Be A Hero – Choosing Open Educational Resources for Student Success

Hello, I am Provost Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval,
and I am excited to invite you to be part of our “Be A Hero” campaign at Fresno State. “Be
A Hero” enables faculty to choose and provide quality educational content that is more affordable
for our students. When students cannot afford their assigned
class materials, their opportunity to learn and assimilate crucial information is greatly
limited. You are key to the goal of this campaign. Together, we can adopt accessible, high-quality,
course learning materials at little or no cost to students. This simple step will significantly further
our University’s mission “To boldly educate and empower students for success”. As a faculty member, you can take four simple
steps to save students money and further student success: One, adopt course materials through our bookstore
by the requested deadlines. Two, utilize an older edition of a textbook
when the new edition has minimal changes. Three, offer rental versions of course materials. And four, adopt course materials that are
free. Here are some examples of the fruits that
our collective efforts have produced to have a more affordable educational experience for
our students. Here are some compelling stories from our
students about how all of our Fresno State faculty can “Be A Hero”. Well, it’s always like a first worry whenever
you sign up for a class it’s kind of like, oh I have to pay for the textbook and its
like an extra cost you have to think of and its always better when the classes don’t have
a textbook and you’re like ahh. Even the teachers are like, oh good news,
the class doesn’t need a textbook. I’ve taken classes and not bought the book
for the class because I couldn’t afford it which made it difficult to do well in the
class because I didn’t have the material for it. As a student with a learning disability, I
do have to take longer time with material so if I can get it early, it ends up being
better for me, I can manage my time. It would be nice to have open education resources
be chosen by faculty so that I would have cheaper textbooks, cheaper materials and I
would have it earlier and more accessible to me. By going OER, that is adopting free and openly
licenses materials, faculty ensure all students have access to the resources they need to
be successful in their classes. Additionally, going OER, gives faculty and
students the freedom to retain, reuse, remix, revise and redistribute course materials without
violating copyright. As your Provost, I am excited that you are
willing to explore this transformational opportunity. Your efforts to create a learning environment
where students have access to all of the course materials will secure student learning and
academic success. Please contact our Center for Faculty Excellence
and request a meeting in your office to identify free or low cost course materials and Be A

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