30 thoughts on “Beginner Flute Lesson 5 – First Note! D”

  1. I was legit about to give up all hope and quit band but then I came across his lessons and I did everything correctly within 3 try’s. He is a great teacher

  2. I can play the piano and guitar im starting to play the flute again I stopped cause I was in a wheelchair and the band director hated me I also want to try the violin

  3. I wish I could play the flute (I think my mom might let me), though her concern is that I have to many hobbies and I play the piano and ukulele already

  4. Thanks for the first lesson, my name Hanung from Indonesia.
    I am beginner and im very happy when I can sound one pitch.
    Im followed your instruction and play it, but i found the difference. You can make pitch D, but with the same fingering I make pitch Eb.
    Can you help my problem Mr?

  5. I can't figure this out! When I'm blowing into just the head joint, my embouchure sounds fine, but whenever I add the rest of the flute, the only sound it makes is the sound of air going into the flute! Help! I've tried directing my air differently and everything.

  6. I got a question. I've been practicing but I can only make sound out of B flat. I try switching from B flat to any other note (my class is up to F). I've been staying in for my outside time and I really want to be out with my friends so I really want to learn. My music teacher sent me a few tutoring places and my parents signed up for one but they keep canceling on us because they are high school students. Any suggestions?

  7. I took band in my school for a couple years but then I was home schooled for a year and I didn’t play the flute now I’m back to square one..

  8. ive never played a fully keyed flute, i have a piccolo and im trying to learn from that. i used to play fife so
    i have a basic understanding

  9. Hi so I am new I got a flute today and at 2:37 when on the fingering chart it said to press that one button at the bottom it makes it lower but when i put my thumb up for it then it sounded like the note you played

  10. that is wrong because your first note on a flute is a b flat not a d a d is your 3 not its b flat c d

  11. I had band but I quit I was pretty good but I had to give my flute back but I got a flute for Christmas so I hav been trying to learn again but I always get light headed..

  12. i'm playing on a really old flute my grandpa found in the trash (in a case) but it was super tarnished and metallic smelling. I cleaned the outside with a polishing cloth but i couldn't get the inside. I can make a sound like yours with the mouth piece alone but when I try to play a d or anything else it sounds really "woody" (is that only a sax term lol?) and not clear at all. I am wondering if it improves the sound of the flute if I try to clean the inside or if there could be a problem with my pads? I sat here trying to made the D sound loud and clear for an hour with no luck and I don't know if it's me or this old flute. :S

  13. My flute just got delivered today I’m 16 years old I know it’s too late to learn a new instrument but I’m trying. What do u guys think should I keep going?

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