Baseball vs Softball at Clarke University

The rules of the game are simple. The
baseball pitcher will face three softball batters, and the softball
pitcher will throw to three baseball hitters. The batter gets to see as many
pitches as it takes to either get a fair hit or a strikeout. Foul balls and walks
don’t count. The catcher will call the ball, and their ruling is final. For each
strike, the pitcher gets a point for their team, and for each hit, the batter
gets a point for their team. At the end of the game, the team with the most
points is the better sport. Good luck. Good luck. Let’s go, boys. Let’s go, ladies. What do you think the
most challenging part will be as a hitter? A different release point.
It’s going to be, I think, a lot harder to see the ball. I’m worried about the distance. The distance? Yeah, that’s true. The distance is closer. So, what do you think it’s going to take to strike the girls out? What are you going to do? I think we have to move around the zone with fastball, and a couple curve balls here and there. They won’t know what to do. I think, most importantly, to use the rise ball because I don’t think that they’ve had
experiences with the rise ball. Jenna, what do you typically pitch? I’m normally a drop ball
pitcher, but the rise ball I’m really feeling it today. Might see a little
change-up action, you never know. All right. Good to hear. Good to hear. Foreman, what kind of pitches are you gonna be throwing to these girls? What are they gonna see here? Fastball. Fastball. Oh, and another fastball. Shoving it. Another fastball. I’m Jenna Schwartzoff. I’m from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I’m a freshman here at Clarke. My major is psychology/PT, and I’m a pitcher. I’m Courtney Ryder. I’m from good ole Dubuque, Iowa. I’m a senior here at Clarke. I’m a psych major, and I’m a catcher. Hi, my name is Wil Navarro. I’m from Miami, Florida. I’m a senior. I’m a philosophy major, and
I’m a catcher. My name is Kevin Hunley. I’m from
Glendale, Arizona. I’m a junior. My major is business management with a minor in sport management. And, I’m an outfielder and a pitcher. Foul ball. No, I’d say fair. I’m Connor Floyd. I’m from Ojai,
California. I’m a junior. I’m a sport management and philosophy major. And, I’m an outfielder. So, now that softball is done, it’s time we move the rubber back 17 feet. I’m Jeremy Foreman from Phoenix, Arizona. I’m a freshman. I’m a CIS major, and I’m a right-hand pitcher. I’m Morgan Lenderink. I’m
from Tinley Park, Illinois. I’m a freshman here at Clarke. I’m majoring in psych/PT, and I’m a utility player. My name is Bailey Engel. I’m from Naperville, Illinois. I’m a junior at Clarke, and my major is elementary education. And, I play the
outfield. Hi, my name is Ally Renforth. I’m from
Waterloo, Wisconsin. I’m a senior here at Clarke. I am an education major, And, I play pitcher and first base. Come on, Foreman. So, what do you guys think? Was it harder or easier than you originally thought? I thought it was a lot harder than I thought. I got humbled. Definitely had some confidence before, but I like it. Ladies, how about you? It was definitely hard. Yeah. I mean, it was just like getting your hands to the ball is a lot different than how we swing. So, you got us. So, did you guys have a good time overall? Would you say it was pretty fun? Tons of fun. Rematch next year? Yes. Rematch next week. Good game.

100 thoughts on “Baseball vs Softball at Clarke University”

  1. Love the radar showing it's not the speed that makes the difference. Great lesson for both sets of players.

  2. no matter then outcome fastpitch / softball is better then baseball. ive played both and MUCH prefer softball

  3. I've played softball for 3 years and now I play baseball the switch from a softball to a baseball was super easy somehow

  4. Men are stronger than women which will mean men are better than women at sports that was unfair. (I don’t get why people say hitting a softball is hard).

  5. If you had them go twice through, the baseball players would have easily adjusted, softball players still wouldn’t have been able to hit the baseball pitches.

  6. Cameraman: so what is you guys strategy for pitching?
    Girls: well start with a fastball then a riseball then get him with the changeup
    Cameraman: so what is your pitch-
    Guys: yes.

  7. as a baseballer and softballer i would say the hardest thing between the to is in baseball trying to see from a different release point and softball is to not dip back cause you may swing and miss more, but also the shorter distance

  8. Man the girls kept pulling their heads off the ball no wonder they couldn’t touch one, when they tracked it all the way in they tipped it

  9. Take the top hitters and pitchers from baseball, and do the same with softball players, then we would have a show

  10. if anything in this video shocks you then you don't understand the science of pitching at all. Do some research and actually watch a baseball game. pitching is all about getting batters to second guess themselves and be unbalanced. its all about having the exact same delivery speed but having big changes in ball speed

  11. There are little leaguers that throw high 70's so same distance as softball, but faster, and smaller ball, and they are 12

  12. For all of you people saying that 81 is slow, there are MLB pitchers that throw about an 85 fastball, it’s just that it has a lot of movement. Moving fastballs are hard to hit no matter how fast it is.

  13. The game isn't always decided on how good the pitchers are, guys. C'mon. You need a good catcher, outfield, and infield. Pitchers get all the glory.
    (most of the time. Not trying to pick on pitchers).

  14. When you can get a baseball player to strikeout a softball player while pitching underhanded then I will say it’s better

  15. Now give them each an hour or two to get the feel of everything. The men will completely dominate.

  16. I love baseball and in tired of women saying softball is harder and guys saying that baseball is harder there is no contest on who's sport is the best or hardest there both the same thing but sadly 2019 is all about this and that and no one could just get along nowadays not everyone but h know what I mean

  17. That kid who started for baseball is like a mini Kyle Hendricks like if you took a baby and put kyles face on it

  18. Bro I play on the 3rd best team in the state in Washington and the best pitcher I’ve faced was a guy throwing 80 miles. He’s basically throwing at a college level

  19. When is the next softball vs baseball rematch video? And I love both sports but…I love softball a little more and it’s because I play it but, I like baseball because my brothers played it too.

  20. Softball pitcher: we are gonna start it off with a fastball then maybe a rise ball then a drop ball then maybe a change up

    Baseball pitcher: I'm going to throw a fastball

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