BECOMING BALDI? | Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning (Play As Baldi Mod)

let's slap in so fast yes one of my life goals was to become a teacher in fact I nearly went to university to do that but then I became a youtuber so today I'm gonna fulfill that dream by becoming Baldy now I don't know if Baldy is actually a teacher look I can become him I get to hold myself a ruler in one hand whip off my weave and chase some children wait do I really want to do that that sounds so wrong okay anyway let's play the game so if you didn't already guess this is a mod where you can become Baldy oh my gosh haha did you see that if you hold space you can see yourself so this is who I am I'm beautiful okay I need to find someone oh look it's the principal I'm just me and if I right-click I can smack my Rula in my hand I move forward so I wonder if I have to get a student or what it says can I use this oh I couldn't use that apparently I can also go for tables I'm magic I don't know the controls okay well this is gonna be fun what is the goal here what do I have to do just like slapping around the corridors that also sounds wrong why does everything sound wrong today I need to find someone I'm alone I'm scared oh is that a student hello is someone in here uh what what did it just say let's listen to that again – no box the Freak oh I need to collect notebooks okay I was going to say excuse me are you gonna let me in all right let's go to collect this red notebook hopefully we get this right oh my goodness click on the boxes I don't get it so confused I don't know what I have to do I'm very confused right now what just happened to me wait what was that I heard someone I think someone is around the other corner going into a doll can we Jason oh no it's the phone it's that I'm gonna slap in so fast yes whoo it's the bully I've never seen the bully before can I do anything I am very scared of this game hello is anyone in here apparently not today's lesson how to eat cheese I think that's a lesson that you learn in school I just you know a life lesson everybody already knows how to eat cheese oh whoa I just witnessed a murder in the corridor the sweeping brush she took away the principal okay yeah try and find another notebook I guess don't play with me oh she can ha I escaped you I hate her anyway like so much I hate us so much okay have I been in here I don't know what rooms I've been in already I need to find another notebook and I need to find well fast oh here we go there's one India freedom right I don't I don't get it oh I moment to see if it's like right because oh really ah I can't do math that's an issue I mean we can try oh it's definitely not right whatever that is this one I think that's wrong as well and in this one uh you know what I'll say it's right ah that's an issue the principal got mad at me what does that mean I don't know but that also means apparently that I got the first one right when I completely get this so that's fine I'm really not good at maths especially okay I am I guess that you need to get the questions right otherwise you lose which is great I hate this I hate math I hate math so much I don't think you guys understand just how much I hate math I nearly failed it in high school so I have an excuse to hate you okay I'll see your principal not wearing shoes right we're gonna try this again well this is extremely fun isn't it no it's not I hate this whose idea was it to put equations in a game it's meant to be fun not difficult also shout out to everybody that can actually answer these questions I respect you guys there's just some people who can work that out in a second honey that ain't me let's go get this second notebook we are the green one this time we won't get it wrong cuz I'm gonna actually work this out well obviously if you take away 400 from 52 it ain't gonna give you that ooh this one was close though you really do have to actually work this out which is just crazy to me I think the idea of this is that you're answering these students notebooks so yeah I must be a teacher that boldi is a teacher right did I get it right yes I did or work it okay cool I have two notebooks that's really good now I just need to find the overfall and I don't know where I am right now I've lost steal against where are you okay is that one in here well Gary this is a black one okay let's collect it oh my gosh my last questions why are all of the answers wrong for these as well again it's wrong okay finally someone got something right and I get to take my notebook with me okay this is officially the furthest I've ever got in this game so I'm care out of myself maybe we can hear this way now look how beautiful oh yeah okay let's get this one you are correct this equation is like super hot with this person's getting it all right oh I take your back he got the last one wrong well I can slack while still on the screen oh where am I now that was probably a really bad idea am i real close to completing this I have a pink notebook right now and that's my fifth one out of six well who I think I just need one more now and I have completed this game come on let's go find out Moses that I haven't found many students around hello is anybody here Rick screams yes I loved him the sweeping bursary is my aesthetic hidden away in a closet and I get this girl smack oh oh oh you want to let me hey go back well who's gonna get you okay we just need one notebook look how fast I go to the car at all we go in here yes the last notebook I am taking that I'm taking it right now this isn't looking good for whoever's answering these questions oh my gosh again another wrong one okay one is also wrong yeah another day's work it's not easy being a teacher you know I have to slap my ruler against my hand all day it's very tiring work okay whoa look at this wait it's not a fake exit okay what else is there an exit I'm scared oh my gosh this is creepy and red and I hate this is we're also really hurt in my eyes I think I'm blind how do I get out of here oh it's the suck hey do you know the way out okay running away what is that noise I'd really loud ah watch the bellezza this is so scary can I get out exit walk in the world just let me out I'm scared Oh scary why do we have to go I'm being chased yeah the music is getting faster Oh whatever this is can you even call this music but it's really horrible okay I'm going to go this way let me out where in the world do I have to go this music it's really moving my ears mouth so confused cabal deduce never leave an exit and exit from an exist yeah it was in the cafeteria all along yeah I hope my ears when I should have just used my common sense Oh anyway guys this was the becoming Baldy mod if you did enjoy it do make sure you like hope you're all having a wonderful day and I miss you guys in your channel sweet just like some candy just like mine yeah deserves a gravy for you like take you for a ride round poster tell me keep gonna see their purple head go side to side side to side she got the first mine

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    Wait a minute…. Baldi has a pencil!!??

    Btw the first one was for fun, it’s not actually real

  2. every time i open my pc and watch it its says that your playing minecraft in baldis basics it dosent make sence

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