Baldi's HIDDEN ENDING, Explained! (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Theory – NEW Update!)

35 thoughts on “Baldi's HIDDEN ENDING, Explained! (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Theory – NEW Update!)”

  1. I really must ask the bald math obsessed teacher for a few experimental ideas. He is very good at what he does…if lacking in any real style or hair.

  2. Well I found some other translating thing to whatever File_name2 (the invisible arm and leg guy) is saying something like they really corrupted me and if you’re blind then he said they and they is more than 1 single person and that mean it couldn’t have just been Baldi but what about the creators of the game cuz he/she is the 1 to be the first one to exist in the game so probably file_name2 is the only person you actually know but somehow he got really corrupted and turned into whatever they are now. but I think baldi is connected with this somehow but not the bad guy but just a clue to this ending

  3. Probably not real but in other youtubers vids if you turn on the captions it plays a secret message of what he is sayi…. oh never mind

  4. Your friend never went to eating practice. He was captured by Baldi and ended up trapped in his office. That's him. That's why he has a banana. Baldi plans on stealing his hair and eyes, he's already stole his arms, he does this by corrupting and erasing him from the world, and that is the state you find him in, a corrupted messed up jumble, almost completely erased for baldi to assume his attributes.

  5. What? No "But hey! It's just a theory, a film theory… And scene!" Oh shoot, wrong channel, im too lazy to erse bye.

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