Beginner Adult learn to swim Front Crawl – live lesson

hello amen hello how are you good thank you I'm very good even okay so today big news first listen for you you told me you are not swimming much but I want to check what is going on the pool is not too deep so don't be afraid just show me what you can do from here and then we try to improve your skill if you are comfortable we can try freestyle if it's if it's a bit hard we will learn how to swim with confidence first maybe you can go over there it's not too cold yes that's the best okay take your time okay it's not too bad actually I really thought you are afraid on the deep end but that's okay amen yes that's not so bad you're not hiding it I can't read both sides like yeah yeah I can I can see you brief only on one side and now you you get very tired that's the father says well I don't know I don't want you to swim fast actually swimming fast is not a very good idea when you don't know how to swim very well swimming more slowly is better okay this looks like a bit like freestyle but the problem is the proper freestyle your legs need to be higher your head needs to be deeper and you need to have more glide basically you just move in the water at the moment so it keeps going forward but there is no Clyde so you exhaust yourself legs that's my biggest problem I legs get anything yeah sinks and this is due to your head which is too high as well if your head is too high your legs gonna sink especially if your body buoyancy is negative means if you sink naturally in the water that's even worse and many people have negative B on C so it doesn't help I have negative B on C my leg is gonna sink if I do nothing so maybe we can try to go back this time don't swim freestyle try to keep your your hands inside the water all the time and swim like a tiger you have seen the video on the confidence and slow down I want you to go on the other side without being breathless you brief anytime you want you blow your bubbles every time your bra you can chin up look for whatching up and use your hands for that remember what I want now is you to not be breathless when you go to the other side okay so take your time take your time you can okay mm if you want think more yeah because you keep your hands outside so it keep your hands in the water look the ground and try to swim like this way okay look it's more tiring if you get your hands outside okay what just just relax and paddle in the water in the water in the water all in the water and relax okay that's not for the speed try to just breathe comfortable okay excellent super slow okay all right okay that's them yeah yeah you go super slowly that's not a problem okay that's just what I want you you are trying to swim like to two meters like this and peace you're breathing now we are trying to learn how to not be breathless and after when you're super slow and slow comfortable we will learn the glide okay so keep it slowly relax okay big bubbles okay all right yes now your legs you need to remember you have to splash the surface of the water don't let your leg sinks make sure your feet are on the surface splashing it every time we try again okay Kiki Kiki okay okay that's slightly better can you feel an inside your feet they splash okay that's what you want you want to keep it up if it sinks make sure you go up back up quickly okay sometimes you're gonna sing up above get back up same things we just finish and we can start freestyle blow your bubbles five second make sure your legs are up on the straight face and relax yeah I'm nu sinks you're really underwater okay all right even let's try something I want to see your beauty I think you're gonna get you quite a lot so take it don't take a big breath just be in a in a ball position you hold your knees okay you you tight all your body you look underwater and you wait do nothing just wait don't take a big breath when you go so I will see if you float or sinks okay right okay you still float the hair and your chest makes you float more okay so you're not completely catchy where you're gonna drop some people just boom they hand up on the they hand up on the ground and they don't move so you still float a bit okay now let's learn how to do your freestyle your current skill is not too bad for freestyle you told me you do 20 metres but you are exhausted and that's not what we want we want you to be fine and relaxed okay because when you got tired it's stressful when you get stressed if the water is deep you got to panic you got to panic you exhaust yourself more then you have an accident okay so what we want to do is teach how to be super relaxed and breathing so I would put the camera on my head that's great okay still read read about them excellent okay okay man put your goggle on your eyes first we learn the arrow position remember on the videos you just push kick with your legs at four five second and blow your bubbles right okay good job I want your kick so far you're kicking like this and when you kick to be sled yes faster and small fast and small you seen this pom pom pom pom that's what I want but sometimes it goes down sometime it goes that I want only on the surface and bubbles yes much better you alright one more time very good if you'll example mr. face and start you're right okay that's better so now another tip to help you to of your legs going higher just look deeper of your head the more you look down the more your legs behind will go up straight up straight down you don't even look where you go actually you just look the bottom straight the bottom yeah your hands you can open your hands if you want like you see your shoulders are wide like that keep your hands on the same