the water or not okay put it down here okay can you please turn down okay show you when you turn you turn correct but you turn here turn down down turn down turn okay you turn right turn everyone know how to turn right I turn I turn turn down that's good right perfect you want to go with your head like this it's the wrong side you want inside go go down yes good yes wrong okay it's good here's good okay let's go down down down go down with your eye in the water to pass your Papa it was really good team pastula da chuan aquatic combat look okay put your eye inside the water remember you are here with Anita like it let me show you again I have to feel it I know everyone like everyone like this happy it's not like that ok one two down one two down see behind your arms go behind your head over there this time one two done here you have to look on the side look on the side of the water you look on the side here slightly behind over there yeah you look over there no you don't look here you look over there slightly behind okay okay last one now you do the real freestyle okay so is the same but you have the magic board in your hand don't forget to snap your hand so listen to me okay one slap to slap turn down stop don't forget to turn down okay yes very good when you turn down turn down and slap it's not turn down and make a pose turn on a pic – hello I'll make a pictures women slap ahead and anyone last it was great okay listen to me you try all on your own let's see one and slap slap gender and slap because I do not support you now you swim on your own you have to slap faster okay if you go slow it will not work so much – look one big step to be except pink turn your head snap pink yes this is freestyle so remember simple kicking your legs fast underwater blow your bubbles when you breathe out shove your face in the water and cheat the written you keep your hand on the top of the water don't let your hand fall okay slide look the button on the arrow position and one in step twin step turn and step one is to turn and stop it's like this keep the rhythm it's like playing music later on when you better don't touch your hand you can touch the water Chuck Chuck Chuck and remember big is always better than small right very good

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