BEGINNER GIRL learn to SWIM BACKSTROKE in 15 minutes

and yeah oh yeah all right so today now you're gonna try to show me what you can do with your backstroke right so you have taken some class last time of backstroke when you you're a kid right that's the worst you gonna show me your wars okay and I'm gonna see if I can help you are you ready okay you swim in any direction so I can have a look here we go Wow that was beautiful can you show me one more time yeah I think I don't know how to do it anymore okay you try again and then I will see how okay that's it okay look it's fine what you experienced a lot of people have the same issue right basically you're not swimming or risotto you are sinking from your butt and from your legs so it's very hard to glide on the surface because the backstroke is actually a swim when you have to be horizontal to glide on the surface okay so if you sit in the water it's not going to work we need to learn how to be a result or first okay let's try something here you can you see the wall here basically you hold the wall you will push on the wall with your feet put your feet on the wall and you will try to imagine you're sleeping on the back on the on the in my hand will support you okay you have to feel to be a result of push kick with your legs look up and look up look up look up belly up okay look up of your head okay do you see what's happening I'll show you one if you look at you will become original if you had look at your knees are your feet you start to sink your belly and then you sit in the water it's impossible to be result so the idea is to be completely horizontal you kick with your legs but you never let your you'd never sit okay and keep your heads looking at the sky and go okay she faster with your legs Billy up Billy up keep posture okay okay not too bad don't stop that's better yes all right cool stop okay okay you'd have to blow your nose if the water goes on your face because the water will go in your nose immediately you know breast backstroke is about being on the surface of the water ensuing but sometimes if you sink your face go underwater because you're on the back it goes in your nose in your sinus it's painful so you blow your nose when you feel the wave blow your nose okay all right so not too bad much better you need to be horizontal alright and to relax if you tense like a stone right you will sink if you are relaxed like a leaf you will float you need to be soft and relaxed no need to use your hand first learn how to feel the balance horizontal and use your legs fast to kick on the surface remember the idea is to be completely on the surface your head your butt your legs okay re you try slowly yes I keep your legs on the surface don't sink your belly tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick nice that's better stop cool are you feel all right the more you relax the better you are yep it's working okay so now that's your knee your niche is another coach it's very good okay so look now you can be a result all relaxed remember don't go up because if you go up you will go down try to stay near to the surface flat nah you know it's your in the water so if you go up after your balance change then you will fall in the water the water will cover your face and then you you start you don't like it so the idea is to stay the more result all possible all the time okay when you start when you push on the wall don't push up but push slowly behind you to have a start where you glide don't have a start where you putt and then follow okay all right so now the idea is to use your hands so backstroke is about the stroke is on the other side so let's say when you swim backstroke let's say you're like this at the beginning your hands down now you will swim with only one hand simple you pull you draw a big circle in the sky your little fingers here we enter the water behind you you pull inside the water until your ties here and then you go outside the water your tongue will be the first to draw the circle then during the circle you twist your hands with the little one so there is a turn right when you finish to push in the water you're like this then you lift up your hands at the same time you turn your hands you back to the sky and to the water put in the water we do it with only one hand okay so what you do is I will hold your legs now we hold your head sorry and you draw the circle with your hands I show me how you do okay go kick kick kick kick go on the back stroke okay and pull show me the exact on the sky pull don't sit you're starting to see your legs are drowning yes you're not kicking fast enough and also because you have forgot to put your hips on the surface so I don't eat so I say you is very beautiful like this and some man yes we are learning a backstroke we do today so much yeah so we try again don't sit it's not because you use your hand and you have to sit ok other let's go ok and do the pulling pull pull pull alright pull pull don't stop keep going keep going keep your balance nice that's better relax she's not relaxed stop ok you are tense like a stone you know and that's not helping you at all if you want to learn how to glide you need to relax it's better you are original but are you sure okay we try again that's good with only one hand but more relaxed you have to float you don't have to sink and a stone doesn't float yeah turn let's go on just a side and go add it slowly cool draw a big circle with your hands circle your hands what goes in your nose as last year as I told you you need to keep your balance the reason told as soon then you see the first