line just going forward each of them like it like a rail of a train and good all right relax your legs more we must move not tense the more you tend set the more you sink the more you go slowly the more you relax the more everything gonna be faster not too bad not too bad one more time take a big breath and again relax remember okay Hey yes okay not too bad now let's practice the straw that's starting four letters so fast rate ah sparing for next week so fast now if you relax your ankle actually smooth so what's happening is like you see my hands like don't like this that's hard yeah if you relax it will be like a a bit like a themes you know so you just that's not tiring but it goes fast you should do like that's if you're tense that is harder so just more relax your feet and your toes must be relaxed eventually they can touch each other okay so now we do the same thing you're gonna do pulling with one hand and then go back on the surface and wait once you're on the surface with one hand you cool here's a hand and wait so you start with your kick you maintain your kick and you do one pool touch the water to pool touch the water and then we will stop from there yeah yeah the pool the total pool but you keep your head underwater okay start with your legs okay just to cool okay good now don't go deep to make sure your hands when you start to pull the other hand you see what happen you pull with one hand and just end start to sing sing sing sing sing you want this end to keep on the surface to keep your body or is until gliding on the surface so when you start to put up this one you can pool deep and powerful this one stays up stretch your hands that's what you want to learn today is to glide so to glide what happens is when this one pull this one doesn't sink this one stretch and glide okay and then you go back when you go back drop your hands you have to let me relax – relax your shoulders relax your humps and drop your hand this way like drop it okay look imagine I give you a ball here and you throw the ball there just let it go this way okay it's the same things with your helble's i and you drop the ball here drop it there so you pull relaxed drop your hands forward and you let go you yes but not deep you drop unless your face and you stretch okay so cool relax drop it stretch it – stroke just to stroke first one was good you put with this and I think and this one was that that was good and after you pull yeah this one was good and then when you did this one this one stinks no drop just two strokes see my hands I show you there is no drop I pull I stretch back I do that stretch back when you pull you think no okay keep stretching we don't we just do too I don't want you to swim faster we do only two but I want you to separate clearly don't start to move like this you do one completely separate then the other but look pull and stretch this one I only look the first hand the hand which is on the front it's okay when you go back touch the water then here's a go and this one stretch don't do this every time you spool you are going down here so make sure you focus on stretch okay cool this one stretch up that's right there's the water stretch up there's the water stretch up keep it up here there's the water okay in one after another okay you don't do together later okay look you are starting to pool before the other one is back you have to separate you know what if you don't want to separates fine again we can do only one side I'll just do together you try again okay so yeah okay still sinking okay stop amen we'll stop for now we will do another exercise to make it easier because you are doing together your hands I won't completely separate so I will ask you to swim only with this horn this one that's a new objective okay doesn't move it doesn't swim do nothing else that stays on the surface all the time so you're gonna do like this cool this one stays on the surface cool again destroyed sailing surface is just one six you lose the game okay I want to see the skin above the water and your fingers stretching forward this one can put okay tree it sinks a bit but it goes back okay so we can do it better now try this one swim with this and with this one stays up let's go you gotta keep it up and stretch it for try that's right that's right you all right stretching helps yeah of course that's the point swimming is actually cooling and stretching on the other hand okay it's the motion make them they walks together if you pull with the same this end pool for this one to stretch you have to remember you pull a new stretch go back pull and stretch well every movements you do with one hand behind just a one need to stretch forward okay now look I will put my hand below yours here you don't touch it if you touch it you're too deep that will tell you you are going to do so you stretch on the surface you're not stretching down okay okay we swim only with one hand so I okay this one swim okay so I put my hand under you don't touch me here okay I okay better I know you are more focused now the other side I it same thing don't touch my hands here this one more troublesome you're getting deeper do you want to try again yeah okay three strokes on me no need to swim long distance but when I go like this the body that's normal that's it yeah but that's why you when you cool you you accelerates when you pull just go faster when you put Oh like say ready to go back Oh like they read go back and the water there isn't small acceleration for your hands but remember don't sink here okay so one okay I'm okay with it your society I one two three thank back on this one and go right relax you're very tense okay it's good now the execution is correct but