Barbie the Chicken Farmer Educational Toys for Kids Farm Series

okay so today I’m continuing my series
on reviews of toys that help us teach children about chickens bees and nature
in general today we’re looking at the Barbie chicken farmer it’s good for
three years and older lots of small parts here much like the other barbies
you have to be careful and supervise your child Barbie has over 200 careers
and here on the back is a picture of beekeeping Barbie which we just reviewed
so when a girl plays with Barbie she imagines everything she can become
chicken farmers they raise chickens and collect their eggs to sell for food they
use technology science and business skills to run a successful farm many
farmers study animal science Dairy Science and agriculture economics in
college do you love caring for animals you might
be a chicken farmer so then here it is she’s still hooked to the backboard
there Barbie in this case has red hair brown eyes freckles she’s wearing a
sleeveless t-shirt and she’s wearing what we used to call daisy dukes denim
shorts so all the parts come with it we’re gonna go over this a little bit
and she has wellington style rubber boots to wear which are kind of
difficult to take off although she’s supposed to be interchangeable with
other Barbie outfits this is the coop has an angled roof open of course so that
kids can play with it Barbies arms bend at the shoulders not the elbows and not
the wrists so you have to put things over her hand if you want her to hold
something she cannot grip any of the things that are provided with this kit
it’s close-up of Barbie she has freckles probably not wearing her hat too much
getting too much Sun we have a white hand here sitting in the basket maybe
that’s a Leghorn and it comes that way but that hen is the same as the other
hands included there are three of them Barbie does
stand on her own so if the surface is level she can stand just fine
any little nudge there and she will fall off now here’s the boots they’re
split on the back again so you can take them off her hair looks like it’s been
razor cut and pretty modern cut there instead of the old-fashioned
even straight cut across the back so that’s kind of good
realistic decent looking hair if you have a child that wants to adjust and
arrange Barbie’s hair probably pull it back in a ponytail for farm work we have
the chicken coop here and it’s divided into three sections and there’s this
pink ramp looks pretty decent for chickens to walk up chickens would
definitely not hurt their feet there the blue part here looks like it must be a
water trough for the chickens to drink how they get to it is anyone’s guess
and then here up by the nesting boxes we have another trough that the little
chicks are in front of here and it looks like there’s chicken feed in that trough
right in front of the nesting boxes and there are four nest boxes only three of
them are big enough to accommodate the hens and get two chicks three ends and
none of the hens have feet so they don’t stand up they’re always just sitting
around so here’s the whole coop ramp only goes to the bottom part does not
reach to the top so I guess we’re counting and the chickens actually fly
to the top and there’s some kind of grass there at the bottom so maybe growing
their food now if Barbie wants to carry this egg carton here she has to
rest it on her arm because her hands don’t grip anything and her left arm is
the bent arm her right arm remains straight and there’s nothing you can do
about that here are the little chicks around her notice that barbie is now barefoot
she cannot stand on her own when she’s barefoot so she has to lean on the coop
and there you go she does not bend at the knees does not bend at the ankles
this is a very simple Barbie this was purchased on Amazon kind of surprised at
the lack of articulation of the limbs here now here are three hands and two
chicks where do those come from without a rooster
there is no rooster in this kit so that’s kind of funny I’m not super
excited about this as an educational toy I think if kids want to play farm and
they want to see a Barbie that has some chickens and get some idea about a
chicken coop that’s okay but she’s not very practical she’s not very mobile her
arms are awkward and there’s no rooster here thanks for watching I give this 4
out of 5 stars

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  2. my wife just got our daughter an off-brand "Paradise Horses 10 in. Doll, Chicken Coop Set" at our local tractor supply. Similar to this one but better design. The coop actually looks like a coop and its only $15.00

  3. Happy New Year Sir. Thanks for all the great info in 2018 and looking forward to more in 2019! Best wishes to you and your family sir and thank you again.

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