Baldi’s Basics VS Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski: The REAL TRUTH

Baldi’s Basics is a rage inducing pile of
dickbags that brought me to the point of mental frustration on the same level as talking with
someone who consistently and unironically uses the word hecka. It made me scream, it made me yell and it
literally brought me to rage quitting while streaming it. I would have gladly taken a reverse catheter
pumping sesame seeds backup my urethra in exchange for never touching that game again. And then the internet had an idea…”Let’s
make a Baldi’s Basics fan game, only bitchier and bullshittier with some dude who is probably
Russian named Viktor Strobovski.” *sigh* This game.. is my nightmare come alive. It’s Baldi’s Basics, but on crack with
a stick up its ass. There’s more going on. It’s more confusing, scarier, weirder, and
all around just creepy. Now I’m assuming it’s a Baldi’s Basics
fan game, specifically because its almost exactly the same in terms of style, gameplay,
and “story” so to speak. However, Mr. Dr. Nose, which is me assuming
the pronunciation of the creators name, didn’t bother to specify that it is indeed a Baldi
fan game. totally is. And a game made in the shadow of another brings
about the never ending question: Which one is better? It’s this question that’s asked with sequels,
we see it with prequels and with games made by the same developer or in the same genre,
*cough* Pubg Fortnite *cough*. But rarely ever do we have this debate with
a fan game. But the event of having fan game made after
Baldi’s Basics poses a unique circumstance. It allows for a true debate as to which is
better because the original game could barely classify as a game. Alright maybe that’s a bit harsh…but as
much as I hate to admit it, there’s actually a lot to talk about when comparing these two
things that resemble video games. So stick in your catheter and stock up on
sesame seeds, we’re going to find out the truth about Viktor Stromboni and Baldi’s
Basics, the real truth! Hit it! Intro Now I need to make a bit of a editorial note
before we go any further. You see this download page for Advanced Education
with Viktor Strobovski? This guy is releasing new updates in less
than a week, sometimes as quick as 3 days, which works out great for a Let’s Player,
but not for a channel like us who takes multiple days to make a video. So there will likely be changes to the game
between the creation of this video and when you actually see it, however the video’s
point will still ring true! So just be aware that he may have added in
more stuff we didn’t cover, but if necessary we can do another video on this game since
it’s getting updated so quickly! Sounds good? Cool. Alright let’s start off by taking care of
the blatantly obvious. These games are super similar in a lot of
ways right? You’ve got a dick of a teacher, he wants
to hit you with his prefered whacking apparatus, and you gotta get out of his school. Each game allows you to answer math questions
strewn about the school that are in notebooks. Answering questions wrong makes the teacher
more angry, which equates to him speeding up with a greater desire to whack you. The schools can be somewhat difficult to navigate
on your first time through because a lot of it looks exactly the same. But that’s part of the difficulty built
into the games, you need to actually know the school layout pretty well. Once you get all the notebooks you can escape
the school and you “win” so to speak. Those are the basics of both games, but if
we look at Viktor Stroganoff, we can see how he has adapted his school from Baldi’s. First off, it’s much bigger and more confusing,
there’s an outdoor area, a medical room, an actual cook in the cafeteria, many more
items laying around, and tons and tons of classrooms. Recall that Baldi has seven notebooks you
need to solve…well Viktor actually has three more notebooks (which makes ten) AND a secret
eleventh notebook after that. His questions are way more involved, can include
multiplication and division – like you actually need to do real math to solve his problems. In addition to that, if Viktor Stromboli actually
catches you, you’re treated to this: which is way scarier than this: Now we all are fairly used to jumpscares on
this channel (thanks FNAF), but there’s obviously a massive difference between these
two. Baldi’s isn’t really… scary, or a jumpscare. He’s kinda like foxy from FNAF 1, he just
kinda appears and you are like, “oh. I died”. Now with Viktor, scary stuff happens! There’s animation, there’s setting, there’s
darkness, and it makes a huge difference in the feel of the game. And with games that are supposed to be indie
horror, the feel and the setting create a lot of that necessary creepiness. Baldi is very bright, colorful, not really
scary in any way (it is a parody after all). But with Viktor Strongbad, you can feel it,
you know something isn’t right. It’s obvious in his voice, it’s obvious
in the school, and it’s obvious in his “I’m gonna kill a hostage every hour” voice modulator. Everything just puts your hairs on their tippy
toes. If we’re going for atmosphere, Viktor Strobe