you are too stiff to try to do more of it yeah you are like ten steps okay so that makes you actually doesn't help you put a lot of energy to be tone and it doesn't help for assuming otherwise now you've got the intention okay so what are we gonna do I will carry your legs I would be behind holding you and I want you to do one touch the water weight – there's a water weight three touch the water weight it's not one two three one touch and we'll have a break to touch another break sweet touch the never break completely separated it's not swimming with you know the movement faster it's one no no no no you are swimming you doing one and you do too okay one touch wait – that's right touch wait one or two second you I wanna see a post where you are like this you go back to this position you wait one second then you move again yes okay it relaxed when you need to breathe you can brief at number three so now you do go on wait – wait breathe wait breathing what I need to do turn your head and pull just start the head yeah turn your head if you can turn without of your face in the water it's better than if you go too high so turn very close to the water keep one eye in the water and you turn when you pull you pull you turn your head go back in okay but same I want a break in between you have back your head yeah something like that and don't worry about your legs because I carry your legs so you will not sink okay I want you to focus on your hands and I want you to relax so keep it up we let your arms turn when you feel comfortable so one Dutch turn – one touch – okay too are you okay okay turning it to three one two three yeah we if you want to learn how to turn both side its turn at number three so you turn one time on the left side and one time on the right side and you get you repeat if you turn only on one side it will be every two or every four straw but every tree is good because the teaches you Oh to balance both side okay okay and remember turn your head when you pull you have not much speed so it's easier if you turn early you wanna turn you turn first the head okay yeah you turn and you pulling the same time you go back before your hands flying back go back your head there you go and you want to turn here you turn first pool in the same time go back your head before your hands okay yes yeah your head goes back before your hands fly back so it will it will give you a timing where you turn your head earlier it will be easier time when you got a lot of speed then you can turn your head later because you have the speed to glide but no now you have no speed so it's easier if you turn early okay I still hold you we go separate hands one hand to hand turn your head and repeat don't wait better how you feel well of course now you start to do what I want you to do now is really important I want you to separate each stroke for you to feel it okay and ii don't messed up or mix all movements so please wait until the other one stretch when you have that sound then I'm okay if with the other hand but don't give me this before you touch start to pull that that's the last stage okay the last stage is only when you're good with the first one which is separated one after another and not this stage this this is real freestyle but I want to go back under separate first yeah separate everything and take your time okay so watt amp touch – touch turn your head breathe and touch one – yeah – turn good okay we have a good beginning until out maybe the pool and then you can choose a bit at some moment and then you drop it but we got a good beginning now relax you just need to count its discipline count in your head one two turn and repeat this is boring it's always the same thing but don't lose the don't do the counting done with the timing babbles babbles breathe bubbles bubbles breathe that's it okay if you can go on the other side we have no mistake that's great and you see I hope I hold you like so you wouldn't don't worry about hold again yeah our always old digger dies until this is fixed I hold your legs are you relaxed relax that's good grief and touch too but you're missing it that was same good at the beginning it's okay I move on the side because I'm on one side so I don't worry about this just focus on you one two turn you use sometimes turn it at one turn one turn no one hand to hand turn on the right yeah of course you can but just go slowly remember separate so one hand to hand turn okay that's what I'm saying if you have no speed the breathing is harder to make good this is why you need a little bit of speed and you have to turn when you pull three helps you want to turn your Avenue speed pull and turn together so you can breathe while you're putting all the way okay should turn after you have less speed then it's hard to breathe but yes try again one two turn one two turn I combined them with them yeah the first time you did not breathe you have to try to breathe so we can do an exercise like this go back to only one hand one hand to hand to breathe and stop only the same hands as the one stays on the surface okay have a break one time have a break changed hands same thing one hand two hands and breathe okay see what you did you breathe too little of course that's just breathe at the beginning one hand to hand turn at the beginning and pull don't pull and turn after you will be late we do again this side so and breathe okay okay one two and turn yeah and relax okay this is why don't we separate everything for you to God the motion and to relax it's a one-two breathe only one time is enough okay you know what I'm gonna help you with holding your hands so you can turn at the right time this end touch me this one stays on me