Beginner girl learn to swim Freestyle step by step

hey how are you today the water is a bit cold is it ok so today is your first lesson of freestyle and we will try to see how you can improve your freestyle to a better within 10 minutes about so maybe I will ask you first to show me what you can do for freestyle and then I will try to correct you from there alright okay now you do you do freestyle okay try to show me all right so okay try try to finish the lap if you can't just just try even if it's not the best it's fine I just wanna see how it looks like okay so hi all right not too bad can you try to use G hands one time just try to do some stroke with your hands so I have an idea and then we can start okay Adi show me okay so yeah it's not too bad it's not too bad this is the idea okay so you got you got the first point point one is the position right what matters is how you push this on your body in the water to glide so try to keep your hands on the top of your head both together about it yeah so you got this position your head is under your chin on your chest you blow bubbles you keep your hands on the surface maybe we just do a gliding okay a narrow position like a streamline for maybe just five meters you don't use your hand just blow bubbles kick fast on the surface okay so step one streamline our position click with your feet on the surface blow bubbles five meters wow this is super good this is excellent so that's the step one don't forget to blow your bubbles underwater okay Wow okay so now we go for the step number two when you have to learn how to do your strokes so basically what I'm asking you to do is like okay just hold the camera for me so let's say so what you do is about this position just to the ones I know about those go back to your hands on the surface for two times the bubbles go back on your hands three times go back on your hands we try to swim with your hands on the surface of the water one big pool underwater desert of occupants okay so just one hand after one here simple you don't need to worry about how to breathe we stay underwater for three movements one touch pool and touch pool and touch that's all okay blow bubbles kick with your legs you do an arrow position everything the same you just pull three times yeah Ali simple show me so one could touch your hands to pool touch against tree touching and that's it that's it stop stop stop stop that's it super simple just three movements okay after you put your feet on the ground and we repeat all right easy high one more time try to feel the pressure in in your hands of the water every time you put show me one more time their legs are good don't worry your legs keep small and fast on the surface so one pool touch your hands too cool to touch your hands who then touch your hands you can stop super all right we try to look how it looks like underwater same same okay just go straight to movies same for the last time three tools and about how you feel all right okay look now the idea you can do three movements with your head one that's me first then you look at and you take it back okay the idea is to continue to school instead but able to breathe at number three so instead of the to touch me and touch up number three you will prove with your hands on the water in the same time then you prove if we looking on the side of your hand cooler so let's say I put in my right hand I turn my head on the right side one eye in the water half of your face in the water so I pull i briefed on the side and I look back my head in the water blow bubbles again before my hand is back so you have to basically to when you brief at number three go back your head underwater in the arrow position for the end so if you do in the world.we into the same on the wall you can practice please like one pill bubbles chilly few barbers turn at number three go back your head bubbles remember when you turn don't put your head on your arms but could you have inside water right here and out of your face in the water we practice on the world very simple before we practice swimming okay no because if you turn out of your face one part of your mouth will be outside the water so you can still breathe from that part you just move your mouth a little bit like yeah slightly like this you will try slowly you will see how it goes slowly keep your feet on the ground and blow bubbles so one hands pull two hands through left turn that number three okay so you turn on the side blow but finish the breathe and turn on the other side so okay look how we'll be here we try it one more time try one more let's go so one hand to hand turn your head to breathe go back underwater that's it chin and then continue on the other side after you need to continue and you repeat the water don't go in your nose if you blow from your nose so you can blow from your nose if you like blow your nose instead of going from your mother oh it should not go inside your nose just a little bit but since should not go inside your sinus when you breathe just take a breath quickly with your mouth okay we go slowly okay so and bubbles burst Chanyeol head breathe go back bubbles bubbles again turn your head on the other side and breathe go back bubbles that you understand keep on keepin boss boss turn your head and breathe okay stop that's the idea okay the idea is you turn your head at every