Battlefield 5 Best Sniper Rifles and Skill Trees!

hello guys hope you're all doing well and welcome to my recon guide for battlefield 5 in this video we'll be taking a look at all of the guns in the Recon class what their advantages and disadvantages are and my favorite skill trees and specializations for them recon is a fan favorite you might say and in bf5 it's a bit different than how it was in BF 1 the sweet spot mechanic is now gone so you've really gotta focus on going for those headshots to be effective when you do land them though it feels so good easily still one of the most satisfying classes to play combine that with some close-range throwing knives for ultimate names and you've got a pretty good experience some of the guns in this class do offer you the ability to play the objective as well so let's get stuck in the first weapon up on recon is the lee-enfield and it also happens to be a fantastic starter sniper rifle and of course it's already fully decked out with specialization so just throw a scope on this bad boy and you're good to go now the good thing with these sniper rifles is that out of the gate you can equip whatever site you want on them either a short mid or a longer range scope it really depends on your playstyle of course some guns are better suited to longer ranges and some of these specializations scrunchy less bullet drops so of course they would be pretty well suited to longer range for my lee-enfield I've gone with a more close-range approach but I do still enjoy using the longer range scope with it when it comes down to specializations on this one I've gone entirely down the left hand side which gives me the following aim down the sights faster very useful to have improved accuracy while aimed as well as moving 60% faster while aiming both very useful with snipers to help 8th and maneuverability without sacrificing accuracy lastly I moved across to the right for the ability to change zeroing a doubt that I'll ever really change it that much but well let's face it the other option is a bayonet and I'm not going to take that next weapon up is the model 8 and well this is very different from the lee-enfield this is one of the three self-loading rifles in br5 and I wouldn't say it's my favorite one either I do enjoy playing with it but it's hard not to love the crunchy sound of the zah and the RSC when you learn to kill with this gun you're gonna need to hit two to three shots so being able to lead a target well is a must and ideally you're gonna need some patience it only has a five round capacity so if you blast through all of those shots without placing them well you're gonna end up doing a lot of damage without actually getting any kills and end up pretty frustrated I have to admit though that with these self-loading rifles they can be very rewarding when you hit consecutive shots with them I opted for a three time scope on mine and let's get down to the specializations though I changed this up a little bit and opted in for a slightly less vertical recoil to start with I thought it might make landing those consecutive shots a bit easier and then I moved back over to the right-hand tree for the faster reload improved accuracy and 60% movement speed increase when aimed I did consider going down the left hand side for the improved firing rate but because the weapon only has five bullets I felt a slower approach could be better and plus I've gone down that route with a different rifle now next up is arguably one of my favourite recon weapons thicker there and ninety five thirty I think this is one of the best all-around bolt actions in the game I do love the lee-enfield don't get me wrong but the m95 is just really good at close range but it can also be very strong at distance too it just feels really nice to use it's got a slightly slower firing rate than the Lee Enfield mind you but it does do more damage to compensate for that this thing with the longer range scope is a dream to use crispy head shots for days and I suspect up this one for faster ABS speed improved accuracy when moving and aiming and zeroing again you know one day maybe it will come in useful on a map like Hamada or even the new panzer storm map one that releases in December most of these sniper specializations revolve around giving you extra accuracy when aimed or giving you a faster reload and faster weapon switch it really depends on how you're going to play the gun if you get up close and being aggressive perhaps you'd benefit from the faster weapon switching and reload but arguably you could also use the extra movement speed and accuracy while it's really a personal choice right so moving onto another itself loading rifle now and there's NH 29 this gun packs a real punch and it does take some getting used to it can put out a ton of damage and when you can land consecutive shots with it you really drop people fast but much like with the Model 8 it only has a five-round krusty so if you miss a shot or two it can be the difference between you getting a couple of kills or not the big difference between this and the model 8 for me though is just the feel this gun just feels and sounds beefier it's really enjoyable to use but you need to get into the right rhythm with it so being able to land that second shot isn't always as easy as it seems and it will take a bit of practice but once you use it and get used to the recoil and the firing patterns you can absolutely destroy people with this gun so I've gone fully left-hand side in these specialization tree for this one I've got higher velocity bullets to help me land shots on moving targets at range faster weapon switch faster rate of fire and then finally less vertical recoil now some of these are a bit of a switch up from what I'd normally choose but on this gun I really wanted the extra firing rate because