Baldi’s SECRET ENDING: The Story You Never Knew | Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning

Once in a blue moon comes a game that sweeps
the internet into a meme-gasmic frenzy. It shakes the foundations of what is possible,
it throws caution to the wind and leaves even the sharpest minds wondering….wh-wh-what’s
happening? In 2018 the title that has taken this glorious
position is Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning. Everyone from us to PewdiePie to Jacksepticeye,
ManlyBadassHero, Markiplier, GT Live, 8-Bit Ryan and even etc has jumped on this spooky,
poopy revolution in indie horror. And that means…the fear of this game runs
deep. They get at something the human mind can’t
help but obsess over. Within the winding halls of Baldis schoolhouse
lives a story so important, so relevant and filled with wisdom that we collectively turned
our heads towards it. This is no laughing matter people…this is
a story about imprisonment. About those who have been trapped in a place
they cannot leave. That’s why I used the word trapped. Because they can’t leave. Do you understand now? This horror is not to be taken lightly. THIS IS A MYSTERY WHICH HAUNTS ALL OF YOUTUBE. IT SPEAKS TO PARTS OF US SO PRIMAL AND SO
INGRAINED THAT THE INTERNET COULD NOT HELP BUT PICK IT APART. What is this schoolhouse really? What goes on here that has captivated us so? In the last Baldi SYNK we used flawless logic
to conclude that this schoolhouse…this…place exists! Recall that upon completing the first math
quiz we get a confirmation that we exist! Which means so does our character and all
the other characters in it! Socrates himself be jealous of that logic. And would you believe…the update confirms
this terrifying conclusion even more? The update pushes further that Baldis schoolhouse
is a purgatory for sentient beings who cannot escape. And so everything which unfolds is a scrambling
towards some kind of freedom. Be it true freedom from this place that only
comes from escaping or the mental freedom which the Broom aka Gotta Sweep experiences
by being so hyper-focused on sweeping that it doesn’t even notice the low-quality hell
that surrounds it. This is profound stuff people. And it only gets profounderer from here. So grab your pink safety scissors, stop existing
in the halls, do some bad voiceover into a microphone and PREPARE YOURSELF for the story
of consciousness trapped in a game, for reality peeling apart to reveal an existential horror,
this is the story of Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning Update version 1.3.1 THE STORY…you
never knew First things first let’s talk about the
elephant in the room. And I’m not talking about your mom! Sure we got a new character named ”first
prize” but he’s not the nearly as important as…the secret ending. I mean people have been calling it secret
but it’s not a secret anymore. As you may or may not know if you collect
all seven notebooks, fail every quiz question, and walk through those beautiful doors to
freedom you’ll have the option to go to Baldi’s office. Upon walking through the door you’re greeted
with exactly what you’d expect. A weird guy who’s not completely filled in,
a floating banana and a distorted Baldi just kind of…there. Somehow I’m not surprised this is where
Baldi gets his work done but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t creepier and more confusing
than even my imagination could concoct. That’s a fancy way of saying I don’t like
this office and the things that happen within it. No Baldi doesn’t have a me too scandal behind
these closed doors but he does have…this student….known mysteriously as..filename2. The internet has been quite abuzz about the
words that come from this mysterious entity. Filename2 has interesting things to say but
his message is interrupted and obscured by super annoying worse-than-dial-up noises. When the beeps and blairs are ignored and
the transcript is revealed…strange things are heard. Let’s listen in: Yeah like I said the beeps are super annoying
so let’s look at the transcript The transcript goes, “Oh jeepers, you found me. Good job, I’m glad you found me, because I
have something kind of important to say. *beep* It’s about th-the game..Don’t, *beep*
Uh, Eh. Don’t *beep* Don’t, just, this is.. This is probably looking pretty ridiculous
*beep* Don’t tell anyone about this game. You wanna.. Don’t, don’t bring attention to yourself. Destroy it, destroy the game. Destroy the game. Before, it’s too late. *beep* What i’m saying is.. is get out of
this, while you still can. *beep* Just, don’t.. don’t know that you probably know i’m not
saying that i’m trapped inside the game, no that would be ridiculous. No i’m.. *beep* I can’t..this is..i’m not..the
game was..kind of..*beep* I got really corrupted….” Filename2 goes on to clarify that “they”
corrupted the game and therefore he makes things pretty clear that the true meaning
of his message has been censored by the corruption. Censored by…”they”. Whoever they are. (“They” is Baldi). Filename2 is begging…PLEADING for us to
“destroy the game” as though he was trapped here and that if we “don’t get out while
we still can” we will meet the same fate as our incomplete and corrupted compadre over
here. That ain’t no way I wanna end up! Yet if I didn’t know any better…I’d
