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31 so I've got a special guest here but before we continue I would like to remind you to please make sure to subscribe to my channel and click on bathtub Watson's he really solidifies that never have new video okay so we've got herself days ago I asked you guys if any questions over on Instagram if you're any concerns or beauty treatment questions that you're too shy to ask to maybe your doctor to go inside bellows intimidate the zoo or something so I said some of your questions and I'll keep you guys and none of us I've already compiled all your classes oh wow so a lot of them are actually mostly about the batteries and also there are really four courses to acne this why it's so hard to treat because some people just address one and you have to address all four but the number one the worst thing will cause acne for sure it's oil so you have to control the oil more than anything of course acne is caused by bacteria right now acne vulgaris Propionibacterium acnes it's official name so that the bacteria Acme's and you should give you antibiotics estrogen so they give you ballots in it with your rice in that recycling but that's not so good because you don't want to keep cooking and it's – it kills all super good bacteria and you know you have this out of it there are a lot of good bacteria and bad bacteria I am a believer in the microbiome which is your God that's where all your but they are live and there's really a straight connection between your skin and your brain even so if you have a healthy gut which means you have a good combination of good and bad bacteria plus if you put sunblock sometimes some blocks away if they're from the states they're meant for parties that are not unit it's like the essentials came up for their own song X protects us with its mass today like any other life it doesn't get aggravated by humility so when you're young like Spiral opinion issues here your skin is so nice you start getting environmental bad skin now it's really it used to be about 11 or 12 now your patients is yourself because it's alright moon although it's really in your hormones it's not with like how you wash your face all you may wear so its genetic so if your parents have bad skin if one of them did any of your parents of that skin venereum my dad but I don't think it's because of his poor motor whatever I think it's because he had a hard life but it's possible usually the tendency to have oiliness is genetic and then the bacteria the combination is very bad because the bacteria turmoil and then we get the oil Paramveer by-product is acid free fatty acids so that's very irritating to the poorest so then you get suitable the heart muscle and of course you notice when you reach your puberty when the girls who she got their period when men boys start to change your voice so much lower voice that's when they start getting acne and of course food is so important as well and sleep it's very important to fall asleep sounded by 10:00 p.m. I know young people never do that so at the most 11 the reason is hormones bumpity show their God is created our body into a result it's not about how long your sleep is it's already it's actually better to sleep early when you already you see but then maybe you can wake up let's see of an exam tomorrow a lot of people will burn the nightgown they'll see but water doing the boiling and then we want to wake up normal time it's much better to sleep earlier like 10:00 p.m. and then wake up at 3:00 a.m. neva and then study there number one your brain is fresh it's rested number two the hormones were already secreted alone to me because they're supposed to be hormones or executed at 11:00 p.m. you know God made our body so accurate amazing recibir them to it and it knows you should sleep by nine or eight device or but let's move it to can because it's impossible in this day and age but my 11:11 3 etirsa part one that comes out now that was like one o'clock this another know if you don't sleep until 12:00 midnight no one really should have come out at 11:30 didn't come out because you have to be asleep waiting to come out and so the one o'clock on something then they make Banga Banga there and then they cause a lot of Apple now food this is also Janelle it everybody reacts to it but a lot of people theory is very inflammatory cuz I was just telling Dawg that I came from a huge like break out major major because because I ate so much sheets from an event that I went favorite but cheese is dairy so it's milk so it's and and all those things that can cause so don't do too much of it now how do you cure your acne so there are two companies that people get confused there's well a medical group which is the clinic but you could do it Isabel essentials which we came up with because there are a lot of people who can talk about medical do either because it's expensive for them or they're too busy or VR or whatever so we came up with a napkin kit which were very proud off because it's amazing to DVD it's got a great plan sir and it's made from be staying or side now but be better be on good is a polymer so they on the by the beaver I have a roller a spa treatment you just put it on and it really decreases information now one of the things I see that causes a lot here people who don't wash your face well so when you wash your face okay so you have plants very well so you go to wash you will you make that splash splash and then you can gather a lot of soap or cleanser down here and then it's opacity so if you got acne around line around the hair and might either evil and mighty reason you got a lot of people's around the mouth area checkered from space it might have a very high concentration of fluoride then the toothpaste you need to use is either the more organic that you have to bite off the option so usually in the love baking soda or excess or that usually and then you put the Bob question super athletes upon fact it's not so long shampoo oh my gosh I'm shopping and supergun go for the hair and super shiny and silky very bad for your skin why because it's so good for you and makes it soft that's off your face it makes it body and it locks your boards so I decided that breakout it might also be from hair products the way to know is if it's in the jawline here early recommend I would recommend clear shampoos baby shampoo Neutrogena stuff that you can see through Jove it's milky usually because it's at if the treatment in the treatments are always milky so the treatment you only body I'll get MacNeill a month sometimes if you get back me exactly so just within your blog it's also the one you know if you hear it keeps touching your back it irritates your this hair here you don't see it but there's hair here and then it makes like that chocolate is not cause that it does not you know what causes acne that nuts in the chocolate it's just chocolate dark chocolate like chopped not even Barnum but if you could eat with peanuts without ones because the oil in the nards parts is happy and ships and anything fried