things gonna drown is your legs your bat and then your face you have to keep your body original I try again yeah it's not fun and when the water goes in your nose that's why blow your nose if this happen immediately the water I don't have the time to go inside how'd it go wow that's the bad start exactly as I told you I'm very serious if you start by a jump you will think because your body doesn't float at that moment you will jump then after you will fall don't start with a gem start with a push and glide on the back and then when you feel comfortable start to use your head first you do only the kicks then you will do the end when you feel good that's better kick faster beer isn't all all right cool and pull and pull faster kick you think stop you did it twice okay and then suddenly you forgot the position immediately you think it's gone you need to control your horizontal okay you are almost there draw the big circle and never stop your hands Circle Circle Circle but your hips don't sink it don't stop your legs everything has to be like tight you know Ally let's do it more relaxed okay how do you move your hands when you're ready one two that's cool three nice four don't see it there you go you can stop if you like right cool you try with the other hand that was a good one you got it stay original draw a big circle and do non stop you pull you stretch you pull you stretch you draw a big circle in the sky huh you pull with your hands draw a big circle which I on the other hand turn and come back yes with the other hand you did one side only right so we do the other side let's go show me and pull and pull okay yes open your hands to two now you're sitting in the water it doesn't work come on lift up your belly lift up your body cannot walk you forgot your legs you forgot your belly so you are swimming like this impossible to glide horizontal to climb it okay and then then okay your hands right you turn the first is the little fingers you enter the water of your little fingers you pull with your with your palm you finish with your time you twist in D here and pull right so you push with your hands and then twist in D here and go back there okay you finish it now twist it twist twist while you do your circle and then pull with your palm okay the exactly twist it in the air twist twist twist twist okay right basically is this portion who push the water your hands right and this is the one who enters the water behind your head you can touch your ears with your shoulders if you want to make sure you are far away behind your head re let's try kick fast keke keke keke keke stay a reason to re pool don't start the full pool and pool touch your ears with your shoulders cool cool nice that's very good alright yo come here it's very good how you feel okay now the real backstroke right is with your go friends swimming in the same time in opposite direction so take it basically you're doing now only one hand right all you have to do your boyfriend's one half one down one pool one stretch they walk together food and stretch share too and stretch so they they walk like you know propeller when one is in the water just one is in the sky when one is on the prompter the one from the and your legs does the same things don't stop are you ready all right show me safe party all right start horizontal and alternate kick faster kick faster you will think if you don't kick faster it's too hard if you forgot your legs you draw on your belly if you're buried round you see it if you see it it's is the beginning of the end somewhere never let your balance become not original your hands is a bonus for the speed okay but your legs as to kick all the time let's go again all righty go go go go honey one two three faster hands four five rere addict that's better okay stop how you feel you still sink a little bit now I'm telling you there is a big tips about backstroke the more faster you go the more horizontal you become because with the speed your body will become more recent roll so kick faster move your hand faster and actually your backstroke become easier it's hard to swim backstroke very slowly if you get some speed it's like a boat you know in the water at the beginning go slowly and as soon any Avinash kids start to fly same for you problems called yeah but just turn your hand faster just turn keep turning turn turn turn turn okay you left right left right left right okay let's go this way yeah and go so turn turn turn turn don't lift up that was good you are stopping for no reason if the water is nearby blow your nose keep going as soon then you shares your speed then you will drown okay so try to keep your speed as at the same time a cake move don't stop don't stop your hands belly up Delia okay now look you need to think your legs your hands you there is many things to think in the same time right but your Billy is you are still like this that's better when you do only your legs focus your legs first as soon then your legs are fixed move your hands don't seem to don't seek in the water re move your hands and don't sit re re re re ray keep your legs up keep your legs up that's better alright keep going that's good me oh don't stop don't stop don't stop keep your video ok that's better how you feel you don't like this troca you don't feel so comfortable yeah but at the end do you feel you are not sitting anymore so the idea on backstroke is to glide horizontal on the surface each stroke helps you to keep your speed ok but never sit if you sit as I say you lose your balance everything gonna be complicated ok

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