three okay and every three I'll poke your face take a breath then go back when you turn your head okay so far is not perfect the way you turn is a bit too high but that's okay just learn how to feel comfortable with the timing with you again so one hand by boss to handbag boss turn and read change excellent one to turn on the other side breathe excellent one turned for the last time and back okay stop okay so it's pretty good enough now just be careful when you turn right right now what you do is you turn like this you turn your head is a bit like jack on a green light this way your mouth is Alec but the ice is up so what's happening if you swim your legs behind will sink so try to be very close to the water your head turn but going down not going up okay when you turn you go inside here but not looking at turn the kingdom so in your arms go behind your head here so we'll practice this one while we are swimming together with me and I will help you don't worry everything gonna be fine you are not going to drink water okay you do the arrow position one touch to touch turn touch okay now no no no when you turn this like this behind your arms go okay see this one is pulling right your head goes here yes perfect see your arms behind your head awesome don't be like this that's wrong inside okay you turn on the other side you go inside here okay your hands here on the surface I will help you you just feel it okay I big breath look down with your head one two turn slowly come down and slowly okay okay take a breath the water will maybe go inside your ears that is normal okay at the end of the reason you put the water outside okay just go slowly when you go too fast you will breathe and drink water take your time you will not drink water I will control your hands all right first thing is to relax all right easier so slowly one better to breathe Thank You Tucker that's it okay that's it that's it I just want you to feel it so we write water in your heels a little bit it's okay everybody get this okay so just put your head on the side shake a bit be my drop and then you try again but when you turn your head the water goes in your ears that is normal right just don't keep the water at the end of the class huh let's go again so one two turn breathe go back one look down to turn breathe go back all right that's good not when you turn basically you're like this see yeah your arms is under your head I would like you to turn with your head one eye inside the water here and your arms not under but behind ya for this just go slowly if it's too hard I will I will make you feel it better I will carry okay now you can try slowly ESCA so one to breathe okay okay okay look that was very good did you manage to breathe on the side okay that was very close I was surprised usually beginners are a bit more scared but that was very good we tried the other side the other side you're not so good so I want to see if you can improve this show me okay okay look if you want to put it out you have to put your head completely on the side and shake a bit then you will drop okay if you shake with your head straight you will not go out okay yeah same thing you want a one two three yeah okay so you start with this end so we turn this side up let's go so one two turn breathe lower your head see you see how with your head go enjoy gonna like this try to go lower we try again this side is good I say yes this is not all right come on you can do it so ed done one hand babbles – hands bubbles turn down better better all right okay see not too hard right so now look what I'm going to do I want you to super relax I will carry your legs and behind you and I want you to feel how it is I will not support your hands I would support your legs okay you will not drink water all right run the front and we try together I head down first okay so alright one move your hands I carry you I carry you don't scared see I am in control so one hand to hand turn okay you have to turn more just feel comfortable you control okay go slowly yeah I'll let you stand up so look you just turn you control your hands alright I'm just behind you controlling your your legs to keep your body a little bit the risotto okay so you worry not sink okay when you believe just turn your head okay sure all right okay we're doing this way re just relax okay I slowly so okay so one hand to hand turn and brief excellent one hand to hand turn in brief that's good that's good don't stop one to turn and breathe one two okay how are you alright not enough time to breathe yeah it's actually shorter need to blow blow breathe finish it's not time to have you don't have the time to do one or two breath huh it's just one short and big breath then it's actually more than you know you just need to power as soon then you turn your head and then bubbles okay ah that was excellent we try to go nth in the world non-stop come we do the same I want to turn want to turn okay so one relax to turn one to turn that's it after brief remember grief and babbles okay breathe chin down look down babbles yeah okay we try on the front you don't like what you hear is don't you all right so let's go again slowly yeah slowly so one and two brief change one that's excellent and to grief shan't change one keep your head down it's too deep okay it's doctor listen listen it's great but when you swim you