what’s up guys and welcome back to Baldi’s basics in education and learning it’s been like a long time as I’ve said
those words but we are now officially back on the game
we’re on version one point four point one because it just got a new update and
it revealed some pretty insane secrets I think you guys gonna really really want
to see but you guys I don’t know what to do if you guys want this to be on a full
series if you guys want the baldy videos to return to the channels the mods the
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already know I’m gonna bring back the series full force and I will definitely
do a big anyways let’s go and press Start and hop back in the story mode so
Oh what new loadings oh hello okay you’re stepping up the game bro I saw
that little loading screen that’s nice so apparently there’s also which I
should probably lower this a little bit for me at least I don’t know if it’s
allowed for you guys but apparently when the previous update came out which I
didn’t actually play and introduced like a new hallway and a new you can think
Pat I think so if we do this yeah look at this we have like a keypad now oh wow
that’s really cool okay so negative 1y I can actually type it in 10 that’s really
cool I like this new update so far okay so negative 2 there we go good one you
got it all right first one’s completed so to do the secret we actually have to
type in a code into the yueqin pink pad but I’m gonna wait a second because I
actually want to look around a little bit before we go ahead and do that
because like I said this game got a bunch of updates and I have yet to play
most of them but most of the new update settings
alright so 7 and our first question that were gonna get wrong guys solve math
question 3 blah blah blah verse blah blah yeah that’s where you get to agree
I hear every door you open now he’s angry at me guys look at that angry face
he has alright let’s go let’s go let’s go
you lose quick guys it’s been a it’s been a long time since I played this
game but I got to remember all right we got to do this we gotta be careful we
got to be vigilant oh no we got to run away from playtime we got a run away
from play time please don’t tell me she’s fast
and she faster than me oh my gosh you need rest that might be new time to jump
rope let’s go two three you see right there oh no I
might be dead Oh back up back up back up go go go go go okay so I’m not really
trying to win here I just want to show you guys the rooms see oh okay it was a
sock puppet I just want to see you know what’s new what so old you know I don’t
see anything new in that room apparently there’s a new hallway though so I
definitely want to find that eyeball he’s behind me now this isn’t good
checking this room okay nothing but a notebook let’s run a little bit here I
gotta watch out for that principal too because he’s dangerous all right we
don’t want him behind us if he’s behind us it’s not gonna end well for us at all
let’s check okay ball he’s getting further and further away luckily we’re
only on like the first notebook I guess we’re on to but really we haven’t even
done like one official notebook yet attention due to unknown reasons either
I can’t read that I want to stop and read it I was like that’s a bad idea but
he’s very behind this oh no oh no first price no no I’m going in here principal
what do you want okay we made it past that wait I should I should buy a soda
and then go around and start from the beginning so I’ll have to be sodas right
here how close is he okay he’s about to come through that door I think let’s
grab this piece all right so we got to be sodas I could go for the child I’m
gonna go for the chocolate bar I’m doing it
Yolo some things you just got a yellow guys alright can I get a hashtag Yolo in
the comment section down below everybody commented alright just cuz
we’re all yellowing right now by trying to survive Baldy and going for that
chocolate bar alright so we got it I’m gonna do this notebook real quick here
run no I can’t run okay I should be my energy back there after you do this
notebook right here alright so six seven eight that’s three I almost did normal
three negative three fourteen there we go random number here we go I hear every
door you open yeah that’s fine alright I’m just looking for a hallway alright
to be honest I’m just looking for the hallway alright let’s go let’s go let’s
go if there even is a hallway like I said I don’t even know if there is or
not I mostly just want to play just to see oh this is new okay so this hallway
was here but now it’s like dark what the heck hold on let’s run I’m
gonna do this notebook first and then we’ll loop around and do that alright so
10 let’s do this 15 and random number all right now he’s gonna be pretty fast
now so we got to be careful he’s at four out of seven once he gets to that five
mark he’s gonna be dangerous go go go no principal no principal we’re good turn
left alright this is a new hallway so I mean this was here before but the
lighting changed in it I wonder why he did that school lights no oh my god
there’s a door here now – I don’t think this was here before was it guys let me
know was this here before yes or no cuz I honestly cannot remember oh all these
here bullies here go go go go yep yeah we’re not playing nothing keep this grab