Light has the obvious advantage here. Let’s move onto story, yes, we’re actually
going to discuss the story, or lack-thereof within these games. Baldi’s Basics has a very simple story,
you’re going back to school to collect your friends notebook. Your teacher is insane, and you gotta get
out before you get a beating. If you manage to get every question wrong
and still escape you’re rewarded with the most headphone warning necessary ending of
all time wherein Filename2 essentially tells you that he’s trapped in the game and to
get out. Roll credits, you finished. Now with Viktor Strobilations, if you manage
to get all 11 notebooks and still get out you turn around, only to find Viktor right
behind you, congratulating you but also letting you know the journey isn’t over. Essentially we’re looking at a completely
done game and a quickly updating alpha. So what we’re really looking at here is
the original idea and someone else who came along and made it objectively better (in terms
of graphics and scope of the game). Myspace and Facebook, Oreos and Double Stuff
Oreos. Pubguh and FartNite. It’s not exactly an original concept. Taake something people like, make it better
than the original, everyone loves you and forgets about that other thing. Right? WRONG! There’s a massive difference between this
Baldi’s Basics and any other game that can be compared to a successor. Baldi’s Basics was specifically made as
a Meta game! It was created at a Meta game jam. The entire point of the game was to poke fun
at the education and indie horror genre. We covered this in our Baldi’s Basic’s
Story You Never Knew, but it has an incredibly important impact when discussing the goods
and bads between Baldi Basics and Viktor StrawHat. It opens up the idea of a game being judged
based on its purpose for creation. And personally. I like that. In this particular situation it makes a lot
of sense why Baldi is such a crappy looking, earlobe splitting, sesame shoving, hate filled
bag of dicks for anyone playing it. It’s supposed to be bad. The entire game is a parody of two other genres. It wouldn’t be much of a parody if the game
looked good and felt good would it? So when you look at Baldi under the lens of
a parody, things make a lot more sense. Of course it isn’t scary, it’s making fun
of scary games. Of course it isn’t difficult math, its making
fun of education games. Meanwhile Viktor Strongyloidiasis over here
made a school…based off of a parody school. So….where does that leave us? Well it really depends on how you look at
it and if you take the purpose of the games into account. If you just look at the games on a base level,
there’s no question that Viktor Strampoline is the better game. It’s bigger, has consistent updates coming
out, is likely going to get more levels, has a better challenge, and an evolving storyline. But if you take into account that Baldi is
a meta game that is literally making fun of games like, Advanced Education with Viktor
Strompedia, then it really seems like Mr. Dr. Nose didn’t really understand the point
of Baldi’s Basics to begin with. That is, unless Viktor was created to be a
parody of Baldi, which was a parody in and of itself. Um…yeah…No I think this guy just wanted
to make a game and knew more people would play if it looked like a game that was already
popular. Not hating on that, I’m just saying that
riding off the coattails of a trend is a legitimate strategy for getting the world to experience
your work. And experience Victor Stogolov this world
did. Also real quick did anyone else notice the
cook’s forearms look like pizzas? Just me? Okay nevermind back to the conclusion. Personally I like Baldi’s Basics more. I really enjoy the idea of someone creating
a game that pokes fun at indie horror and education games and does a really good job
of exactly that. Viktor Stroaway doesn’t really have a purpose. The creator either saw an opportunity to get
a lot of attention by creating a game like Baldi’s Basics or enjoyed the game but didn’t
stick to the same parody principles when creating his own. Not that there’s anything wrong with taking
inspiration from existing titles, but I feel like the game lost a bit of the spark that
made Baldi so unique when dropping the parody in favor of…something that’ll get clicks. Again, not like that’s a bad thing but safe
to say I struggled with this game. Cut to ryan raging from stream But I’d like to pass this question on to
you guys. Do you think Baldi’s Basics is better because
of the purpose of the game, or are you more in the camp of Viktor because it’s just the
better game overall? I’m very curious to hear what you guys think. That’s my take on Advanced Learning with
Viktor Strobovski in comparison to Baldi’s Basics, and incase you do want to watch me
and Grant (the Story You Never Knew boy) stream games like this and others check out our Twitch
channel: We stream every weekday at 3pm Pacific time! Come hang out, join the chatfam, and help
us as we fail our way through the gaming world! Don’t forget to ring that bell to make sure
notifications are working so you’ll actually know when a new video is released. But that’s all for me today. My name is Ryan and I’ll see you all next
time, or on Twitch! Toodles!