are not into the arrow position anymore your head is completely above the surface remember the more you put your head under your arms the more you will swim or isn't or the more your head goes up the more you like sinks so you don't want that you want to keep your head under your arms when you breathe turn your head and then go back head under your hands if I cut your head like this it means go down yeah all right otherwise it's cool I one more time so one pool you had to pool brief change one pool to pool breathe go back relax key points is to relax the more you stress the more difficult the more you relax the more you will feel it the more you will stabilize your skill and then you will understand okay I'll carry your legs again and you go back on yourself alright okay let's go slowly okay so one two turn change one two turn don't stop don't try to don't stop you can finish come on high one two breathe one two and breathe again one look the idea is to non stop and see in the wall if you can't maintain your speed under control and keep going after you breathe go back bubbles keep pulling with your other hands left right left okay but don't stop every time try to continue you are good enough to continue slowly I can I help you when you go in the front I will stop you myself if I want us to stop yeah sorry big breath so one and two and turn go back one and two and turn go back don't stop one ad down two okay you drink water all right remember underwater your intention is to blow bubbles no matter what when you turn your head no more bubbles immediately you take a breath and then turn back go back bubbles okay so you have two options otherwise you blow bubbles in the water otherwise you take one breath outside and go back bubbles when you get out so maybe you try to breathe a bit to earlier so just brief slightly light weight for your mouth to be outside the water to start to breathe right if you breathe with your mouth still in the water you drink water that's that's normal right and we go back it's tough to jump like it's alright alright let's go slowly and big bubbles slowly slowly slowly right so one hand the first two hands bubbles breathe change one and two breathe don't stop one continue to breathe that's good there you go hey not too bad okay luck it's the same when you are alone it is the same the only difference is I'm not carrying your leg so what you do you kick with your feet on the surface to stay horizontal but it's everything the same I show me slowly so one two brief go back one two brief go back don't stop you like to stop I I'm not happy with it you really need to breathe and go back you have to try okay if you don't try you cannot improve this so breathe go back I'm carrying your arms there is no way you will drink water it's impossible so just try breathe and go back okay sorry it's super simple you will breathe inside here breathe inside and then go back okay I start with this end this is all your weak hand so we try this side huh let's go wan-soo we go back that's it okay that's all that's all you see it's not that hard right you have to be used to it okay we can do something to help you this is the side you don't like to breathe we can do only this side just blow bubbles and the water one hand same hand again we only do the wrong side cool breathe now turn your head you have to turn no you turn on your hum see what you do you you go like this it's nothing you know your arm is not a pillow you cannot lean on it you have to really put your head inside the water we tried three times turn at number three only this side is one hand to hand turn correctly that's good breathe go back your head one again to again turn at number three go back your head you got it one stay down two and three go back your head one that's good two and three don't be in on your arms a bit later okay don't turn your head after you pull you're a beginner it's much easier if you turn when you pull so you pull and you turn in the same time don't pull first and turn after it's too late turn while you are putting okay would be easier we try again the wrong side okay I so one hand same hands turn now go back one hand village in it you are like you would a dis yeah don't be like that just chill easy your hands soft not like okay this arm you have no idea is like it's like a woodsman you know relax yeah I relax once they relax stay relaxed turn you have to turn at number three you forgot to turn alright we tried it one hand to hand turn excellent go back one hand to hand turn okay look this is good this is all you need to do now let's go back this way and we finished for today okay same thing huh one two turn at number three all right re for first time three star is not so bad you are too relaxed it's easier to relax I show me and under so one to ten go back one to ten go back go back one turn your head alright okay look you're alright okay for today that's good enough we need to improve your head your head when you swim is too high and when you breathe you are turning to high as well okay if you can fix this you will glide much easier on the surface okay but when you stress it's a bit normal to be like this remember go slowly control your head position lower okay all right you practiced a little bit on your horn and I see you next time thank you

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