27 thoughts on “Beauty Guru Teaches My Boyfriend How to Do My Makeup ft. Tati”

  1. I’m visiting Canada…. the first thing I bought was a roots sweatshirts all due to you Christine! Merci!

  2. Cristine : “I wanna be toasted like a pepita”
    Me: You wanna be toasted like me?
    (My nickname is pepita which translated from Spanish to English Pumpkin seed)

  3. I think Tati needs to come to Canada and do another collab with Cristine. It would be hilarious again. 😂😂😂😂

  4. Tati is joking about her bottle of hair supplements. There’s a giant container behind her the whole video. Lol her promo is just in the background.

  5. “I’m concerned for my future on YouTube if Ben keeps being a shady asshole.” 😯
    I know Christine smacked the ** out of Ben when the camera went off.

  6. Okay Ben was so disrespectful to Christine by flirting with Tati the hole freaking time like what the hell ben😑😑😑

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