so drinking smoking that's not that's not is there a way for you to tell what causes your acne make you don't know if it's hormonal imbalance usually our Amica hard to get fill out when they come out of your face right I know this it's on the chin and how I do stuff at the kids that's the only way that I can tell is funny but if it's food it's like all the way in the place I can't really wait for example your skin's cadre usually but when you have it break out so something happens you were able to correlate because you're good skin it's also hard when you use a lot of makeup brushes so you guys have to clean it well you know and then of course you don't need a bath is there are many people clean it and then they just need it to drive in a Bonnie oh it's dark and it's you me and you know you can increase the number of bacteria in your brushes so you have to buy those cleansing things and I actually how are you enjoying it because it's a Syria why use a sterilizer go you sister yeah buy one of those purple thingies them for the black plan I Kiko mom and the v-ray that I showed you guys are the other boundary I don't know that I will buy be a where do you get that I'll show you someone is getting married so he's saying how to deal with pimples for days before my wedding there was also one more Affleck how can you get rid of a pimple in an in son Hannibal I met about instant I guess I was standing either be venom thing it got straight up to the first variation me reading bag and I wanted to purchase for my wedding what they did is I did birth control pills so they are three five is a very good birth control pill because it's very high in estrogen but how soon can you see me at that I would do it two points for forgetting two months and then just so you really know amazing but anyways you know this America if I'm going Villa Morgan I was like James about the problem with the Czech shots if it's just about with number point then you can ensure that if it has already a point you have been strapped and then you have to inject the problem is sometimes it causes you care which is corporal vernik on the bus so you just have to have concealer on your wedding day because we have so many brides who want to look amazing for the wedding so I tell them already sorry but to put you and happy by your tables before we didn't have to do that with you cuz your skin so but for other people who really have asked me which either skin you should be four months before you know even if you have makeup to say until you get show it my mother a third yeah so we we fix already the scars with inertia it's very good do you mix expires come on so that's what we do before the way they finally the on your wedding day guys this is the most important day of your life photographically I'm sure about so in the heart but you will never have a better picture in Photoshop I of videos haha and of course people see you there you know want the money you look pretty in the for roots in that life I am NOT meaning to be our third of next year confidence so that's what you mean you have to prepare I've never gone to a nudist Center as much as I've gone to bed low before my wedding is it so much before my wedding let's sit but think guys give the sermon she started two months before but she really has pretty nice skin already but for me it should start at least 3-4 months before you and you will give you our medical remedy dolly but I saw you oh I wish I think the best one is I guess injection can occur it's the fastest but you have to make sure that it's a proper dose so it has to be only like points there isn't one there's a lot of other clinics are not so well girls it's a dr. Jeff see they came to do the full dose the problem with that is faster you go kamiya deeper so guys please go to somebody's really qualified can say that's your face and you only have one yeah if you destroy it hello yeah I plasticizer on these so much also asking how do you remove or reduce their pregnancy okay so you know when I was in force with a new face so pregnancy and pimples are really a problem for a lot of people because of the horn was a very safe for girl young daughter Bogut Appa supposed to be estrogen when it's a boy your pocket now testosterone but it's not true okay I did I follow that really ugly when they're pregnant and I'm one of them so I got so many calls like you all he's got it all everybody everybody messy with Park I got it he was a boy with crystal I got it she was a girl and you know all you can do for them is to keep that's because you know injections no injections we just so high frequency it dries up the at me but we can't get that I didn't matter this is yeah after the facial you should eat steam right and then we extract all the white which is very important you have to remove them you can't just let them dry out because otherwise it leaves black spots everywhere and then you still don't know it has to be extracted properly please don't go to any more beauty salons the same day somebody's high they give them already an extractor with zero training it's not I don't think they even know how to change when you remove the impulses of properly the way otherwise it can be false so you really have to and then that's it we can you know we just don't have frequency that's all we can do maybe ideal but nothing internal not even medicines it can be absorbed the pinna horses to give them Tretton oil because it can affect the brain what's a Hydra the noise is retinoic acid which is vitamin A the high dose so sometimes it gets absorbed from the skin and then you can go to your blood circulation just to be sure it forms it's very 1 million percent that it will happen but of course it can never take any chances when you're in does not self-medicate when you're pregnant since you don't know what's gonna affect or what's gonna ask for your niece or just drink a lot of water eat a lot of vegetables by the way before you get married they call it the fairy cone it's not original I have to give credit where credit is due so very cornices products but long ago he became very famous for the Perico diet so three days and the makeup rehearsing the makeup and skincare burn what his advice was was really good three days before any specialty then he eat nothing but letters and in fashion that's to clean out your toxins and then Excel because our school fish and it gives you nice omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and it will hydrate your face without making you break out so what kind of anomaly culinary you leave there are no farms but any little preferably I would receive it was the gold frame I guess it's more focus on your diet and your mother I think it's also important to do coke glasses of water a day and if you can get the hydration it would be really good because it utilizes a fear I because by giving you an extra age it becomes h2o so you're feel right about Cisco so in connection to that dog actually people ask what facials are safe for credit actually most of our facials are safe i pregnant women members so