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  1. At 16:00 the people around her don't notice she's talking to a camera much and are hella confused why this woman is talking so profoundly by herself without an audience 😂😆 they back away slowly without looking up for the camera 😂. The accent at 18:44 is a mood ✊. Everyone is a communist until they are rich and everyone is a capitalist until they are poor. ✌

  2. You need to read The Protocols Of Zion to fully understand how the proletariat is created, and how the agitations between labor and capital and the competition between wages and prices determine society and politics.

  3. The people were always been and will always be the stupid wictims of deception and selfdeception, antill theyll teach themselvs to see the interests of the classes spoken.

  4. Search Bloody Chicago on YouTube

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  5. Mordechai Levy Marx is a Jew who promoted Jewish RACIAL supremacy. He promoted a ideology ordered and paid from Rothchild his Jewish second cousin who wanted to establish Jewish New World Order, and paid to his jobless German cousin to write a short philosophy how exactly to achieve it. This short description and instruction is now called ''The Communist Manifesto''.

    All extracted from the Talmud as required for a decent Jewish rabbi 12 generation, as Mordechai Levy Marx was. 12 generation Jewish rabbi, called Mordechai Levy Marx.

  6. What an incompetent and poorly constructed ramble about nothing. She neither explains what Marx wrote no provides useful defence for capitalism. She is even more delusional when she talks about Russia. A huge load of nonsensical poop.

  7. Communism: All that's yours is mine and everything that's mine you keep your hands off.
    Democracy: In name of the people we swindle the people.
    Kapitalism: We say that you can be rich if you work hard, but as long as you work your ass off we'll make sure you never get ahead.

  8. This Flanders woman has the same brow perma-furrowing as Palpatine after he fully morphed into Sidious. Spurious and irrelevant as it may sound, I think we should obey the stark coincidence of this, quickly turn away from her, and sprint off with appropriate arm flailing and banshee screaming.

  9. This was poorly done to be honest, that this got any upvotes shows how little people know of Karl Marx and his thoughts. For example the USSR especially was built purely from his thoughts, he proscribed what was called "the dictatorship of the proletariat" for several different reasons, that was the system within which Lenin and Stalin operated, the dictatorship of the proletariat was when the state subsumed complete control of Everything with a capital E, the goal was that the state would then dismantle itself.

    Karl Marx understanding of economy doesnt reach to the first thing taught within economics, which is supply and demand, which if you apply it to either his Das Kapital or Communist Manifesto instantly disproves both. He only focused on one end which is the demand end, he never once considered that everything we humans need in order to survive has to be supplied by someone who works. If food is free for everyone, no one would produce it, because they simply have no reason to do so. Which happens to be the reason for the horrible and worsening conditions in Venezuela today, and they still have a price on their food. The problem is the planned economy where the state controlles prices and other things, so the state has set a price which is too low, so that the people who could produce what they need dont have a reason to do so, which is why their stores are all empty.

    Ever noticed that we now can afford expensive smart phones, and so much food that we are getting fat while still enough over to pay for a very luxurious living compared to even a 100 years ago, and still more money over to pay for a computer and an internet connection, all of these things are produced because a company can make a profit from producing them. "The continued financial crisis" is just clearly wrong.

    In most of the capitalist world wages outgrows inflation every single year, which means on average everyone is getting richer.

    I feel sad that people can still support Karl Marx, its not like his ideas has ruined several countries (over 40 if my memory serves me) with the same result every single time. It is just that we in the capitalst world has not suffered under his ideas that people still support them.

  10. 3 out of 5 of karl marx's children died of starvation by the age of 5. And he never held gainful employment. So someone explain how he was a master of money. He was a bum and thats all he was.

  11. Comments sections reflect the commenter far more than the content. Throw out their ultra-simplistic criticism – at best a single anecdote – and end with a broad pronouncement of how they “know” the world works. It’s very comical. Learn about the “egocentric predicament” & ask yourself how it effects you, then endeavor to escape that inescapable conundrum.

  12. Marx was NOT right on ANY dimension. I get sick of the old, "Well you see China and USSR were not real Socialism and it's good in theory but never been truly tried." Pure Socialism has never been implemented because it's impossible. We must put those lies to bed right now.

    Both Socialism and Communism are evil right down to their very core. They're impractical and impossible to achieve in practice, and in theory they are downright immoral and based only on greed. Really? Yes. Because they're based on the notion that if A has more than B, then A must have exploited B to get it, and that's not fair so it's okay for the government to "correct" this problem by stealing from A and giving it to B to make things more "fair."

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