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  1. Its not arrested development. Some people just find out what they love early in life. Its accelerated development.

  2. I – along with my brother – figured that starting chord out some years ago, and, as it turns out, you are correct, sir, with that D7sus chord as diagrammed (at least theoretically speaking). But, of course, that's only half the story. Regardless of what' you describe is going on with the bass and piano, what sounds even more authentic is that, with two guitars, and assuming George is playing that D7sus, John would simultaneously be playing a second, DIFFERENT chord – which I would be willing to reveal, if credit is given where it is due. Just let me know, if anyone is interested. 😉

  3. Really interesting video especially the intro about that intro chord. At a recent band practise in a break I hit a G7sus4 chord… everyone responded with that’s a Hard Days Night intro! Even though this is the wrong chord it works in standard tuning and most people at a gig would hear it as that Beatles intro. It also means you can go straight in to the song in standard tuning. That chord has a dominant 7th sus4 sound to it.

  4. Hi Mike .Great job thank you . How do I get the play along that you used ? I loved it !! Teddy Korbos!

  5. 🌄 WOW Mike I knew once you started being sooo thorough I wasn't gonna hear another halfa*sed explanation of this iconic tune ! Outstanding job, nothing missed ! And your reverence unmatched, I also knew someone would hit the fact it was literally written OVER NIGHT.. I don't know how many students I've tried explaining just because of circumstances around music one never knows when the planets are going to align and it takes Each + every one of the personnel being there, frames of mind, everything that's why most folks think it's magic ? ¿ ? I think we know better… The BEST PART OF ACTUAL ART is clearly the test of time, and back in the day there was alot of REAL TALENT, Chuck, Elvis and The Chairman of the Board just to name a few, not to mention variety from classic too soul at least they were hungry and the irony was we educated ourselves on members of the bands, we all know if you asked at a party be it L.A or N.Y 'who was the drummer for madonna you'd get blank stares… And at least most even casual fans didn't just listen for groups that would torture their parents. I just don't think a century from now most of the crap these days will be played and really enjoyed, it's like you said Mike not only were The Beatles having a blast themselves they no doubt brought Joy too me + millions ! ! Great job keep Rockin Brother🎶✌🌈🎸🌟David🎵⛥🤘🍻🏛😎✨

  6. Thanks for all thr Beatles stuff. Some people don't understand the big deal, I guess the would if they wopuld have lived through it like we did. Great job Mike!

  7. Thank you. Great ear!. I been playing since 1967 and that first chord has always been a HUGE mystery. The Beatles could always make special sounds and blends at the right timing to make any song so that it grabbed you. Pure genius talent.

  8. BTW, SORRY BRO, that opening chord is G7. The 1963 Beatles weren'tmusically capable of doing what this Guy suggests they did. with the F ADD 9 part, NO WAY !

  9. How sick is it that Lennon knocks this off in one night for the film title and we are still fascinated by its construction 50 years later.

  10. Hey Mike, what a blast. I'm a big Beatles fan too, but "A Hard Day's Night" wasn't one of my favorites until now. You really rocked it.

  11. That breakdown of the opening chord was incredible. Talk about geeking out. I'm VERY impressed. THANK YOU!

  12. Mike, you are Awesome. I've played 8 instruments in my lifetime and you make me feel like a total amateur. Lol. Thank you so much for your " stealthy " brilliance in all that you do. Bravo.

  13. Hi Mike, thanks for this. On the 16th notes in the solo are you hammering on for second note(s)? Just curious.

  14. Mike pachelli is a Great Guy I worked with him 20 + years ago. He is Still Teaching us keep it up BIG MIKE !!!!

  15. I really enjoy your lessons Mike. I’m 72 and always waited to hear what they come up with next.Ringo played great drum parts that always complimented the song. I started as a drummer and played my brothers guitars and bass so I have a love of all the instruments and songs.Keep it up my friend.

  16. Thanks for that clear explanation Mike…..in the verse I've been using a C9 instead of the C7, I don't know, but it sounds closer to me.

  17. very nice jobs, Mike, thanks! Just one perplexity: maybe the penultimate chord of the middle eght is an Am7 instead of C7 (or at least so appears to my ears)?

  18. I can't love this channel enough…don't play guitar, but I am a huge Beatle geek. Learnt so much about their music.
    Love your style…such a talent.
    Not too shabby Lennon impersonation either.

  19. Only the Beatles would require 7 minutes to explain an opening chord. Thanks Mike. I've only been trying to figure it out for 50 years and falling short. I can die peacefully now.

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