WHAT IS SCHOOL FOR? Feel free to call me slow but, I spent 16 years going to school and I still don’t know. When I finished, I didn’t know how to do my own taxes, purchase a home, or apply for a loan. I didn’t know a thing about investments, building credit or getting a job. I graduated at the top of my class and what did I have? This fancy diploma to sit at home with… my mom. But luckily, they did teach me some important skills like factoring trinomials and how mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. I’m so happy I remember the Pythagorean theorem ’cause it helped me a lot. Ok, I’m lying let me stop. Because all the stuff they taught me truthfully, I forgot. Mom, remember when you would ask me: “What did you learn in school today?” And I would say: “Nothin’ much.” I wasn’t being modest The truth about it mom is I had already forgotten. And it’s not just me– millions of students sing the same song. How many of you guys avoid eye contact with the teacher to try not to get called upon? Afraid to raise your hand for fear of being wrong, which proves that school isn’t an environment for learning or building up the intellect. It’s just a game you play for grades and how many A’s you can collect. But I guess what do you expect when the most commonly asked question in class is: “Is this gonna be on the test?” Is this gonna be on the test? See if school really put learning instead of testing and memorizing as the top standard then the letter “F” would not stand for “Failure.” It would stand for “Find another Answer.” And if school was really interested in our personal and academic success, students would wake up later, have more freedom and homework… a lot less. And that’s not my opinion, this conclusion has been scientifically tested and proven. And any teacher that doesn’t believe me feel free to check my works cited page to inspect. Oh, and I did it in MLA format because I know that’s all you will accept. See students would get more benefit from an extra hour of sleep than putting them through the torture of an extra essay, reading 150 pages, doing problems 1-60 on the worksheet, and having 3 projects due by the end of the week. Not only is it pointless pain but it’s also dim-witted. Because we get so much work, but they don’t teach the time management skills to deal with it. See in school we are controlled by bells. We have to learn in rooms with the Feng shui of a prison cell. We have to ask permission to relieve bodily functions but not before the teacher asks a million questions like: “Why Didn’t you go before class” I’m sorry my bladder is kinda on its own schedule and it’s not always timely. See teachers always say: “Use your time wisely.” But that never made sense to me. ‘Cause these six cruel hours of our lives we call “school” might literally be the worst use of time management ever in history. Think about it, the traditional teaching method is foolish. No, it’s useless multiplied by the square root of… stupid What they do is: They cram information in your head, force-feeding ya And then you throw it up on the test. THAT’S NOT EDUCATION…. that’s bulimia. And the more bulimic you are the better you will do on assessments. So it’s no wonder why so many students graduate mentally and emotionally anorexic. See school teaches you how to memorize dots. TRUE education SHOULD teach you how to connect them. TRUE education teaches you how to catch a fish. School teaches you: yeah you caught the fish but u didn’t show your work so it doesn’t count. Throw it back! I’m just asking What is school for? It’s not education, that’s just not true. If you still think that, you might be sniffing the glue. See the word education comes from the Latin root “educe” meaning “bring out” i.e bring the gifts out of a person and make them viable. But school doesn’t bring out much. It just stuffs more facts inside of you. Now some of that stuff is justifiable. We need reading, writing, and some arithmetic– that’s fair. But are you telling me metamorphic and igneous rocks are more important than self-care? If suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death of ages 10-24 and Harvard studies suggest the biggest predictor for success is self-control and emotional health, then why the heck aren’t we taught how to handle stress, bullies or rejection? How about anxiety or depression? You know– skills we need for our entire lives. Bro, I don’t even know how to cook. I’m honestly surprised I’m still alive. But hey at least I can name all the battles that happened in the civil war. Seriously, what is school for? Some say you need it to be successful and that’s something we do not doubt. But do you own a MacBook or iPhone? Did you know they both were created by a dropout? Are you watching this video on Facebook or YouTube? Doesn’t matter which you choose. They both were created by dropouts. Ever used Snapchat, WhatsApp, shopped at Whole Foods? Well, Thanks a dropout. Does your home furniture come from IKEA? OK don’t get the wrong idea– he was not a dropout, don’t be a fool. I mean how could he drop out, Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA never even went to school. I know what you’re thinking: “He’s just picking and choosing, there’s millions who didn’t go to school that aren’t successful. Who is he fooling?” And You’re right! But open your history books and start perusing. You’ll find the very people we idolize in school never really had formal and/or secondary schooling. I’m talking George Washington Abe Lincoln Americas best presidents had zero school between them. Ben Franklin Thomas Edison Shall I proceed? Ernest Hemingway Mark Twain Teddy Roosevelt Margaret Mead Now, please! I’m not saying drop out. ‘Cause some schools are great and many teachers are rare treasures. I’m saying that there’s a difference between people who are smart and people who score better. I’m saying that your future is something no test will ever measure. Even if that test begins in 3 letters like SAT, ACT. It’s BS if they say those determine your L.I.F.E No, your destiny is in your hands. You must shape it to be great. So don’t expect school to open doors ‘Cause it’s more likely to slam them in your face. Sometimes I wonder about all the dreams lost in school and how much potential goes to waste. If it wasn’t for music and YouTube then I would have been just another lost case. Everybody watching this please close your eyes. Imagine a child sitting in the back of some teachers class in some town, he never raises his hand, he fails most of his classes but inside of him lives a passion. And if nurtured and brought out will lead him to discover the cure for cancer. But you see, I’m afraid that child’s gift will never come out. He will never win the Nobel Prize award because in class he was ignored and his worth was judged only by his scores. So teachers, principals, parents, advisors, and students, I ask one more time: “What is school for?”