that run around this way oh no no he saw me oh you’ve got to be kidding me oh my
gosh no oh it’s already game over guys no easier easier
wait is this bug still in the game that we sit in this corner let’s see oh no
it’s not whoa why the jump scare like come towards me
like that at the end you saw that that was pretty weird alright let’s start
again alright so we saw the new hallway I
don’t think there’s anything else new besides that to be honest so I mean
we’ll take one more look around we’ll see just quickly and then if there’s
nothing new I must look at these wrong yeah might as well all right now ball
he’s gonna be angry right off the start but we said do that other notebook so we
had to be quick here I run across he’s right there oh no all right I’m gonna
wait for him to hit the door and then turn around cuz if you guys remember he
can’t go through here yeah you need to notebook before you can use these doors
Baldy come back another time there he goes turning around that’s what
I thought get out of here alright so let’s head in here um alright so we’re
gonna do this notebook we’re gonna just quickly fail it real quick doesn’t
matter because I’m gonna run away from him he shouldn’t be fast enough to where
he can catch up to us if he is this is not gonna end well for us but oh my gosh
holy he was a lot closer than I thought he is a lot closer than I thought
luckily the hallways right here okay I don’t see anything new luckily playtime
turned around right there – that would have been bad oh no oh I messed myself
up okay so I think we’ve explored everything I don’t think there’s
anything new unfortunately bolli still doesn’t have an office in this game for
whatever reason but we’ve checked down there we’ve checked over here we the
only thing we haven’t checked is that hallway right there but okay first price
turn as soon as I went this way dang it I could have went that way alright we’re
gonna turn we’re gonna go through here what’s up with this section though
though why is the lights off in just this section I don’t get it guys let me
know if you know about that in the comment section down below
cuz like I said it’s been a while since I play this game so I don’t you know
know everything about it like I used to alright there’s first price yeah I don’t
see anything new here guys unfortunately no baldies office yet that’s the only
unfortunate thing about him making a full game now is that the game itself
has just been kind of left to rot like nobody really he doesn’t update it
anymore so it’s kind of I mean he does but nothing like no new content or
anything like that like nothing too significant it’s most he’s like bug
fixes or like a mobile release that’s kind of the only crappy part about you
know him making the full release I mean it makes sense obviously because you
know it’s a full release he’s got to have to work on that and it’s gonna take
a lot of work but yeah I just gotta suck that we can’t have any updates to this
yet until 2019 oh you saw me running what the heck were
you okay I don’t have to tell you all right well I think we’ve found
everything here wait what why is there an A in the bully’s picture I never seen
that before huh what if I press a no nothing happens why
is there an a in his picture that must be new right that’s weird that’s run
this way I’m actually giving over this notebook right here because I think
we’re good to do it on this one okay so I have a few codes here that when typed
in they should be east Easter eggs like I don’t know what’s gonna happen but
apparently something insane happens it’s some kind of secret I don’t know so
let’s go ahead and try this out so I don’t know exactly when you have to type
it in but the first code is three one seven one eight all right is that
correct yeah three one seven one eight let’s see what happens
oh it’s real what the heck whoa I can’t I can move but my cursor isn’t locked on
the screen you guys see this I can’t like turn around oh the bully heads are
moving what the heck is this room so it’s just the room with the bully in it
that’s so weird in a white box whoa why are you following me bully leave me
alone what is the point of this room so I guess there is new stuff with this
update I mean even though it’s just like a room but this is so weird how could
this play into the main game though just a creepy bully room was it say on the
walls guys let me know if you can read what this says but it looks like it says
black no what does that say I can’t I can’t read it at all PL a see
something place play time I don’t I don’t know it’s really hard to read it
hold I don’t this is such a weird room guys let me know in the comment section
if you know anything about this room it’s also weird how there’s no mouse
lock like I can move you guys see the hand on the screen I don’t know if I
have it turned on for you guys but I have a hand on my screen right now it’s
like I can click around but I can’t like look down and I can’t interact through
this weird white box for some reason what a weird weird room I can’t imagine
what the other codes gonna do probably something pretty insane so yeah you just
got a bully room in here and this one just creepily follows you around like
with no what the heck all right let’s get out of this room how do i how
