34 thoughts on “Become an intellectual explorer: Master the art of conversation | Emily Chamlee-Wright”

  1. She is fantastic at mansplaining the reason behind mansplaining. It's to keep you from being perpetually miss-taken.

  2. All the opposite happens in my country (non native english speaker) when people try to debate with religious fanatics in politics (yes they are tring to get into politics now with support of the right wing).
    basically if you say that you don't agree with them then you are a bad evil person agaisn't everything that is good to the eyes of god, and of course to their opinion too, because they reflect the will of god…. here some of their supporters: https://youtu.be/iAdnBSgCFb4

  3. 'think of the last conversation you had where you thought 'wow that was a really great conversation' '
    Ha! Oh you sweet summer child. Trying to get the slightest sliver of intellectualism from anyone I've ever met in my entire life is like pulling feckin teeth

  4. The humility thing was interesting. Teaching history should be done from the perseption of a suspect, instead of a hero or victim. Better for the future, better for the discussions.

  5. โ€œNone of us can have the full lock ๐Ÿ” on truthโ€ โ€” true, except for my sister. She knows everything. She once thought she was wrong about something, but as it turned out, she was mistaken.

  6. I can't remember a single great conversation or even a good memory in general. In contrast, I do remember all the shit that happened to me months ago in vivid details

  7. i'm interested in this topics, and i have some questiona. after watching your video, did you come with that mindset every time you initiate or engage conversation with anyone? or just certain people that you had to judged or picked first as the people that you would listen to with that kind of approach? especially when it comes to today's world where everyone so opinionated, how did you distilled these information?

  8. Why do women feel the need to Woman-splain feelings as if men don't have any? Totally subjective you know. Totally. This insult was a video to me.

  9. Starts right out the gate as shit. Bold of you to assume I've ever enjoyed a conversation. The best were always ones that were where I teamed up with someone talking shit about someone else.

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