clean II of course is safe for appeal is say the signature facial oxygen facials I think most of the facials I see in lung we're just very careful you really have to tell your facialist that you're on your balance so that we can keep our things that we feel might be what products should acne prone and sensitive skin types of oil like if you're looking at the back of the product like what first of all I used to use sunblock make sure that you don't have any kappa thoughts behind extender one aldehyde holy something something what you want to in your class there are two products that you want in the back titanium oxide and zinc oxide so they both oxide the rest of the stuff they're not good for you there because it's why they've lower in the SPF on most products 250 because when you want to make the SPF 550 make 6070 off to quietly cause it will be March for your face one thing that really makes people regard that there's so many guys who know God is my enemy Oh on the line ain't nothing but a moment you take it you will break out the further type so the other knee is for vitamin E Scully squalene is kinda like a vitamin and then alpha top of fear all the vitamin E is are really bad for you sometimes the vitamin b12 SAR also bad so food people who work out and they take a lot of protein drinks and you know supplements to make them stronger there will also be found if they don't you can fight against the multivitamins is my eat well done but be Togepi latex it's gotta be done if it has vitamin E in your mother vitamin you better watch out because you just observe because this is not for everybody but I would think it's for 70 percent since the majority of people will rip out their Bible and then of course a very expensive creams that you buy you know you like it cuz it's very expensive and it's true it's good but not in our weather so you know many times I get burned I'm sure you've tried it also when you're abroad you buy something really nice and makes your skin so nice and then the moment you arrive in the Philippines you still conveniently a product and then you're breaking out and then I'll tell the patients you know this is not good for you cannot be in this country goes are already so unit this is for countries thank for my European countries my sweet they're my drive whether you have to keep these products in the refrigerator and when you go abroad you make it bubble but you cannot be you call you here then doctor it's so expensive starting a line so you can put it on you this has played softball the button elbows all this area's the Merrimack ETF and dry you can do that or I just keep it in the fridge because as long as it's in the fridge it no longer you're making a longer lifetime vitamin C it's a water-based by the name so sometimes it's good but once you see that it's brown and oxidized already it's supposed to be care and living on the other side that light light yellow sometimes it becomes brown we look now and you throw it huh but also I get someone and also now what does she do whenever she is summertime her skin is different but winter skin is different that's why you don't use the same product for different seasons well it's going to be somebody's hot and hotter so yeah but it's a good thing to have a kojic wash your face or something that will exfoliate and don't use moisturizers I know it's been such a controversial topic but it's not that long yeah those that know it's an all-day it's an odious moisturizer so some people wonder why why you have to think upon a moisturizer is it's an oil thing that you put on your face when there are dry spots right it moisturizes its it looks smooth and it feels good for a while but if you don't put moisturizer it's fine it again it's cream cold and it looks bad so what you really want to do exist foliate those areas cuz you know if you look at it microscopically for my English but I look for bottom part of dead skin you just imagine your dead skin is not exfoliating that's why you need something like in some sort of scrub devourers kojic acid wash because their assets they'll remove all the dead skin so underneath on the dead skin is good skin baby skin but you want to show but if you put moisturizer you're basically putting glue on your face to keep the dead skin there that we don't wanna be moisturized so it feels good for a while and then the next morning if he didn't put moisturizer it's already dry and quickly so what do you usually do we put more moisturizer and then it makes it soft again but you're not dealing with the cause of the problem which is their skin accumulating on top of your face the other thing that moisturizers do is it sends signals to your fibroblasts which are the cells in the collagen and elastin they're saying hey we have enough moisture it folds them and it fools you into thinking so I don't get our Gardens themselves in a happening and a resolution because you have enough enough already so they will not produce your own collagen elastin which I know you might ask in which we need so you don't want to give them that bad signal so there are two reasons why you don't do it one is you keep dead skin on your face which you want to get rid off because underneath that it'll show your baby skin your skin and though you're signaling the body to get lazy to stop producing you know hydration the see you already have so much so doc hang it up or your prinstone my strength I would do wash exfoliate every single day we can go there every single day you should exfoliate somewhere during the day not twice a day but just once and then I would put phoner and maybe in the morning I would put a vitamin C besides a watery kind of vitamin C and in the evening basically I work with the vitamin E it is the vitamin E is an exfoliant you know I've been using vitamin A since I was ferb which I'm tight acne we have that like a serum done in sushi a cream we use the same about your products we have read maps a retinol we have and you put it on the skin and it really exfoliates stop track need stops wrinkles it's an all-around cream that's for people with no problem if you have problems at pigmentation the last one then you have to add it's what if you're just basic I've got a good wash exfoliator vitamin C in the morning it's also protection from the Sun then in the evening again no more exfoliation just wash tone and I learned so much that's one very specific your problem your dog so what do we do when I get pimples after everywhere called exfoliate okay after every word of yeah maybe your pores are very open yeah of course could be open but very could go in maybe her hair gets with and hold the product for some turn out with me wasn't it not the best makeup I really have to tell you because people ask me all the time it's kind of expensive but for me I actually sleep with it because it seems pretty good for my skin it's so good because I only sleep with it of course it's so wrong to sleep with makeup but you should have a good cleanser right I think Lansing milks are the best and then you have to have a good eye