Barbara Bush’s Passion for Education

Governor Bush you know your father and mother
better than anyone else in this audience – Dorothy’s here – by far except for Doro that’s right
great glad to have you with us Doro and perhaps you could share with us what you think cause
them both to be as genuinely interested in education as they were because these are individuals
who didn’t this was not a fleeting thing This was a lifelong passion and maybe you can help
share with us where that came from. I think it’s mom driven when my dad was you
know he had a lot of interests but my mother was very passionate about this from being
a young mother to all the way through when she had a chance to serve as first lady and
then afterwards I mean you know the rest of her life She was committed to adult family
literacy which is really essential for us. I think as a nation to get beyond the silos
of the different buckets you know pre-K, K-12, community college everybody’s got their own
little ecosystems and in reality it should be lifelong and the first teachers of every
child are their parents and if they can’t read then that makes it harder and harder
for children to start school ready to learn and she just believed that to her core and
acted on it and brought drew a whole bunch of people to this cause. To this day my sister Doro is the chairman
of the Barbara Bush Family Literacy Foundation it is I think without a doubt the most important
organization of its kind that is working nationally to do great things including the Next Prize
for adult family literacy.

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