Basic Finger Picking Exercise #1 – Guitar Lessons

guitar lessons calm the number one name in guitar lessons online hey I'm Nate savage in this lesson we're gonna learn a basic finger picking pattern that everybody needs to know if they're gonna play guitar okay so the first thing you need to know are just a few chords we're gonna play an a a D an e f-sharp minor okay the pattern we're gonna be using for our right hand this is real simple thumb index finger middle finger ring finger just a regular roll one right after another so it'll be something like this if you're on your a cord or grab the a note open a string this string with your thumb and they're gonna grab the next three notes in sequence the D the G and the B string with their index middle and ring finger just all one two three four and we're going to repeat that pattern throughout the chord progression only we're gonna change our route note the lowest note were playing on right with our thumb to fit whatever chord root in so if we move to an e our lowest note would be playing is an e and if we play an F sharp minor the lowest note we're going to be playing is an f-sharp so let me play it for you and then we'll go through the whole progression make sure you understand exactly what's going on okay so basically I'm just playing the first chord in a playing the sequence on my right hand twice going to a D chord playing the exact same thing only I'm starting on my D string with my thumb and then playing the top three strings with my other three fingers like that sequence twice move to an E chord a major go down to your east ring hit that note start there and then the top three fingers will beginning the top three strings for this chord twice the whole sequence twice move up to an f-sharp minor Barre chord then you're gonna grab the f-sharp with your thumb right there and they're gonna grab the index finger second finger and third finger you're gonna grab the D G and B strings twice then you go back to the D chord do the exact same thing jump back to the e chord one last time and then finish off with a just like you started so practice this slowly and fiddle around with you for yourself add some different chords do whatever you want just make it your own and have fun with and experiment with it you

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