makeup remover which I never use not compared to Lansing oil I prefer cleansing milk I like that I like the biological research cleansing oils are good for the eye area dry area so if this one doesn't have much oil so you can use cleansing oil here you can use it on your neck but then if you're gonna talk about your face I said I only speak out good-morrow cleansing oil said what those two are I buy those and then I got great aqua Laura I'm so happy actually my face breaks out of things because if you should know right now so I know exactly what's good and I've tried every makeup in the world because in the end at last night I slept a bit this mindfulness it's really clean makeup it doesn't have fragrance it doesn't irritate the baby but that's why when you try products out make sure when you try new products you try it one at a time so if you do get breakout or any and you know what you want yeah let's go to three days four days and then have an excellent so for you who gets breakouts after a workout invest in the proper makeup if you really do have to wear makeup and I would do what you know could I ban yeah I mean pardhu we are pero just so does the hair cargo and I don't know this way it goes to the back empowerment even always have and bad please not don't let your sweat stay on your face yes and take a shower immediately after you go home with wet t-shirt if you let it dry because you're gonna get freaked out back don't comment asking I heard you can get freckles from chronic th day news how do I prevent this and how can I reverse the effect this is really you know really good freckles because of using a usually put a Tremec alpha hydroxy acid so they're in exfoliant if I told you get rid of dead skin well that's a great way to get rid of dead skin with outside rather hydroxy acids so they've made from food you should be so the most common one is sugar cane let's play : yeah Apple Valley come on oil but it's good it's good to use it because you get rid of the dead skin but then of course if you go out in the Sun and you're totally not protected because now the dead skin is gone and you're not putting sunblock then it's not to do that with that it's just that you're not protecting your skin and of course in this country it's impossible to avoid Sun so it's chronic damage only for example and with this and I always badly but she's very very bad about taking care of her skin and he was perfect when she was young she's with my patients and she was easy so now she's 34 that's how long but you know even if you put sunblock sometimes it's the feet no she's getting freckles everywhere like today it's a cloudy day there's no Sun you thing but the Rays are going through clouds and you know so now you put an umbrella right you were an umbrella guys it's only an SPF 8 you have to get an umbrella that's a UV umbrella and where can you find these UV umbrellas usually in Japan because you're very particular about their their skin so inside the umbrella is a black hole thing there's another tell economy lining and so that's an SPF 50 to 70 but if you're just going to get the normal ordinary umbrella that everybody passed it's only an 8 to 12 she of course security but someone is asking me is for example you're putting on makeup that has SPF apian is that already enough SPF 18 is okay if you're not walking out I would think at a minimum SPF of 30 even people that's your minimum maximum would be 15 and we apply well actually there is one sun block that will last eight hours it's only one and that's our zero sunblock because it's not bad I say nobody Sun graphics call eclipse and it is a totally different I think I probably need in nobody for oily but if we drive but it's funny the cover your face its Melanie the bum melamine when the Sun heats if you get started they give you a fake layer of melon and so that your old melanin doesn't get here so you don't get pigmentation but if it's waterproof and water-resistant you have to remember water resistant will usually last you 90 minutes waterproof will ask you two hours that's it and so if you're in water the less per glass so you have to rely on SPF not how long it lasts no it isn't what SPF needs is your one protection factor so if you have zero sunblock you go out wow it's so easy in one minute getting effects from the Sun if you have an SPF 50 supposedly 15 minutes before you get the same effect that's one minute not true though because if for us it washes out unless you're going to put really thick you know perspiration and whatever so you have to reapply I do many more morning and then lunchtime because after that the one it's 40 or five years but if you're diverse the water gonna be of makeup or not you reapply you just be on a sunblock which may put us out with our Sun go under then yeah that sunscreen bomb what vitamins should I take it's taking collagen safe okay collagen is the most wonderful thing to take and with a PI on right vitamins I'm only doing my currency that's oil because everything else I feel bees are getting controversial you can get acne BNC are the only water soluble vitamins which means if you overdose on their if you take too much it just get out now ones that stay in your body are the fat soluble by the litigants vitamin A vitamin D and vitamin K these great now this is a new thing before we never used to take it but it's an assault bones supposedly we get enough from the Sun but now there you guys say we don't so you take vitamin B and a cigarette not more than 25,000 units a day whatever I like to snack on carrots but it's becoming you are in shock oh I need for a while I love carrots and so did simply vegetable a second Ricky cartoons that much even two glasses a day us your power storage people so you just have to get it out if you system so I okay how about the acne scars is there any non-surgical and surgical options actually if we do practice cars all our non-surgical so we have so many options we need to see what that mean that this car is so for example if you have bills like some they called the chicken Popeye San Diego chicken pox scars it easier those re-energized British so connected and then truck cell it's very very good but that time you have to handle a so you have to see the scar and then you have to match it with the laser match it's a bit and you said listen there's many options back terms of it's not painful right you will feel pain truck cell you have to pretend especially for but it really stimulates the scar to go up usually we do a combination to some scars already so then you have to use a BB so that's why Bella has two hundred ninety lasers and machines because we need to combine things and so we have everything set up like other clinics one needs you persons usually about six million eight million so most clinics can't really afford to have so many so they tend to use some other machine all the time which sometimes it's not the right machine it's not everything is a nail right it can be different things so with Bella we refer to each other we have about 14 minutes it's a different