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  1. As a beginner, who had a 6 week afro cuban percussion course, your videos are great. Many stars go so fast, it is of no use except entertainment. Beginners are trying to see how many motions and where, and they can perfect it with experience. If it is nice and slow, beginners can practice it slowly and get it right, instead of missing or doing too many beats attempting to follow performers. thank you

  2. Kool Lesson Brendan i would be interested in what
    you thought of my conga playing checkout the
    video conga jamm1 ,
    conga jamm2 i kinda got a bit lost with sound experiment

  3. Hi West Coast Drum School. I'm 59 I started play guitar four years ago with Marty Schwartz.
    I have learned quite a bit and play every day. My wife and I go to the flea market a lot.
    We found a 1974 Gibson Ripper fretless bass that some one painted over the head stock i bought it for twenty-five dollars. 🙂
    A few weeks later we stop at a church yard sale and there was a set of Conga Drums with stand they need one head and five Lugs. I paid YEP twenty-five dollars. So you are my Conga teacher now. Thank you so much. 🙂

    Peace & Rock On Brother

  4. I want to buy a pair of mini congas. Looking for around the $200.00 mark. They need to be as light at possible. Any suggestions?

  5. thanks for taking your time to share this video. Iam a beginner, have two left hands, but iam trying. Will continue to view your videos. Keep up the good work. >Peace<

  6. Awesome but what music can u play because I know some djembe songs from school so play some songs next time


  8. no sabes, y el sonido esta mas, la tecnica es errones, no es buen video hombre.
    not know, and the sound is more, the technique is errones is not good video man.

  9. Fantastic vid bro. I think you should do a basics video. People might like to know how to get your sounds.

    Anyway, no way I can do this! Back to Strain Hunters!

  10. thanks man. i love dancing salsa. my mate is the dj and he brings his congas. it just seems rude not to. but i would like to have some idea of what i'm doing. peace n love

  11. Thanks man, it was just a quick video giving some pointers on how to start play the drum, it takes a long time to achieve the sounds required to play the drum, but this video gets people playing and thats the best way to keep people interested. Most of the critics with the negative comment would have students just practice the sounds/ hand movements for years, no a good way of teaching Beginners in my opinion, Thanks for the encouraging words.

  12. For those who criticize your lessons, I urge them to film their own and contribute. For the rest of us, your lessons are the best. We applaud your taking time to share your knowledge and skills, building a community of conga aficionados. Keep on! You are appreciated.

  13. You are right, the sound is poor and ugly particularly his slaps are terrible, but I disagree with need to develop muscles in the hands or wrists, that is nonsense because it has nothing to do to get a good sound into the drum. The sounds have to come out with a minimum of physical strength, another diferent thing is working on the clout of the punch and a clean striking technique.

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