BEGINNER GIRL learn to SWIM BUTTERFLY in one lesson

hello leo how are you today okay so today you will show me how you can try to swim the butterfly and we will try to teach you butterfly from there you tell me then you don't know about the butterfly right yeah you have seen it somewhere on TV or you have a little bit an idea how it looks like can you show me what you believe it is and then we'll try to do a class on this yeah sure take your time five hours later okay are you ready I'll show me the super butterfly wow that's beautiful try a bit longer so I have a better idea I think you you mastered the butterfly there is nothing else to teach here okay first things what you do with your legs you are kicking like freestyle butterfly isn't hot freestyle kick it's dolphin kick you're like a mermaid okay like a dolphin I try to first do the kicks like this when you do your double pulling with your hands it's actually not so bad you know I wanna say it's like it's a double pulley spine but change your legs to a dolphin legs okay you show me and you try and then after I show you some exercise of course you swim the butterfly with your legs like a dolphin all right so yes that's the dolphin the dolphin is like this I have seen mini dolphin like okay come let's try over there for your legs okay I will give you a Chips it's very simple it's not exactly like this but at least he helps beginner so beyond original position okay so now your legs are horizontal here there is some time so I got your legs alright bend your knees a little bit put your feet outside the water when your knees put your feet outside here you keep your feet together you put your knees together close your knees okay keep the water like a dolphin boom again do it again cheeks one again to then and kick three and four okay so pluck that's the first tips try to do the kicks with your both legs together and your knees together now you do it you don't you in the water you don't use your hands just do kick kick kick non-stop with your legs you have to put your head underwater it would not work if you look up so put your head below your house and do the kicks and leave okay that's that is not that is breaststroke you open your toes your toes doesn't open keep your toes close to each other you need to put your feet out the water and splash it try again yes that's better keep going yep yep again okay stop okay that's much better don't open your toes kick kick kick the rear butterfly you need to understand is actually a movement from the core and the hips right just move like a dolphin tail and entire tail it's smooth like this right but since you're beginner we do only first with your legs okay it helps you to understand how to poom poom-poom eat the water alright so let's do maybe five kick and then you stop okay so and one and two and three and four and five okay stop you got it five times okay hold the camera I'll show you now the idea right now you're doing the kicks you bend your legs and stretch your legs kind of right what do you want to do is you're like this right you will do the kick from yours your your stomach here and instead of bending your legs you will move your entire lower body and one and two and three and four and five okay just this movement like that back okay you play with this and your legs you need your legs behind stay relaxed and straight they will kick naturally you know what is a dolphin right okay so you try to be smooth okay it's not bending your knees so much it start to move now this is part of your body okay you're Houston yes correct I try slowly yep okay okay the beginning you try to do the kick opening your toes again like the breaststroke no your toes stays close to each other your feet stay close your knees stay close okay you just do the movement of your belly I hold your hands to give you some speed no just do this movement the kick actually you know the kick is the end of the movement it's like you know you have a whip that's what that's all you got laughs that's a we pray so you do the beginning and the end there is a that's your feet the feet is the end of the movement the movement starts from your belly and goes until your leg that's why it's poom poom-poom but the beginning start from your belly so just feel it so one all right come let's go outside here we will we'll make it here no it's not so fun actually it's just something you need to feel okay come here alright step up come come come come come come come come come alright yeah we stand here okay so look look at me you do the same put your hands up so I don't want I don't want to see your hand so you're here in the water right okay you're like this perfect and now close your legs close your feet okay so here that portion will play up okay so it's look at me back one two three keep going for five yeah many times don't stop tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak okay it plays like this your legs your legs will follow this movement that's the beginning you start hips and your legs will follow and they will just move naturally okay alright we try underwater so the idea is you can push on the wall let's start here you push on the wall you put your head below and you do this movement and tell me okay you don't move your hands on just your legs I come yes correct correct correct that's the idea good ok now try to eat the water at the end with your feet the same thing you push but at the end your legs poom poom-poom ok so you do the same things but I'm cliff I just a little bit for your feet to eat the water at the end you will feel it poom poom poom-poom Lasko yep yep okay okay okay okay look now it's good right I can see is getting there but it's not one and stop – and stop it's continuously it's like one and two and three and four it's not it's not okay you're not a robot you need to be smooth and continue the movement you can amplify it if you amplify it you will feel it it's natural imagine is like a dancing it's like a ballet in the water you know you are like a wave huh you're like an algae in the water and you you know hey let's go and one two three no four stop okay stop stop stop you did open your feet one moment that was a mistake you need to stop to do this you need to keep your knees close keep your feet close and remember you are mermaid so you cannot open your toes it's not breaststroke anymore you're not a frog you are a mermaid alright you are dolphin you are whale whatever it's doing this movement okay you cannot open but definitely much better so you go and you do dolphin dolphin dolphin dolphin dolphin dolphin alright let's go one two all right you miss your feet your feet doesn't kick you need to do the poom poom-poom with your feet you do your hips but your feet doesn't move the feet need to eat the water let them move is the end of the whip remember let it go yes yes okay honey less hard less robotic more smooth feel it is like this okay how'd it go again don't don't think so much the more you think the more you block the movements just feel it do this movement with your hips and let your feet eat the water behind just feel it do it yes okay alright that was much better you let go let go stop over control let go and you will come okay try to go back on the same yeah on the same one two three four yes better you