mix but if you want most of the time to complete set that could be about three not my favorite okay so that's good news it's all non-invasive you guys have a lot of options to choose from but again we need a doctor to really study what kind of treatment is perfect for her get your scar is it's there a home remedy or other it is to evening acne scars what if they don't have the budget I dunno you know Frankie I'm not hearing with at home remedies I keep reading but nothing seems to work they might do face making your own man thank you so duh and why I don'ts for me this is it's I'm so sure that medicine so I don't really go for the home remedies and then it's more irritating in fact one of the things we've been talking about this myths about whitening armpits if you can make it actually darker for example a calamansi River so people put kind of lets you in there and because it it's an alpha hydroxy acid actually but then it can burn it some of it can burn your skin so actually I'm picking begone black yeah guys you know it's so bad yeah it's a random concentrations are so very I mean Halle Berry maybe I don't know but I really haven't tried so I can talk about how the facial treatments make a difference compared to complete the skin routine okay so you go to Bella for your cleaning right but sometimes you can do cleaning by yourself is impossible especially few more people you just have to imagine that you're worth it it's a shape like this I get alone there are Vulcano and in the top is a little hole but the pass is usually quite big so I the reason I became a dermatologist is because I'd really horrible skin and I love to pay twenty boys and it'll just get worse so I said I'd better learn to do this properly so the reason you can't do it yourself is even if you have put tissue and wash your hands why don't you lie down extractor enough for the thing is can see right before you think about it I'm smelling an opening right before the whole the pulse goes out it's very painful so the tendency if you do it yourself in the mirror is to let go a simple suck every bar so it actually sucks the pass in inside the skin and tomorrow now from one favor do you have free pizza oh you don't get everything else then you leave black mark so what you do at home is to prevent problems like whiteheads blackheads and pimples but sometimes because of the oiliness and everything you can just lessen it but you can prevent in 100% you know for me you're having face shots it's like brushing my teeth once a month minimum I would want to facialist and clean out everything so that you know your pores can close on your nose with me really bothers me no it's okay but there was some times you can actually see the black hairs in my nose you just want someone to do it it's worth it if you're a normal person and you have great skin on the face so you have to go to have your facials done at least once that is there a permanent result for non-invasive treatments where we have long-term results but with no permanent results because of course aging goes on for example eco Pharaoh will bring you back five years they were and I'm the women things so you're 26 and if you get your Asia then you still start aging alright so for example somebody like you will only do a Kara 172 years oh you know at most once a year somebody 45 and above will do it once every six months ago no one so there's no even if it's surgical doctor that's not also even surgical if we do a facelift or that'll be about seven eight years and then when you're more 15 or 45 and then if I'm goes on aging goes on I have life sport especially on my forehead and nose watch lady well that one you need a laser to do it you need some like a fox a laser we have another nation it's very good here in brilliant which is in no it's a shiny thing up when you have large forest basically you have to clean them out so sometimes they have oil and gunk inside that's whenever we need a facial but after you do the facial immediately but I'm here I love ya and a flower you want oops it so it doesn't accumulate so much oil so then you need a laser and that are very good for closing forests our grab light but that's kind of temporary people like those subpoenas or clearing brilliant that don't you have to put some money to show you doing once and one for four months how much is not our answer and then drop sale which is about fifty nine ten thousand each time but if we do it four times in a row once every four weeks to six weeks the opportunity should and if they shrink and they would the community and I understand that I'm very impatient as well when it comes to these things now it's easy for you to let go and just to not continue your treatment now you feel like you've done it once twice and already see it it really is in the habit of like how often you do it and how consistent you are when it helps your treatment is that again an ounce of prevention is worth the fondant of your finish if the doctor does it six sessions follow it's four sessions follow it even if you look feel good and look great in two sessions if you want long term effects your difficulty okay someone's asking tonight's really tight this boy's on the face of the road well you know I do it because I have this new teeth and I knew from Korea that I am experimenting and we have this new rulers that are very in right now made out of rose quartz for love Jay but I roll it on my face it seems to post my pores longer because he put it in the freezer so it's cold and then you roll it but you know everything this is a physical thing but we know temporary universal prospective is not so safe to use eyes directly on your face might burn your skin it's more heat I think that's because when it's hot you really brave god I see people did garage show yes it's bad the time because the weather is so hot it does not achieve the temperature the super cool someone is asking about my biggest insecurity is my know how much is a right Oh black tea and what are the Wiz what's that with me also the most important thing to do if we had some a choice in your face is to make your nose smaller because the nose should really not occupied by there you go not occupy she's fascinated the nose should not occupy a lot of space on the face the fact that people thought they they should look at your eyes are so beautiful so this is know what's blocking here you should really make it smaller than typical Tino I know this is very wrong here that is why they don't have big noses like well Filipinos do it was pretty I'm your subconscious especially now when things like logs selfies Facebook Instagram you have to have you know I think it's a hundred eighty five thousand hundred eighty five yeah and the way we do it it's not called a nose lift or anything you say other clinics within do this they have a pretty fun syndicate if that popular yet so you see this a lot of people look like they have the same no Spanish no some Filipino page or Chinese the dr. Yap and the doctor and I go of all the people who are in our clinic they actually