say filename2 was once a living breathing human being like you and me but now has been
sucked into the digital poopurgatory schoolhouse by Baldi and his black magic. BLACK MAGIC! Or whatever you wanna call it I dunno THIS
NEXT TO A FLOATING BANANA AND ABSTRACT BALDI. Give it five yours you’ll see this bad boy
in a modern art museum AND IT’LL BE THE BEST THING THERE! I mean it’s as though this place really
is real. It’s as though filename2 isn’t just talking
to us the character…he’s talking to us the player. IRL bro. Why else would he tell us to destroy the game? No NPC in other games ever got that meta. What’s odd is that at no point during this
broken message does filename2 directly say he’s a person trapped in the game. He can only tell us he’s trapped through
sarcasm. He does clearly tell us to destroy it with
short sentences he can get out between ear-splitting beeps, beyond that everything is said indirectly
or in such a way where filename2 doesn’t really break the fourth wall. Hmmm…not breaking the fourth wall. THAT WAS A RULE POSTED UP IN THE HALLWAY. Along with no entering the faculty. Yeah I won’t be entering this guy anytime
soon believe me. Heh What’s important is that the game’s “corruption”
censored this message in such a way that it almost seems to be enforcing the school rules. In such a way that made “breaking the fourth
wall” nearly impossible. In case you don’t know, breaking the fourth
wall is when a character is aware of their place within a movie or tv show or in this
case a video game! This almost always comes in the form of a
character talking directly to the audience. In this case the player. And someone made a rule that doesn’t allow
for direct contact between character and player. Because…that would be too dangerous right? It’s as though Baldi’s schoolhouse has
rules in place to maintain complete control over the entities trapped within it. Because Baldi wants to keep his control. Communicating with the outside world is just
asking for someone to break this creepy party up! Filename2 has made it indirectly clear he’s
trapped in this game…He was kept from overtly breaking the fourth wall because that means
IRL players would be alerted to the fact that the characters in this video game and not
merely characters…they used to be people. Probably. AND IF OTHER PEOPLE FROM THE REAL WORLD FOUND
has gotta sweep sweep sweep…it means more than you could ever imagine. BECAUSE IT’S REAL. THIS BROOM USED TO BE SOMEBODY! LOOK AT IT But is this all we can hope for? That one day somebody will do something to
save these poor souls? Filename2 is held back from being a hero by
the corruption. He does what he can but it’s not enough. Or…is it? Maybe…just maybe our unfilled-in friend
has more control over the fate of this place than we think. CASE IN POINT. I’m sure you know by now that when you collect
all seven notebooks we hear Baldi say, “Congratulations you’ve found all seven notebooks now all
you have to do is…GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN”. That last part…when a voice yells ”get
out while you still can”. This voice sounds different than Baldi’s
stupid nasaly voice. Sure it’s yelling instead of talking and
that might explain the difference but listen to this line from filename2…”What i’m
saying is.. is get out of this, while you still can.” In spite of the distortion we can make out
the words “get out of this, while you still can.” Almost exactly the same line. With exactly the same message. And so I believe the yelling voice we hear
after collecting every notebook is actually filename2’s. I believe that somehow the corruption has
intertwined him with the game enough to where he can flex some control over what happens. RRRYes, the wiki does say Baldi said the whole
line but WIKIS AREN’T THE END-ALL-BE-ALL OF WHAT’S CORRECT OKAY. Anyone can edit this page and at first glance…I
too thought Baldi yelled at us to get out…but really…the similar lines, different voice,
and change of tone speak for themselves. This…is filename2. He merged with the code and so is able to
interrupt Baldi every time. Even before we saw filename2 in Baldi’s
office…his voice cried out and told us to escape. Thank you good sir. You are the hero Baldi’s schoolhouse needs. THE VOICE OF REASON IN A CACOPHONY OF CHAOS. THE ONLY GOOD IN A WORLD WHERE SO LITTLE MAKES
AN IGNORAMUS OR A SLAVE WHO ENFORCES BALDI’S RULES. Thank you filename2…for all that you have
done and all that you will do. Your prison won’t be forever. Probably. That’s the story of a hero who seeks to
cure the world of cancer. Of a man trapped in poopurgatory and seeks
to shield the world from the same fate…that’s the Story of Baldis Basics in Education and
Learning Update version 1.3.1 the story…you never knew. And…that’s my take on the Baldi’s Basics
update! Let me know down below what you think. It got super serious at the end there. GASP! Baldi’s Basics is chalked full of mesmerizing
tales of…stuff. Anyway if you made it this far I recommend
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haven’t already. I’ll leave it right here for you. Right there. Yep. That’s all I got for today. I’m Grant…and I’ll see you guys in the
next one. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Baldi’s SECRET ENDING: The Story You Never Knew | Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning”