exactly do I even get out of the room I think I’m locked in here I can’t exit
the game what the heck that’s so weird ok so we’re gonna have to close out of
the game there that that was very weird that is a strange strange Easter egg
right there for sure as a fact all right so that was only the first one –
apparently there’s another one so whoa the menu music was like different right
there alright so now we’re gonna try out the second code which apparently does
something to you once again I have no idea what this is gonna do but we’re
about to find out alright so let’s do five three zero four five I have enough
room for this 0:09 enter use these to stick to the ceiling why use these to
stick to this way what this is new use what to stick to the ceiling huh what
the heck I’m on the ceiling right now what oh my god the principal’s right
there Clark oh I can’t get out you can’t do the other one hold on a second I’m
upside down right now oh my gosh this is so weird
where’s the door where’s Baldy oh dude this is so hard to do you need rest okay
so wait what if we do like an entire upside-down playthrough I might get
attacked by Baldy right now but what is the secret
what on earth go go oh what you were right there dude this is so confusing
I’m upside down this is so weird oh my god get me out of this room I need
to get out of this whole mode right now this whole mode right now is crazy let
me out let me out let me out the door let me okay I think I hear him over
there oh my god there’s Baldy and he’s uh he’s on the right
oh my guys getting close oh this is so beyond weird this is so beyond weird I
wonder if you like find secrets up here or something like that like what if
there’s something that we can only interact with oh my look at the roof in
this building you can see it it’s like a black like it’s just endless like it’s
nothing oh my god I can’t I can’t go around the table oh this is so hard to
do this sword run another and he’s coming he’s coming oh my gosh I go
through here I just want to see what the whole place looks like upside down of
course you saw me shoot that at him let’s keep him away from us Oh what you
can jump upside-down oh my gosh that was cool
what did interesting a little update right here like he I thought it was just
a normal update like with some you know bug fixing stuff like that but it turns
out we’ve got like Easter Egg secrets in it you can literally play the entire
game upside down now and there’s like a hidden bully room like I wonder how
that’s gonna play into the story because that these rooms have to mean something
right what made it at the upside-down one but that bully room was really
strange there’s all these like different colors in the room there’s bully heads
everywhere there’s a planet that just floats around and follows you and then a
weird white box like you can’t or axud anything it’s like point-and-click like
it was really really strange but really really cool so I guess even while he’s
doing the full game he might still be doing like little Easter eggs this game
which I think would be great because here’s the thing like I was mentioning
earlier when he cuz he’s deciding to make a full-on game it’s not gonna come
out to the end of 2019 maybe so until 20 until that moment baldies can have no
new content at least from what it seems so I think it’d be great if he added
like little updates like every month you know like a monthly update to keep that
fanbase kind of alive until the full game comes out you know because if
keep this van babies alive when the full game does come out you know it might not
do as well I think it’s still well then again all these basics is kind of like
timeless and it has like such a unique format to it and it’s just you know all
the character and something that are so memorable so I feel like even if he
doesn’t add anything the game will still probably do fine but I just think it’d
be great you know to have like a monthly update to so we can hop on here every
month see what’s new and kind of interact with some stuff and have some
fun anyways guys out of this video here enjoyed the video leave a like like I
said if you guys wanna see more baldies basic videos because there’s a few
months that i missed and they are very very cool and also do check that
subscribe button little Bella country first two videos and I’ll see you guys
in the next one peace out guys

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  1. 7:26

    The A in the bully's picture is part. of the words next to him


    That's the mystery A

  2. Also if you watch this video turn your phone/iPad/computer upside-down
    On the second one

  3. I have an idea btw that character from the room is joe if you din't know. But in the story line you have to grab notebooks for your friends. Maybe joe the better version of bully is your friend


  5. If you got the wrong questions let me just give it to you right now one on my comment this is the answer if you got it wrong maybe you did I don’t know yet because I just started the video31718

  6. That Bully’s Head is called the Place Holder it was used for when the creator was testing the game and that is actually what the player looks like so that is just another player but they are CPUs

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