scope the nose it's peaceful because it's telegram for your face bug-eyed in there Oh forgive me I was methodically well we use cartilage for the stapes it feels very natural use for them so don't use silicone implants ending work so that we Skype in a box and a bowl on a sports car no problem Allah has enough time so for now and I'm what I would say two weeks before your presentable as in the beginning make ask up for one week which is very important that on TV it doesn't swell and then when you take off your cast you still look a little swollen so it takes about another week for you to go down how do you wipe them on their arms we have a great machine the angel widening it really is very good for in their arms you also have another machine which is something that uses ultrasound it's an ultrasonic place sometimes you see a dark armpits are caused by many fails so do I want also there but fire modes also but one once measure many repair because it won't response over I say estrogen can make it dark the most common causes of diet find there are inside the other eye because it's aluminum oxide sorry they allocated and the order that's why any ingredients neutralize it okay how much this is aluminum alright and you know the money favorite luminal pots and pans they get black it does especially when you combine it with perspiration it gets acidic and then it's gets rusty so the first thing to do is laser hair removal so that you don't shave you don't forget about here you don't harm your iron it's no harm means no pigmentation and you can do it on your bikini areas and you're gonna give me everything remove your hair anyway and then after that you should be the angel whitening smooth and South Asia like a nice not but the laser hair removal register there will be no the worst thing you can do is get the beam for which people do all the things they want to wash the black it won't you just get started because your environment your armpits you have to be very gentle with your armpits the skin is very thin so the best thing to do is just let the doctor do it that fellow do it even oh yeah cuz it Stradella the area same goes with a thing ethereal though because people are also asked yeah it's like the angel whitening laser is the best for all the guys that just are those usual it's usually once a month and then you need to do my 16 session and how much is it worth – you know what it depends on the area so I'm not sure I think you can look at her when I say or you can call our hotline which is a benign fellow what's a perfect treatment for chubby cheeks okay for chubby cheeks the best treatment for me Sabine consular which really makes it smaller than once you've made it smaller equal to type in you say of course once it's over five it's Anna Luz we tighten it with the old Pharaoh or the new Thermage evidence and we have the cheaper one the skin reboot if you're like a manatee but I usually paired of Oh Sarah that's what would be so nice to us it also has a stem cell cream so you really glue but for me it's nice to go out there as a bunch first then if you need a little theremin you can still do servants oh you can it defense thank you you can because your face is already done but I had a patient the other day and she did those hair already but she's still heavy so we did so much three months later after no Sarah which is very rare I hardly ever do this but I saw that she really needed my tightening and then now she looks really good so what's the difference between Oh Sarah is there much so it's the kind of energy that you so Farrah uses a high intensity focused ultrasound so it tends to penetrate deeper you can to the level of the muscle it's very good for people who don't have very fat faces their modules new FLX is much better than the old so much and it's really good also for the toilet I guess the difference is right now so Tara it's more painful than so much but it's cheaper it's right now sir March is some hundred twenty thousand may promote us it's introductory right now it's only Bella medical with the task force absorbent lunches and then it's usually hundreds and so someone was asking what's the difference between fillers and threads and which one is more effective we use some the solicitor's lifters in tears I like Cunha Eric you look at the bone thank you your place for you back me i have facebook but some people will ask never shine achieve more so folks ah oh yeah oh no work to get on your feet so in that case we have to use the filler or lifter a spartan board or / am in debug sarkodie development chief in charge of the three ha d put it or chin very popular now i'd only one use of the other suspended but man my way another square jaw the march in Java for threads if you already have a nice jaw line you already have nice things which is skin for maths officer there's nothing we can do except threats so in the face the skin and also economy that they like yes so when you do affair after march or any of those things we tighten the skin with the muscle like them let's still like that so we have to add that's why we call it a fair a prime rather much plus because we add threads to stimulate the muscle to contract so it's nice and rounded yeah so are they comparable can you choose you know usually we look at you and we decide sometimes you use both sometimes you just if you're lacking involved and we just use fillers if you have the right bone structure but your skin is like nuisance Aggie and your muscles loosen saggy then he said you know what it's very hard to talk about it in love because surely you have to be there and we'll show you no boy you don't have bone or the temples are empty someone is also asking how can they get they have got out your eyes and also really really bad I thought okay so I've also usually passed by sad the way I can tell this case ya know you don't have eyes the blue eyes if you have eyebrows a face like that and then the faculty true that's an eye bags my panel just goes out with your eye ball sits on fat that's being supported by the side now as you get older the fat kinda sticks out so then it becomes a fiber you can either just remove it with lasers it just takes about 10 minutes suddenly it's not it's in basic in a way but it's none because there's no wound or anything it's inside I shouldn't make break that the eye and easy with inside and the fat pops out my dreams to not have a groove between my cheeks and my eye when you're young like if you look at you it's the red so when you get older in a cough a break that's why people but so we yeah but I don't like to do fillers around the eye because sometimes I go when I said peleg are the only movie I left and right from sometimes the fillers get massaged and then they they form I can i bug another eye bag who she wanted to avoid so I don't like to do it so I like to do to them even if the doctor is super duper good even if the don't you spread the word it's your face it's really the men that are not so strong and your muscles are not so tight 20% of the time but I need to do yes

