20 thoughts on “Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginners- Triads(Hindi)”

  1. Do you can give the lessons as step to step that's means beginning to advance level. I want to say that you can give start to finish lesson…

  2. Yeah , after a long time someone giving lessons on bass guitar πŸ–€
    Plzz continue it we need such lessons on bass guitar πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ again plzz continue it❣️

  3. Why it is more difficult to find out basslines rather than song melody. I am trying to pick bassline for pyar manga hai tumhi se.
    I know chords and notes of melody but still not getting exact bass line played into song.

  4. Nice lesson .basic concept of bass how to use triads .please make about beginners fill , using major and minor scale which notes can add around both scale . some time I confuse some extra notes also adding in bass fill.

  5. very good mein kuch bhi nahin jaanta hoon lekin sikhna chahta hoon Bhaiya. aap A se suru karke sikhao Bhaiya. please.

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