turn relax relax relax it's like that just relax when you breathe now you see you go up with your head you're like this okay yeah that's when you're good okay I want you to go look look where is it look at that okay okay see here there is a hole here I want your head to be inside the ball not on your arms so you got to go deeper with your head and raise your hands here is good if you go like this it makes your legs things okay so you go in the hole okay and don't worry as I said your hands here it's not going to sink I carry it you turn and you pull together okay turn okay – just relax relax okay I carry you keep going this is good breathe then go back and go back in okay that's good but you keep your head on the side too low remember when you pull your breathe when you finish the pool you go back your head you go back your hands don't keep your head on the side while your hand is going back okay so we do this exercise I carry your hips a little bit maintain your balance just run to turn go back we go until the end like this you're not used to breathe this side right so this is good because it teaches you the right thing at the side you never used so you can use it on the other side after if you can remember the feeling of being relaxed that would be great okay let's go to the ladder I bring you them okay so one go back it too late breathe go back ahead breathe forget it I believe the beginning okay wonderful yeah and it's okay you just very high-density very concentrated very tensor but okay relax everything when you turn is like opening a bottle we turn with equals so you turn and you go back one hand you can't breathe go back don't brief and stay too long okay just keep going less tension okay try it once without I want you to get the support to relax because you are not relaxed once you are more relaxed you try without this relax more one two three relax okay happy weekly bring okay now the problem you turn your head too early okay yeah you turn your head before you start even to have the intention to move so you just need to do it together okay when you do this hop you do your head together and back not head first if not you eat your arm see boom so you do together and going back you move one hand to hand yeah and together together yes that's it when when your hands start you turn in the same time you don't do your head on your arms you need to start to pull but you don't do it after the pool you do it in the same time wanna hang two hands together okay and that will be good if it's good I'll let you travel let's go well going anywhere it doesn't matter where we are going we just practice we are going right here okay so why two together go back okay that's a good one one two together go back 1 2 together go back yeah my friend this is good two together go back yes Hey that's great I like this more relaxed I can feel your arms more relaxed the momentum is good are you gonna try it alone that's remember I don't care your legs so you're gonna sink more when you brief you have no support you're gonna sink even more so stay relaxed if you tense up you will sink even more so you will almost be not able to breathe okay right yes one harm only the one we practice I saw one here yeah you forgot to brief my friend okay it's okay it's okay it's okay I didn't babe yeah I said you forgot but actually the good point compared to just before your hand stays on the surface your strokes are more clear more cure your legs more so you're starting to you know you did you just swim that distance in three strokes last time in three strokes you swim out of the distance so you are you are starting to glide more okay that one – together together and that's it that's it okay you're learning without my support your learning that was slightly too late and not and not turning now and not be we did not be yeah I did not because you your turn your head but your face is still in the water so you cannot reach the air right to breathe if not to drink water so practice again we stopped one to turn a little bit more in brief if it's too hard I will give you another support on your legs okay you managed to breathe that you did a brief when you go help with your head you know that was not yes yeah that was not a brief when you go deep down here it's okay usually it's it's people are scared so that's the natural response is to to go up with the head is to reach the air more okay it's natural if you understand good you have to keep it flat but look how will hold your legs we try again in fact I'll just do one stood up with it once you like to be on your own yeah brief with your head inside to agree I not too bad actually that wasn't better okay listen there is it's okay you managed to do two times and you stood breath you still managed to breathe times even the position of your head is going too high yeah you're like this the first time was good the second time you go like that okay you have to go down here and keep your eyes this one inside the water your face is getting to by the water so just try one yeah I want you to try without your lies so you come here okay he wants to do everything on the first you forgot – great ready okay look practice here this is easy you have no legs here can you keep your legs on the ground you will do one bubbles – bubbles brief ice in the water go back so I can see if you're doing well keep your head on the water yeah you keep your both hands yeah okay look underwater and show me one okay – and breathe Hey breathe breathe correctly yeah yeah and that was too late can you breathe when you start to pull do more bubbles and turn now to late you need to brief at number three yeah you forgot to brief at number three one hand