Bay parking lesson

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  1. Don't use this parking method but if you do makes sure no one behind you and do it fast because The person behind you could steal your spot. Lmao

  2. Thank you for a great informative and right on point video. This certainly has helped my worries about parking in supermarket carparks. My only concern is how to show other drivers behind you that you intend to park in that spot as they will see you pass it and will sneak in.

  3. Im unable to park sometimes no matter how hardi try…i gave a serious scratch marks on my driving school car😑

  4. instead of pointing at the last line of parking letter C it pointed to the first or am i tripping since i am the one learning??

  5. I hear you look back when you park, so do you physically turn and look back or use the mirrors???

  6. The tip about turning when your mirror lines up with spot "C" is helpful, but I think the driver needs to be able to use his side view mirror to realize when to straighten out and how much to adjust if necessary.

  7. Hi, this one is great, with one suggestion.
    Please make one in the most frequent of situations where yo don't have room for maneuver a footbal field but a tighter space that you have to use or lose the spot

  8. Good demonstration but my only gripe is the lack of 'full' observation. My instructors tell me that would be a total fail in the test as my neck has got to be seen to be moving to cover all blind spots and not rely on the side mirrors all the time.

  9. 1:42 you just said "When the last line of place C is at your side window" it's like at the rear end of the car

  10. Not bad but nobody ever explains when there's a car BEHIND you. What's the general rule how far to back up, once backed in, without hitting the bumper of the car behind you?

  11. I don't think I did this in my driving test as well as I only got a 3 point turn for my exam. I am confused here because some other videos say that you need to line up the mirror to the right side of the car and some say that the mirror should line up in the middle of the car. Which one is correct? Does this depend on the car parked? This might be a stupid question but would a SUV be wider than a sedan and thus you need to adjust the starting point?

  12. I can maybe do it with one car next to me but trying to reverse park with two cars in between is hard for me.

  13. What I don't get about all these tutorials is that they don't think there can be cars behind you that could steal the spot from you or you can bump into them . 😂

  14. I have never used this 3 line rule technique for bay parking, because I have got a quicker and more efficient technique called diagonal aka 45 degree method.
    However, in my opinion, drivers still should learn this 3 line rule technique, because it can be useful someday, like what I experienced yesterday.
    Yesterday, when I was looking for parking space in a Mall, I misunderstood the direction : enter the path which is used for exit and met cars in the opposite direction. I was forced to reverse. Fortunately, when doing so, I have already got knowledge of this 3 line rule technique. I used this technique for turning around a sharp corner in 1x attempt and succeeded.

  15. This technique should only be used in quiet traffic, i.e when we are sure there is no car following behind searching for parking space. Look at 1:01. There is huge space left behind that someone behind us will get a chance to take our chosen spot using the quicker and more efficient technique.
    While this 3 line rule technique is basic or standard, instructors should also teach the diagonal technique which proves to be quicker and more efficient. Many drivers in busy situations use the diagonal method when parking.

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