  1. Guys, I´ve been reading the comments and I fully understant your frustration. Believe me. I´m currently a teacher in Brazil, I love what I do and I love my students. But I was a student a few years ago, too 🙂 I´ve gotta tell you that teachers are not the ones to be `demonized`. We´ve been reproducing an educational system that we ourselves have been questioning as well. There are amazing things coming up, new methodologies, new ways of making classes, etc. I strongly believe that emotional education is URGENT and it has to be taken in consideration asap. But things can´t change overnight and sometimes it doesn´t depend only on teachers – as much as we want them to change. Students ARE the school too. We need students to BE PART of it, not only be in it. Researches from all over the world show that teaching is one of the most stressfull jobs, and this, in my humble opinion, is precisely one of the reasons: besides the great demand, we deal with frustration (yours and ours) and decision making every minute. We choose to do it, it´s our job. But we do it because we believe that we can help you grow. If you´re not happy with an answer or a solution you got at school, be tireless. Go for one that is good enough for you, but without harming anyone. Explore your school, be courious about stuff. Try to see things as a path to your real purpose, even though righ now you´re not sure about it. Purpose might be transitory. There are kids in some parts of the world that just can´t study or, even worse, they live in areas where it´s literally impossible for them to get to one (or anything resembling an educational institution). I also recommend you this video, in case you´re interested: This young girl is quite an example 🙂
    Regarding to the fact that some of your previous presidents haven´t being gone to school, we must be very carefull. You all must be aware that Lincoln, for example, was an avid reader for his age, and managed to go to college when he was older. But I´m not the one to talk about that, since you are likely to know way more about that than me, that´s for sure.

  2. arabic countries have Islamic class's and those are the quran class's that always get me, in 1 to 5th grade you have to memerise all the quran words details and stuff but from 6 to 12th grade yo have to write it and the difficulty is that the quran has its own ways and rule's of writing Arabic so u EASILY MESS UP, and in 16 years u membersied all pf the quran words details wrottings EVERYTHING

  3. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate school it always give's headcechs my brain is vomiting all the information for nothing TEACHERS PLEASE WATCH THS HES THE BEST MAN ON EARTH

  4. I want to work for Disney when I get old enough. But guess what. I am in the 4th grade, and I am being forced to do 3rd grade Work. But I should be learning how to Get a Job, and a house and other stuff. I hate school. It bores me out. Every year The work becomes more useless. EVSC I want to hit you so hard that I knock you out.