feel it you start to get it don't bend your knees so much try to feel your hips and remember there is this sound boom boom is the Sun of your legs again so one and two and three and four and five okay six okay don't fight now it's not supposed to be big it's supposed to be fast and small so it's like it's more like this then like girl no okay you wanna make it fast and smooth okay I let's go this way slowly hi re not too bad not too bad when it's right you will feel it you will feel like the proportion you know Ali last one all right Wow that's much much better you see you did all of this by yourself it's pretty big already cool now you need to learn how to use your hand with this so you need to count your dolphins every time you do this it's one so if I do one two three four I have done for dolphins okay now you do it I can't you have to count in your head and let's see if you match the number do some dolphin and you tell me at the end how many dolphin you did count them okay so one and two and three and four and five and six seven eight nine how many huh okay buddy you did nine four I count nine but it's about it okay not too bad so now you got it the dolphin now the tricky person is I can take the camera so the tricky person is you need to do your dolphin non-stop so you will do and two and three four and now your hands are not moving right yeah we start to move your hand so one and two you move your hands at number two and then go back your hands and die so the movement are putting in the water into your legs and then after fly outside a water back on the front so we'll be like family sometimes you look like one two three and four five six you pull your hands under the pool every Tudor be so wonderful – you fool we don't feel for you – okay okay go very slowly to feel it hi let's go okay stop leo it's good yeah okay you don't have to breathe up for now keep your head underwater when you pour so we forgot the breathing part for the for the butterfly just continue bubbles when you when you have no more bubbles to blow then you can stop okay and your legs what you do you do one and two and you stop three and four and you stop there is no stop your legs continue you know the movement is continued and your hands adapt to your legs so and move your hands and move your hands and move your hands it's not like move your hand move your hand okay relax let's go yeah so one and pull two and cool three and pool okay relax your legs more huh more soft behind less soft remember the dolphin is soft nice okay 1 & 2 2 & 2 3 and cool it's the movement is here on your hips you are here and one and pull and two and pull and okay here let's go and one and pour two and pull three and pull not too bad it's okay come back come back oh my god she's gone hello that was good that was good all right you come back it's very good much better continue one dolphin and pool to dolphin and pool okay I'll Alaska I when you want not too bad did you count so one dolphin you stretch to the fee new pool one dolphin you stretch to the venue pool so basically in your head he has to be a rhythmic it's like stretch and pull and stretch and pull and stretch and pull and stretch because the first dolphine you stretch your hands on a surface to glide the second I'll pin you pool and you go back to stretch so it's an alternation of stretching forward twing stretching for twin that's your hands up stretch to stretch to land your cheek adapt with your hands so when you stretch you are wonderful when you pull you have another darky stretch chain rule so your body is moving in the same time it's like stretch and cool and stretchy and prune and stretch Shampoo okay let us think about the rhythmic stretch and pull and stretch and pull and stretch and pull and stretch and pull much better good you're good actually for the first time you know it's very good it's it's not it's not so simple for just the first time actually it's not too bad and your dolphin is you've been not your knees too much so it's it's better cool now you can breathe every to pull so stretch and pulled on breathe stretch and pull you breathe when you breathe very simple you pull with your hands you go up with your chin you breathe near to the surface of the water your muff us to be close to the surface the body don't look at the sky look forward stretch pull look forward and breathe look down and dive because after you breathe you need to dive so you go back in the water of your head looking at the bottom and you throw your hands to stretch forward okay every time after the breathing there is a dive okay breathe to dive and stretch stretch and pull and stretch and breathe stretch and pull and stretch and breathe all right okay and breathe stretching to aura okay we lost the count you lack you lost the counting at some point you stop when you stop your legs are sinking everything is getting you know Maci don't lose the counting here as I said your legs never stop that's your lies they never stop so stretch chain land stretch and breathe and stretch and pull and stretch channel if not stretch and pull then you stop you're stuck you fail continue it's like you start you push on the wall ends like and separative push stretch chain pull stretch and brief stretch chain pull stretch and breathe okay I and stretch and pull stretch and breathe too many stretch and pool nope you're confused your your legs is not synchronized with your hands in you need to synchronize everything is your legs your your your your kicks will give the written your hands adapt to your movements of your blade okay try again because I look at your legs you do one two three then you move your hands one two you move your hands one two three four you move your hands now you need to move your hands every two movements every two movements and one and prove your hands one and move your hands non-stop one and move and one and move and one and move and one end okay one and pull one and pull one and pull better stop okay that's much better lynnie name now there is no gap in between your movements that's much better but you are sinking too much from your belly so you are not swimming horizontal you are swimming a bit like this so to fix this very simple chin down more job your body will become completely horizontal just chin down hook the ground don't look forward okay let's go 1 & 2 3 & 4 1 & 2 3 & 4 you did some extra movement with your legs you know 1 2 3 1 2 3 ok we try you last time how'd it go Leo is the same you are not focused on your accounting you just forget the counting when you start immediately to the first one you start with your hand for alright so you push and you do one and then two you fool here chance those movements here non-stop one and two and one and two and one and two okay yeah you have to do it so Ali go one and two and one and two and one and two better one and two one and two okay Ali that's much better how do you feel tired we will do some butterfly again next time to improve your you're flying outside the water with your hands and to continue your rhythmic but you know it's not so hard actually butterfly it's very simple you just need to feel the wave okay and be smooth is not pain pain pain remember to keep it all right alright bye Cheers

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