30 thoughts on “Beginner Bass Guitar Lesson – First Lesson: Absolute Basics”

  1. im left handed but i never did played it according to my hand

    its hard at first youll get used to it

  2. joke:
    Q: How many Base Players
    does it take
    to screw in a lightbulb?

    A: Change ye fockin strangs!!!

  3. I used to play a Double bass in elementary all the way up to freshman year I really enjoyed it but had to quit to severe back pain which turned out to be kyphosis. But now 3 years later I wanna get back to playing bass and this video was a perfect catch up. I look forward to learning more

  4. I know this probably won’t get answered as it’s been a few years but I have a question. I’ve been playing stand up bass classically for about 2 years now, and as I move into high school I’m hoping to pick up bass guitar. Basically what I’m wondering is would I be able to self teach bass guitar? As lessons on top of an actual instrument may be too much to pay for.
    (Edit: I’m left handed if that helps. It’s pretty strange to be accommodated for lol)

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