by default it's a really slow firing gun and that extra speed really makes a difference in getting that second shot off as a result of that I was kind of stuck in the left hand tree and the only other option was to come back across for the bipod at the end without sort of no real interest to me on this particular gun now then next the Krag Jorgensen that's the next one we're talking about and this is another bolt-action rifle this one is a tough one because I used the gun a lot myself and it's absolutely fine it's pretty nice to use it feels good but I can't quite put my finger on it I just don't enjoy using get perhaps as much as the m95 or the car 98 the car 98 has that extra damage that can make a big difference and the m95 just feels that bit nicer to use that being said the Krag is still a lovely weapon to use with either scope on I think I just tend to lean towards the longer range scopes on all of the bolt-action rifles now because it just feels a bit nicer to me to be honest when it comes to these specializations I opted for the improved ABS speed and then the added zeroing functionality as well as the low drag rounds for long-range sniping and then the bipod I really want the bipod but it was either that or the bayonet so I went for that I suppose you could just leave the last specialization empty though if you didn't want either of them and now for the last self-loading rifle in the Recon class the RSC now you may already be familiar with this gun from bf1 and it's still just as hard-hitting as it was back then in bf5 it's very similar though to the zah 29 really with perhaps this gun being a bit more accurate I'd say for the most part it's easier to land multiple shots with the RSC than the z.h it's a very fun gun to use and much like with the Zed H you've really gotta land those shots and be very accurate but if you do hit them especially up close you can take out a few players relatively easily the problem of course is the limited ammo so don't be expecting to take out three to four players from max help that's gonna be a tough ask if you land some headshots though and a few of those players are low HP already and you could get away with it for some sick multi kills before you've got a reload with all of the self-loading rifles you can put a close-range scope on it if you like but personally I would stick with the three times with the RSC in the zah you can also put a 6-time sight on if you really wanted to go out snipe those pesky snipers with their bolt actions always an option and onto the specializations first of all I went for less vertical recall same as with the Model 8 the thought process is to make that kick a little bit gentler to be able to learn follow-up shots I then moved across to the right-hand tree for improved reload speed improved accuracy and the 60% movement speed increase when aiming these will just give you a bit more maneuverability when you're trying to kill enemies at medium range and I think this type of semi-auto weapon works well for that playstyle and last but of course not least is the incredibly iconic car 98 is this the best sniper rifle in the game well it is the last one that you've unlocked in the Recon class at the moment but you know what but actually say probably no it's not the best in the game that might be controversial but I think the m95 is just better it's a good feeling the thing with the car though is that it's just got that fire comic element to it I love the action and the reload and because we got to play with it during early tests I do feel a bit of an attachment to it when it's fully Specht out though it can be an incredibly satisfying gun to use there's no doubt about that and it sounds amazing too the specializations for this one are pretty simple and similar to most of my bolt actions so I've gone for improved ABS speed improved accuracy while moving high rate of fire and then lastly the bipod again instead of the bayonet you do have to be reasonably careful though when using this gun because it doesn't have a huge a mocha pasty so make sure that you make those shots count a bit of patience before you line up that headshot and you'll be on your way so there we have it at launch of the game all of the Recon weapons covered and also this is my fourth class guide so I've done assault medic support and now recon all of the weapons covered and I'll make a playlist that you can click on and see what my favourite guns are and skill trees the Recon class has got some nice weapons with my personal favorites being the m95 and the Zed H but there's something for everyone here also make sure you get those throwing knife kills in before they get a nerf because I think that's coming pretty soon and that's all for today folks thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this guide please share it and leave a like down below that would be great thank you let me know what your favorite recon class weapon is if you didn't like it dislike it and if you want to see more videos like this on battlefield 5 coverage subscribe and hit that Bell with that said I'm gonna leave it there folks thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next one you

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  1. I feel like the sniper should be one shot to the body in my defense if you got shot in the chest with a sniper in real life you would die

  2. I like how when talking about the Kar98k he says "a bit of patience before you line up that headshot and youll be on your way" but then at 8:38 he legit quickscopes a dude

  3. the bayonet is decent. I have been pretty successful with it, nobody expects it and the changeup is very short

  4. I'm terrible at sniping on this game, but it's still quite fun. Those bayonets saved my life more than once👍

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