to hand turn one okay to turn good Hey you see you are the water is silica you have to turn to manage to be here practice that was the timing was good one two turn your head breathe honey come on yes and finish go back your head Ali one two and breathe okay don't stop yes one – and breathe and back it's like this just turn more clearly you turn you keep turning you find out how much you wanna turn you know just turn one to turn go back one to to okay better you okay that's that's what I want you turn we want to brief you turn for real if you turn out well you will not you know you would keep your head on the water you will lose time just don't turn your whole body just remember your your chin near to your shoulders with your chin yet your shoulders back one two breathe okay target your shoulders it helps if you don't target your shoulder that's what you do now is too high okay so join your shoulder just keep your head low turn more your head and you don't have to touch it your shoulder it's just the direction just you need to pull in the same time so as you can easier okay you're not too far from it but you're not going like this where it's away from it okay you are in in the direction where is your sugars okay that's you're trying to go on it okay just turn normal but don't do this don't go chin up okay don't switch in down on your shoulders either you just turn but practice here is very good because you learn how to do it alone if you're good here after swimming is the same let's just leave the kid here yes you have to look this way okay you look towards me you don't look behind not bad you don't look above here you just look on the side okay yeah and turn a little bit more because you're still underwater okay gonna try on your own voice with me yeah or we can do both um if you separate I'm okay okay right left turn okay I love two things very good first the first two strokes very good you did one any weight to any weight that's from rates much better you turn too late remember you pull at number three and then you told yourself oh I need to turn that's too late one hand to hand turn and more relaxed so one to enter too late okay too late lately – lately lately lately look the first things you have to do is to turn your head when you start to move your hands okay one to turn your head turn your head now when you start to pull okay I will hold your legs and I carry you it would be easier for you to feel it and then when it's good I'd let you go on your own okay relax I don't want you to messed up that was good the first three very good and then after you start to go crazy one after another stop to move your hands in the same time separate that was great slowly no it's it's not good you turn yet you turn your head and your hand is already going down while your hand doesn't stay that keep your hand on this your face when you turn your head until this one is back I want your hands to be otherwise I will ask you to touch your hands every time you're going to touch the front head that that makes sure then this one doesn't start before this one is back you can touch it if you touch it then names an obligation if this one is gone you cannot touch it if you wrap it up okay okay that was better that's what I want I want you to separate everything and slow down okay let's keep swimming more but slow down separate you can touch your skin if you want one hand two hands turn and breathe one to ten and don't lose the counting one hand to hand together one hand to hand together you make it more complicated you make it more complicated in your head you make it just just say no no just one two turn a little chance say to yourself and slow down the speed one two turn okay one two turn okay to turn good to turn turn turn see that was good I get it I do sometimes comes this is one one is when it is that's what one is when you put no no okay if for you its weight it it it can be but actually one is when when you when you do this do whatever makes you achieve this test okay alright that was good so we go back together same thing okay and when you feel better when I feel you're doing better you see I start to increase the speed and she's good right to glide you can feel right now I go faster I thought I was going myself yeah not yet good here's some more time my next students are coming let's practice nope relax don't don't go too crazy you need to keep your counting slowly go to the road yeah you're hunting when wrong you go too fast turn one to which are not good one yeah super slow okay keep it slow it doesn't mean because you're counting is so than your speed is slow you will feel the speed can go fast because you have amplitude okay slow down slow down you need to slow down you're counting messed up sometimes so just go slowly and focus on the correct counting the first three super good and then I don't know why the change you start one two three and after one two three one two three one two say Oh slow down slow down when you make it worse she'll you know like no pressure shield yes correct correct hello correct daddy slowly slowly slowly slowly keep it slow that was much better that were me that was more slow and at the end you just lost it okay yeah we go again last one okay hi last one turns money one two turn keep it slow one two turn keep it slow one keep your hands up keep your hands up keep your hands up keep keep your hands up give your hands up sometime a bit confused but you you go back to normal so you managed to lose it get back to it lose it again get back to it remember keep your hands up okay okay how you feel okay we have to learn how to more more be relaxed okay

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