BEGINNER girl LEARN to SWIM BREASTSTROKE to glide correctly with mistakes to avoid

okay how are you today you're good it's a bit cold today okay we're going to learn how to relax right to try to learn how to swim slowly and relax remember last time we try to do the babbles – don't all your breath and blow your bubble five-second before you take a breath now you need to relax on your breathing so show me what you remember and we start from there okay you can kick if you like yeah and okay so bobber slowly one kick to kick free kick okay breaststroke with three kicks awesome all right one kick to kick boutique and three okay are you okay yeah when I come don't get enough here the more you relax the more you learn are to be able to breathe without filling this impression of leaking of air right okay now remember when you kick your head is too much outside of water you want you had to be inside the water so you can glide better okay you do big bubbles that's very good and when you pull with your hands on breaststroke remember to look up and brief at the beginning of the pool of a small circle and then after go back don't pull first and then look up after look up when you pull blow bubbles again when you look down you can do breaststroke with two kicks are three kicks non-stop to glide longer that's not a problem let's try to go in this way okay so head lower and look up at the beginning okay so one kick to kick the kick one kick to kick free kick breathe 1 2 3 4 5 ok how you feel they okay do you know how many kicks you do before you go back or you just do whatever okay so maybe we will try to maintain something stable because you do three kicks the next time you do for kicks and it I will do five kicks alright then you do a big breathe so let's let's stick at three but take your time so we will do one take bubbles to kick bubbles three kick bubbles breathe and again one kick to kick free kick breathe one key okay when you kick through your bubbles running stick at three but go more slowly Alaska so 1 T 2 T 3 T 1 T 2 T 3 T good alright remember your your pool you're late with your hand you have to loot up when you start look at them now and look at that because you are doing a very big one which is not correct try to do a small but look up when you start so it's like look up look down okay Laska tricky X Q cap looked up and go so one two three one two three one two three all right you're right remember your head is still too high you need actually when you swim when you kick all right you're like this so I can see your head on the top of the water which you had lower there when you kick you're like this so one key no keep it down so one kick to kick free kick breathe and again back down one kick to kick free kick so I don't see your head right okay let's try one more okay one two three all right what happens okay I don't know it seems to think I don't know it doesn't it's just when you when you kick your more flat so you will glide longer okay so don't it's on basically the stresses in your head so just keep it flat when you want to breathe lift up your chin everything gonna be fine doesn't take more time lower chin that was good you know when I do this it says you lower your chin on your chest go until the contact so you will be completely flat okay all right last one so one two three breathe and chin on your chest one two three all right okay no you're not the real breaststroke it's not three kicks right it's one kick glide breathe one kick breathe so we will try the real one only one kick glide for two second then pull with your hands breathe one kick again okay we try if it's too hard I will help you our super and so one kick glide breathe one chick lied breathe one kick glide breathe what good see that's the breaststroke after it's just in terms of timing you need to breathe after breathe keep immediately because when you kick you go back in the position where your head is underwater us we can glide longer so basically it's like breathe and breathe and kick when you kick chin on your chest and glide longer you do as long bubbles than you need okay that's cool if you relax like this the breaststroke is much better now we try one more time and yeah you can go to my direction okay so she can glide take a breeze and she can glide our only one key Greece antique look you need to respect the timing its breathe and kick its not breathe and wait because after breathe you will go up your body will go back in the water at that moment you need to kick if you wait too long you lose the timing to kick at the good moment okay so breathe then your legs when you breathe and then kick remember you can say it in your head cool and pitch pool and kick cool and cheat and the kick is stronger that's it just repeat this timing okay and kick you missed the kick you don't have the intention to kick you pull and your legs are not ready pull and kick not pull and wait clean full empty yes cool and kick and kick it's not pull and do nothing okay so you breathe and you kick immediately then after you glide and do bubbles cool antique no you are doing the chiefly for the food so the timing is cool and chick pool and when you kick spatulas pool and kick all right is the timing say it in your head and you will come naturally yeah let's go all right so fool and chick okay good and kick there you go excellent pool and kick all right all right the timing is good you see the difference when you kick after stretch your hands and glide so just repeat this timing don't get lost fool and kick then bubbles fool and kick danver box all right we try to see how we look like on the wire let's go because you stop thinking you forgot to repeat you just mess everything fool and teach food and there's nothing else after kick is just glide and bubbles when you finish your bubbles and your glide pool and kick repeat pool and kick after the glide and that's it don't mess that you cheek before the pool pool and kick it's not cheek when you want it's cool first then kick give me a head and cheat – and kick sake sake when you swim say it mentally let's go

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