  5. and this is why Finland is number one in education because they learn stuff they need in life and have short school hours so they can still be kids

  6. I am 18 and I will repeat course for different problems. It was a bad year in every way, even a professor, at all professional, tried to bury my studies because she tried to retaliated her personal problems with me and made me the bad one and she the only victim.
    I will repeat, but if I had not done it, I would not know what to do with my life.
    I am not the only one of my friends who goes through the same thing even after high school. Most students do their duty to study and do everything they are asked academically without considering that that might not help them at all.
    I don't know how to get a job, how to buy a house, pay bills or anything else vital in life.
    It is assumed that at the end of the course we needed to fill out some papers for the university in case of passing, but it was very complicated and no teacher said what had to be done or where there was information. It was as if they had left us alone in mitas of a forest asking us to look for the way back home.
    When desperate for me and other comrades, I decided to ask the teachers what to do. some only shook their heads saying they didn't know either and others repeated this phrase: "Do it by your own, I won't help you".
    There is no need to be dependent on anyone and you have to find your own solutions but the duty of a teacher is to educate and guide those who are lost and help them find their way back. By saying that phrase they only get us to not know how to do anything in life.
     You are not a bad teacher for helping your students with some things, you are if you let them alone sink while you look and do nothing to avoid it.
    That's my experience: a bad high school, bad teachers, bad way to solve problems, bad school management and bad education.
    But of course, the problem is that the students do not fulfill their duty to study. And at that, teachers can do nothing about it.

  7. I hate when teachers compare the smart students to the students who score lower on tests and get bad grades.

  8. I hate it when you solve a problem but it still gets marked wrong because you didn't solve it the way the teacher taught

  9. I've been left speechless with this video… I've had such a hard time in school since 7th grade. And now I'm starting highschool. This has gave me motivation to press forward in my life. I know this sounds weird because I can't put it into words…but Thank you.

  10. I cant even do things i want to waa😢😢

    6:30– wake up

    6:35– finally waking up

    6:40– change

    6:50 wash up

    7:30– at school looking for friends or eating breakfast

    6 and 1/2 hours later

    Get home around 2:45

    3:00– finally home

    3:05– doing hell (homework) for like 20 to 30 mins

    3:25 or 3:35– cleaning room

    3:55– snack

    Rest of day being tired not wanting to anything and doing chores until 9:00

  11. As a straight As student, I do wish school could be less stressful and less time consuming so I could have more time to do things I enjoy or even just other things that could help me a lot later in life.

  12. For some people like me I only like school because of the things like sports teams, recess, and other people, and the things that aren't academics or in classes are where they find their talents, interests, and opportunities for a better life. So, in my opinion we dont learn a lot through our classes and scores. We learn more useful things for our lives through our experiences in school that aren't academic. My last school year I was stressed because I had 2 projects due in 1 week and more which stopped me from pursuing my passions and dreams and making them a reality. I am not saying dont go to school, but maybe just maybe ease off on the school stuff we do at home. This could mean instead of 5 essays on one topic how about 1, 2, or 3 if you think your students really need to practice writing essays or learn more about that one topic. 1 if your class is really good with it, and 2 if your class is ok with it

  13. Thank you so much for making these videos, they help me so much when I get down. I hope that they can help change the useless school system

  14. At first I thought this was a boring video telling me school is for education and mandatory for life, but then I watched one of your other videos and thought "Okay, this guy is pretty interesting." This video is so true, my classmates and I sometimes ask the teachers, "How is this gonna help me in real life?" My biggest problem with school is that I can only get 2 electives and often they aren't the ones that will benefit me after college.

  15. school taught you how to say all of those words and speak with good grammar. and school taught me how to type and text words like this comment. but how is school important if i had to look up the word taught just to spell it right😂😂😂

  16. The only things I can really relate to in school is anything I learned before I was 5 like counting or my abc's but I never liked school I barely ever listen I don't ever get enough sleep I can't remember anything from last year. And I just want to do stuff that I can't do because I don't have any time because of school. So yes that is a great question, what is school for

  17. I was watching this and was like yea ok I get you but blah blah blah

    But when he said school doesn’t teach us about anxiety or depression I was like “yea it does, in pdh”
    But all they have ever said is “reach out for help”………
    And I also can’t cook much and the stuff I can is self taught….

    What the fuck….