35 thoughts on “Beauty Lessons with Dra. Vicky Belo (And Scarlet) | Camille Co”

  1. 1:03 What causes acne and how do treat it
    1:34 Why antibiotic astringents aren't good for you
    3:17 Why a proper sleeping habit is important for your skin
    5:29 How to wash your face properly to avoid acne
    6:03 Toothpaste and shampoos that can cause acne
    7:15 Does chocolate cause acne?
    7:40 Is there a way to tell what caused your acne
    8:10 Cleaning makeup brushes properly to prevent bacteria build up
    8:47 How to get rid of pimples a few days before an important event like your wedding
    11:16 How to deal with acne during pregnancy
    13:07 The famous Perricone diet for great skin
    14:12 Facials that are safe for pregnant women
    14:50 What ingredients must acne-prone and sensitive skin types avoid
    15:56 What vitamins cause acne
    17:26 Products to invest on for your skin and why moisturizers are not recommended by Dra. Belo
    19:27 Skincare routine Dra. Vicky Belo recommends
    20:29 What to do when you breakout every after a work out
    20:53 Best foundation for Dra. Vicky Belo
    21:09 Cleansing milk vs. cleansing oil
    22:42 Can chronic AHA use really cause freckles and dark spots
    23:39 How to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays and
    25:02 Understand SPF and how often you should apply sunblock
    25:56 Is collagen safe? What vitamins are good for the skin
    27:03 Treatments for deep acne scars
    28:41 Home remedies for skin
    29:31 Facial treatments vs. skin routines at home
    31:15 Do procedures give permanent results
    31:57 Treating large pores
    33:24 Can ice for tighten pores
    34:29 Rhinoplasty / nose job
    36:13 How to whiten underarms
    37:56 Treatment for chubby cheeks
    38:49 Ulthera vs. thermage
    39:30 Fillers vs. threads
    40:56 Dark undereyes and eyebags
    41:57 Why Dra. Belo doesn't recommend undereye fillers
    42:29 Botox

