Bears Big Ideas | Kids Education | Kids Poem | Education for children

bears tummy is growling BAE is hungry he
is hungry for fish babe calls his friends with a big idea bear brings a
sore back grabs a hammer moose carries some wood
what are the tools will they need circle them Zeus babe saws the wit thump thump
thump buck hammers the friend Shh moose sands it’s smooth the work is
done it is a boat now we can fish says bear bear finds the fishing poles back
gets a net moose digs for worms there how they and his friends get to the lake
go over there go around there you will see them okay
so start here go over there the boat closed off we go says bear with
a great big push moose catches a fish babe hooks an old
boot back catches a fish babe hooks attire I do not want a boot I do not
want a tire I want fish growls bear poor Hungry Bear says buck keep trying bear
says moose bear casts his line again he has a fight he tells he pulled at last
bear catches a big big fish the friends fish all summer they gets fat before
long bear is ready for a nap best tummy is growling bear wakes up he calls his
friends time to fish again buck brings the boat moose gets the gear the water
turned to ice look says bear the boat will not go bear slips back flips moose
flops bear has a new idea the friends go to work Zuzu’s thump
thump thump the work is done the ice shanty will keep us warm while we fish
says bed the friends cut holes in the ice they drop in their lines moose
catches a big fish buck catches a bigger fish big catches the biggest fish of all there has a full tummy again it is time
to go home good night bear see you in the spring

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