Bboy Tutorial I HOW TO FLARE I Different Way of Learning Flare I by EDEN ANG *with BAHASA SUBTITLE*

100 thoughts on “Bboy Tutorial I HOW TO FLARE I Different Way of Learning Flare I by EDEN ANG *with BAHASA SUBTITLE*”

  1. The main problem I have is that when I’m trying to start the flare I get scared and I keep putting my leg back on the floor. How can I fix that?

  2. It’s a great help but I feel he should tell us how to keep our legs cause when I’m in the middle of the flare my legs keep hitting the ground

  3. It is really hard to do it..especially that I am a left handed but gonna try my best..great tutorial by the way love your video amd thanks..

  4. Congratulations!!! This is a great flare approach. I am a bboy and a Sports Science student and I' ve never seen something like this before. It's really genious!

  5. Do you have any tips on cleaning up my flares? I can hit multiple flares with ease now but the only problem is my feet keep dragging on the ground

  6. Doesn't work. It's easier if you lunge instead of the position he used. Also kick hard instead of calmly. Got me nowhere 👎

  7. انا من العراق اتابعك شكرا من القلب لانك استاذ مبدع جدا 😍

  8. Hi folks I'm probably the most unusual 55 year old around town, I have very fit body and perform as a part time pro dancer and stripper, I look 10 years younger than my age however. Ive been trying to catch the flares for years unsuccessfully until a few days ago. The mistake I was making that is hardly mentioned is; I used to swing my hips too low and short, I stopped @ 5 to 4 o clock but once I filmed myself I saw the error. Now I complete my swing @ 2 -1 o'clock and I swing higher with more power completing 3 rounds easily. I still need to clean it up but I can now go around. So anyone learning the flares take note of where your hips completes the swing, remember 2-1 o clock or 10 -11 o'clock

  9. Thanks for the tutorial 😁, I really wanted to do it but my friends said that I can't do it, because I'm a girl and I'm weak 😒😑

  10. It’s funny because he has become so good at doing these movements that when he attempts to demonstrate the WRONG way to do them, he can barely do it lol

  11. “All right now that you’ve got it “ 😆 This really wasn’t a progressive tutorial. The mini circle doesn’t flow into the stand up component. It’s like two converging methods that don’t share anything in common.

  12. Idk why these asians keep associating break dancing with Asian culture when it was black n Hispanics that created every single dance move they love

  13. I practiced this 2-3 hours a day and almost perfected it in 3 weeks! Thank you for the tips man they helped alot.

  14. I want to tell you bro something that i watched a lot of tutorials but none of them could make me learn flare but you you just nailed it thank you so much

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