Baldi’s HIDDEN ENDING, Explained! (Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning Theory – NEW Update!)

Oh, hi… Welcome to my school house- SHUT UP BALDI Wow, great job. Please try to do worse though I need to- Baldi’s Basics… A game seemingly lacking a story. With new updates rolling out, it seems we’re
getting closer and closer to understanding what is actually going on here. That is, of course, if there is truly anything
to understand. I mean, the game is complete bonkers – but
that’s what is so awesome about it. In the recent update we got a couple new things. Most notably we gained a new character: 1st
Prize. This character looks like a robot with a giant
heart in the middle. It’s as if some kid took some tinker toys
– which, if you don’t know what those are, they were basically like these construction
toys for kids where you had pipes that fed into notches. You could build a lot of neat things with
them, and seeing 1st Prize totally took me back to my childhood. Anyways, a bit of a tangent there. 1st Prize is a boxed cage on wheels holding
a heart with two hands and a head. They will push you around the school if you
see you, and they’re sorta like a less aggressive Gotta Sweep. However, you do have time to escape when they
come to a corner because they turn pretty darn slow. We also have the introduction of an item called
Safety Scissors which let us escape the unholy wrath of Playtime’s jump rope… They’re essentially the holy grail of Baldi’s
Basics if I do say so myself. Alongside skipping that minigame, you can
also snip the wires of 1st prize and send him spinning for a limited amount of time. Definitely pretty handy. But besides these updates, we do have something
that adds more confusion to this deranged schoolhouse… And that comes in the form of a secret ending. An ending that finally adds some clarity that
is the nonsense of Baldi’s Basics. This ending is first hinted at by clearing
the game normally. When this happens, you hear a distorted voice
tell you to do worse. And by do worse, they don’t mean “don’t
win”. Because if you want to get the secret ending
you actually have to make the game harder by deliberately missing every math problem. This of course drives Baldi into a ruler slapping
rage, but if you do manage to get past him and the madness of the school you encounter
something different than you did before. And it all starts with a splash screen… A screen that reads “You won! There’s room for improvement though… Go see Baldi in his office for some tips!” In the background of this screen we see a
very sad Baldi dithered to death in the background. We then realize this splash screen isn’t
a splash screen at all, and it’s on the opposite side of a hallway. The only way we can go is straight into Baldi’s
office which is marked on the door at the end of the hall. Upon entering though, a huge distorted Baldi
is clipping through the ceiling and there is a weird figure behind the desk. It appears to be a man in a T-Pose, which
is the standard 3d modeling position for characters. However, this person is missing all of his
skin and he is transparent. When we approach though, we hear a weirdly,
chilling message. I’m just going to read through what I was
able to translate, because actually playing the audio would make your eardrums bleed. It goes from like – 32 decibels to 0 instantly
quite often. “Oh good you found me…. I’m glad you found me. I have something kind of important to say… It’s about the game don’t – don’t – don’t
[laughing]… This is, this is probably looking pretty ridiculous… But don’t tell anyone about this game. Don’t bring attention to yourself. Destroy it, destroy the game. Destroy the game. Destroy it before it’s too late. What I’m saying is get out of this while
you still can. Just, just know that I’m not someone trapped
inside of a game – that’d be ridiculous. No… I’m I can’t, this is, I’m not… The game is kind of… I got really corrupted. I don’t know what to say. Just trust me. This isn’t, this seems – vague, no uh…
vague intentionally… That I guess… I can’t, I can’t tell you because some
stuff is classified and I can’t say it. Wish I could say more… I can’t talk normally, it’s corrupted. There’s – yeah… Just close the program, destroy it. Never come back.” And that’s it. The game ends immediately when he’s done
talking. Now in the last video I talked about how all
of this could have been some kid having a math-related nightmare and that’s definitely
still a possibility. If you haven’t watched that video, I highly
recommend checking it out after this one. Because in this video I want to take a different
approach. Something not-so-story driven like I did before. Obviously before I was speculating on what
was going on based on such little information. I was taking a FNAF approach to a story that
may have actually not had that many details to begin with. Of course, I still enjoyed the process, but
I think this ending makes things a little more clear for those who didn’t pick up
the idea behind the game initially. There’s a very strong sense of parody within
this ending, and it alludes to what we’ve been seeing in almost all the hard-hitting
indie horror titles the internet loves. It’s the FNAF formula that Bendy and the
Ink Machine followed exactly, and it’s poking fun at the elements that are recurring in
these games. The cliche nature of never having enough details
and overanalyzing something that really doesn’t have the depth we think it does. We’re being instructed to destroy the game
and never come back. The character who is speaking even laughs
a bit when he’s trying to talk to us. He’s all over the place and it isn’t structured,
and he deliberately mentions there are things he can’t tell us because that’s just the
way it is. But it’s funny because he knows people like
me would take this information and craft a theory out of it. And he was absolutely right. The meta game nature of games on YouTube often
follows this formula precisely. I mean, think about Doki Doki Literature Club. We literally were deleting things out of the
game and speculating about all the crazy things within it. I did the same thing with Dream Daddy – and
for those of you who think Dream Daddy didn’t have some crazy Doki-Doki like lore, you definitely
missed out. It wasn’t as widely covered, but it was
certainly there. I highly recommend checking out my breakdown
series of it too because what takes place is pretty insane. Then we have things like Five Nights at Freddy’s,
Undertale, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Hello Neighbor, and heck – even Night in the Woods. There were tons of meta elements in these
games that kept us going for a long time. But that’s what makes this ending in Baldi’s
Basics so humorous. It feeds into the curiosity of us by planting
more seeds for us to comb through, but at the same time, deliberately calls attention
to the absurdity of it as well. It’s an amazing secret ending to a game
like Baldi – a game that was created to both parody the old edutainment games of the past,
but also to poke fun at the trends and tropes of today. So whether you think Baldi’s about some
kid having nightmares or some math demon who is hunting you down, at the end of the day,
it’s all a joke in itself that we will feed into regardless. So the ending really just puts the spotlight
on us. The over thinkers in the world of the internet. And because of that, I think that makes Baldi’s
Basics a pretty awesome thing. So what do you think this ending is about? Is it a parody like I outlined? Is it the beginning to some super deep lore? Let me know what you think in the comments
below! And while you’re here, be sure to subscribe
because I have a lot more awesome content coming down the pipe. And with that… Thanks for tuning in to this crazy update. Check out my playlist of indie game theories
if you want to dive into some more insane lore. Thanks for watching guys and gals, and until
my next video – cheers!