  2. This is the most i formative vlog I've ever watch, havent check all her videos but followed her already. Dr. Belo should have her on vlog… to promote her procedures na din.

  3. SHOOKENING!!! Super informative. Thank you ate camille and dra. vicky belo for this!

    Akala ko maalaga na ako sa skin ko huhuhu

  4. I have loved Dra Vicki Belo for the longest time. She's so convincing, eloquent, and she has a very nice tone of voice that's so pleasant to listen to…Love her!!!

  5. Ok! Buti nalang YouTube recommend me this channel. I just know that my Shampoo and Conditioner that I m using causes my acne. I always wonder why i always got acne and oily face.even I wash my face properly,morning and before i go to sleep. Kaya pala pag naligo ako bago matulog i uses my hair treatment and after non i woke up with my oily face. Now i really know WHY!??? Thanks a lot!

  6. Pabilog yung mukha ko.. Maganda ba siya na gawing square j. ? In my nose hehehe gusto ko paliitin

  7. Vitamin e causes acne??? I’ve been taking vitamin e ever since,..made my skin smooth and clear..but i stopped when i got pregnant and until my baby is skin was sooo acne everywhere…just started taking vit. E again, now my skin isn’t that bad anymore..i only get 1-3 pimples every now and then..

  8. Miss Camille sana ma discuss nyo din po kay Dr. Belo yong tungkol sa HYPERPIGMENTATION. Specially due to using of peeling cream. Kung ano ang tamang gagawin. I have problem with face pigmentation. Salamat po.

  9. yaas, sa part 2 pa-more! i'm not lactose-intolerant, but i do notice dairy is definitely inflammatory for my skin. I gotta find a compromise for my love of cheese, gelato, milk in my tea/coffee. πŸ§€πŸ¦πŸ₯›πŸ™ƒ

  10. Aweeee, Dra doesn’t agree with moisturising? But the thing is heaps of dermatologist here in Australia always say that moisturising is really important no matter what skin type you have. Im confused πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ na. Do you agree Cam? Your an oily tita yourself hehe

  11. Wow I thought you just need to sleep early and actually have 8 hours of sleep but I've never heard of those specific times and hormones that come out at certain times at night! Iba talaga if the information comes from a professional at hindi lang sa mga YouTube beauty gurus Lol

  12. I think Belo's Acne kit had a different formula than before it burned my skin when I uses it the updated one.

  13. Bottomline of this is Dr. Belo is selling her products and services.

    I moisturize
    I dont sleep early
    I drink alcohol every night
    I take Vitamin E
    I buy other brands other than Belo


    I'll make it clear since they dont make it clear for people, DO NOT MOISTURIZE when you have pimples, DO NOT TOUCH a pimple, DO NOT PRICK a pimple.

    Use products with Salicylic Acid and wash your face every night!

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