  1. Baldi: wow! You collected all seven notebooks! Now all you have to do is- ???: GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!! Baldi: ha ha

  2. Wait… Friend goes to eating practice… Friend forgets notebooks… Baldi wants complete control… Never see friend… Baldi keeps Filename2 from breaking the fourth wall… Filename2 has banana next to him… GASP Filename2 is the friend!

  3. Also, only way to get to Filename2 is to get all questions wrong, the questions in HIS notebooks, when baldi wants to trap you by getting all the questions right, but Filename2 makes it impossible to beat the 3rd question by corrupting them. Another piece of evidence towards Filename2 being the friend.

  4. he was not trapped in 1.2.2 because when u win, he says (in v1.3.1) "wow great job! … plz try and to worse though I need to *beep*"

  5. so filename 2 was like:
    filename2: oh no i have to tell him somehow!
    baldi: now all you have to do is- (disconnected)
    filename2: (screaming) GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CANNN!

  6. I think 'GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN' means that if the player doesnt get out in time, they will also be eternally trapped in the game like every other charachter in it.

  7. I have SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! I'll leave them in the replies
    Filename_2 is the only innocence???
    but… but…

    Playtime in Innocent… 😭😭😭

  8. Sweeper dude is a janitor
    Playtime is a student
    Sock puppet is a old puppet
    Principal is a real principal
    Bully a real bully
    Baldi is a demon
    All of the characters are real people in this game

  9. what i think is that when you get caught, you get a last glimpse of the real world before your sucked into the game for eternity.

  10. Wait I found something out

    What ur on the 2 book and last math.Q
    It makes a sound
    When u talk to filename_2 it beebs so filename_2 is baldi

  11. I think Filename_2 Blocked off All of the exit's. beacuse he Probbaly Didn't Know that the OTHER charictars were corrupted by Baldi so he blocked off all of the exit's.

  12. I was wondering why Baldi would warn us to get out. But now I has another question: what was he gonna say?

  13. I remember i Was trapped in a nightmare and what happened Is that a phone scammer called us then something was going wrong then My father called us saying if that thing Must Stop going wrong we needed to make a contact with the number of that phone scammer then I could escape from that nightmare

  14. From the "red is negative green is positive" the tables or "colours" have turned red is positive as if filename 2 is trying to help you out of the purgetory while green is negative as baldi wants to slap you in the "?" with his ruler! It all makes sense now

  15. ..What if filename 1 is us and filename 2 is our friend described in the 'How to play' thing? I don't know, but.. I don't like to think about it.

  16. Wait so maybe filename 2 wants to make the player get out for example
    Baldi: CONGRATULATIONS you failed all 7 notebooks all you to do is
    Filname 2: GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!!
    Maybe he wanted to save us the player from y'know trapped like him

  17. Filename2 is the hero because he trying to protect us doesn't want to us to end up like him.
    Me:Poor Filename2 he's trapped in the game.😓😔😓😔😓😟😟

  18. The banana was given to filename2 by baldi since he didnt have a quarter that came from aaldi opinions meme.

  19. I figured this out on my own on the first try so I went here to go look it up and see if anyone else figured it out. what a sad story 🙁

  20. The gotta sweep theory is a lie when you look it up there is no face it might be possible that filename 2 did do the voice of saying GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN that might be true the rest might be fake peace out dude…

  21. Wait etc played baldi ? Really? I didn't know that , can't wait to watch etc playing baldi , wonder how he reacts to the red shirt ending

  22. Why are people trying to make this game deep and shit ? It's literally a meme game , story I never knew ? More like get a friggin joke ya dingus

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