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  1. Actually that’s not just a high school it’s a special needs school so the unsolvebal question is just dislexia and who you are playing as thinks if he gets a question wrong baldi will get mad and in the camping one he is scared that if he lets the fire go out baldi will get mad


  2. What he can't say is that the program is cancer, because when you go to the first door, (beginning door which is yellow), you can see that it's cancer, only can when you have the seven notebooks

  3. There are more secrects then that. Here is a clue.
    You don’t need audio for this,
    But there are words,
    There is a location,
    That might cause a herd

  4. Theory: Baldi is the kid that was late for eating practice and was then afer eating practice went home. When he went back to school they got a new teacher (the invisible guy) was then solid. He was a corrupting and terrifying teacher who horribly beat kids for getting stuff wrong. Once the kid (young baldi) grew old he was extremely corrupted then got a job at a run down school so he got the job. He got his friends and toys and a single ruler when he came and killed the old runner. He became mean and you (student) saw this and then told your parents. You where stubborn so ther sent you to the school. You were forced to collect notebooks so you got them wrong on all the stressed. You decided to run away but after you escaped he caught you. He then sent you his office for tips. So when you got there you saw a man and baldi together. The ivisible man was then forced to talked. Back in time baldi found the abusive teacher and decided to destroy him in a secret computer land but he got out as a horribly corrupted and invisible guy. Ok back to the office. He had a banana as a trophy from the contest (that he won). He then proceeded to tell you to destroy the game. Not the game baldis basics. But the alternate world that caused him to become a horrible and corrupted monster. But hey that's just a theory, a game theory

  5. What? No "But hey! It's just a theory, a film theory… And scene!" Oh shoot, wrong channel, im too lazy to erse bye.

  6. Your friend never went to eating practice. He was captured by Baldi and ended up trapped in his office. That's him. That's why he has a banana. Baldi plans on stealing his hair and eyes, he's already stole his arms, he does this by corrupting and erasing him from the world, and that is the state you find him in, a corrupted messed up jumble, almost completely erased for baldi to assume his attributes.

  7. Probably not real but in other youtubers vids if you turn on the captions it plays a secret message of what he is sayi…. oh never mind

  8. Well I found some other translating thing to whatever File_name2 (the invisible arm and leg guy) is saying something like they really corrupted me and if you’re blind then he said they and they is more than 1 single person and that mean it couldn’t have just been Baldi but what about the creators of the game cuz he/she is the 1 to be the first one to exist in the game so probably file_name2 is the only person you actually know but somehow he got really corrupted and turned into whatever they are now. but I think baldi is connected with this somehow but not the bad guy but just a clue to this ending

  9. I really must ask the bald math obsessed teacher for a few experimental ideas. He is very good at what he does…if lacking in any real style or hair.

  10. The man is named Filename2!
    Here's the whole massage (from what I remember!):
    Oh jeepers! You found me! I'm glad you found me! I have something, kind of important, to say- *beep It's about the game! Don't- beep Uh- Eh- beep laughter This is looking pretty ridiculous… Don't- beep Yeah- beep Destroy it. Destroy the game!

    I don't remember the rest, but that's a good chunk of it!

  11. The correct answer to the scrambled question is always equal to the sum of all of the objects in the room you are in plus the notebook.

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