  18. This is my Oral Presentation for my sec 3 class:
    Answer me this: has school been preparing you well for your future? No? Why? I thought that was the entire point of school. Well, let me just state the obvious– AHEM HOME ECONOMICS. It’s jarring, really, the school systems were like, “Well, I’ll just take this subject that is probably somewhat amusing, useful to learn and prepares children for the future, when they move out of their parents’ house into their own apartment—aaaaaand IT’S GONE!” What do you mean “it’s gone”?! I don’t see any good reason to retcon home economics out of schools. But, okay, maybe I’m not playing fair. I’m taking the easy route. But guess what? I don’t care, I’m going rough! Standardized tests.
    Those damned tests, am I right? Yeah, they’re not fun. You gotta stay up all night just taking in all those facts and formulas and elements of the periodic table, just for that. Chances are, you’ll forget all of it the next day. You know what they call that? Inauthentic learning. As William Butler Yeats once said, “Education is not the filling of the pail, but the lighting of the fire,” and, dang, isn’t that a perfect analogy. Authentic learning is when you’re being taught something that ignites a sense of curiosity in you and you’ll hold on to that for a lot longer than if you just studied useless facts from a textbook. Chemistry class never taught me how to cook a hot dog. Math never taught me how to pay my taxes. Biotech never taught me what I need to put in a soup to cure a cold. All of our parents know how to do at least one of these things. You know how they learned that? Well, hell if I know, if it wasn’t school, then I don’t know what did. I guess they just tried to find a solution themselves.
    And that’s another thing, school doesn’t really let you figure things out yourself. I remember my dad telling me over and over again to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher after I emptied out all the clean dishes. He keeps telling me to look around my surroundings to see what else I can do while I’m there. I shoveled the porch? I should shovel around the trash bins. Oh, oh! Let me tell you something funny! There was this guy who worked at an office and he always did what he was told, but nothing else, so his boss got mad at him and asked him if he was taught any autonomy and he answered “What do you expect? Do you think I was homeschooled or something?” Basically, what I’m trying to say is that school doesn’t teach you autonomy and it wants you to listen to direct instructions with no deviation. The majority of people stopped working in factories 200 years ago. What’s next? Will we have to learn to kill a deer with our bare hands to eat it?
    On a less related note, who wants me to shut my trap and just talk to their buddies? Well, too bad, I’m gonna keep yappin’! Ha ha, no, but I think we can all relate to that feeling of wanting to talk and that’s normal. Simply by pulling out your phone and typing “humans are social” into a search engine, you’ll see countless links talking about the importance of human-to-human communication. Sometimes, you need others to help you out, like asking them how a certain word is spelled. At work, you’ll talk to your coworkers for one reason or another, and that’s okay, as long as it doesn’t distract too much. At school, though? Nope, be quiet! I understand if the teacher is talking or if there’s a test (Not that I condone standardized testing) or something like that, but, otherwise, there’s no point other than letting teachers have power trips. Two heads are better than one.
    So, what am I gonna do about it? How do I fix the problem? I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know. I know a lot of elements that need to be changed, but I’m just one guy, or rather, just a stupid little kid who doesn’t understand. Who’s gonna take me seriously? The best I can do is talk about it. Knowledge is power. The more people know about this stuff, the more they’ll talk about it and, eventually, people with a bit more control will hear about it and, one by one, they’ll report these problems and, when there’s enough people petitioning, they’ll change it for the better. I may not have power, but we all have the freedom to spread the word, even me.

    It was the best presentation of the entire class. I gave it personality, conviction, while others did theirs all robot-like. People congratulated me in the halls repeatedly, heck, even this girl that I didn't like wanted to hear it in person because she was told that it was good. The grade I got was 62%. Fuck you, Miss Murdock. (She has a Youtube channel, it's Miss Mudock's Page)

  19. They named all the people who successfully dropped out of school but imagine the millions of thousands of people who have dropped out and landed on the streets.

  20. What is anything really for? Last time I remembered we're only trying to survive, not be rich and have money; Last time we didnt earn food with money, we hunted… Why are Jobs for? To earn money right? Last time I dont remember there being a paycheck, the paycheck would be what you hunted for, you didnt have to wait to survive, Well I think thats bs… money doesnt give you stuff its really people because we apparently need money to survive but really… its what people's desire to help someone out and why tf did I type this idfk but really you dont need internet or anything like that to survive

  21. ok what we should do ? we just need help
    as a student that's did't help ! this video make feel wors cuz i and we can't do anything !
    i live in syria yup the worst country in the world can u belive that's the teachers are Bully !!
    the teachers hite us with a lof of voilnce and hate !! and tha's ligeal in my f***n country and there a civil war !
    my life just f**ked up whast should i do ?

    suicide ? i wigh anyone read mu comment reply to me and talk to me ! thx

  22. i am a gamer !! i was uploading some vid on my channel cuz i am a pro player in fortnite but i live in syria and the internet shity also the school take all my time and i can't to be a pro player or play in the world cup and win 3M$ i got nothing and no one supporting me

    feeling strees 🙁

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