100 thoughts on “Baldi’s Basics VS Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski: The REAL TRUTH”

  1. The Thing Why Baldi Is Not That Scary ,Because Mystman Is Trying To Trap You That The Game Is Bad ,And NOT Horror
    (But The Game Is Popular So… Meh)

    And I More Like To Choose Baldi… Not Because I Hate The Other One
    But It Is Kindof Creative To Turn A Educational Game Into A Horror Game…
    And Making A New Game And Make The Game Better Is Not A Good Way…

    Pls Don't Hate Me For Being A Fangirl

  2. well what do you expect one game has no effort or detail while the other alot more detail and is a actual horror game

  3. I just see it as thats baldi teaches lower grades like 1st-3rd and viktor teaches higher grades like highschool

  4. Well in terms of rage inducing i prefer Baldi because its less difficult to deal with and there is a way to win whereas Strobovski is a little too unnecessarily complicated. If you are asking me about scariness then yes I choose Strobovski. But I personally like the original for its in game design

  5. I enjoyed both games when they just came out, but who am I to judge, I know I drew porn of either antagonists of these two games.

  6. "Viktor Strobovski" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Yep, definitely Russian

  7. Well I definitely agree that Balty can’t be compared to the other game because it’s meant to criticize whole genres of games, but since the other one has a story and a scary purpose, I’ll be at the fact that it’s riding the coattails of another game, I’d say it really wouldn’t make sense to compare the two. They both serve different purposes, and the only problematic linchpin is that one was made with the other in mind.

  8. Most annoying intro ever. Made me want to punch you and myself in the face. Stop the yelling, stop the poor graphics and just get to it already, fuck.

  9. 4:57 why is the anguished man in the game? If you don't know this painting is supposedly haunted and painted in the painters own blood owners of the painting claim to hear crying and clawing coming from the painting itself late at night you can actually find footage of this on YouTube made by the current owner of the painting anyway sorry for rambling I'm just really interested in why a haunted painting is in this school is it to add atmosphere or maybe its just another question on this enigma of a game

  10. If you want more of a parody feel play the OG but, if you want a game that's based off it with "better" graphics, gameplay, and has updates play Advanded Education. Btw this is just my thoughts I haven't play Advanced education yet(unfortunately).

    TL;DR baldi's basics has the parody aspect but Advanced Education has "better" graphics and a more horror feel at the cost of the losing parody part

  11. I don’t like baldi

    It’s annoying to listen to, ugly to look at and even the purpose included doesn’t quite help my views on it.

    If you go through the trouble to make a purposeful bad game, why not make a good game, I’d rather have a game that tried to be good but isn’t really good than a game that doesn’t take the effort to be good at all.

  12. Here's what I'm thinking about the characters:
    1. Strong: Viktor Strobovski
    2. Weak: Baldi
    3. Strong: Mr. Mix
    4. Weak: Playtime
    5. Strong: Head Teacher
    6. Weak: Principal of the Thing
    7. Strong: Mr. Cleany Clean
    8. Weak: Gotta Sweep
    9. Strong: Arts and Crafters
    10. Weak: Grandma
    11. Strong: Albert, The Bear
    12. Weak: 1st Prize
    13. Strong: Freek-a-del'ka
    14. Weak: Filename2
    15. Strong: It's A Bully
    16. Weak: Unknown Character
    17. Strong: Marzia
    18. Weak: Baldi's wife (not in game)
    WINNER: 85% Viktor's Team, 15% Baldi's Team

  13. The thing about these two games, is the demographic. It is in the names: “Baldi’s BASICS for Education and Learning”. The people who “made” the Baldi edutainment game made it cheap, but colorful to appeal more to younger children. Victor’s game was for a much older demographic, “Victor’s ADVANCED Education”, and therefore had to look like it took some effort to get people to play it without rolling their eyes.

  14. Wen me and my two other friends played baldi we were terrified. My friend Josie was to scared. To even touch the mouse. So I took the reins and played until I won every time we got attacked by baldi, we jumped out of our seats and yelled

  15. I feel like I should have been keeping count of how many time he said Strogolio's name wrong.

    I know I'm a little late on the commentary, but I do agree with their analysis of the games. Both were equally annoying, and probably need to roast in the raging fires of the underworld, but when looked objectively there is clearly a difference between the two. Though the challenge of whether or not you could beat the game was one of the highlights of each, did it come at the cost of your sanity and possessions?

    You know, from throwing everything in your room at the wall when your rage meter broke?

  16. Baldi vs Viktor:
    RULER OF DEATH vs Axe and Jumpscare from hell

    Principal vs HT:
    Unfunny halls joke vs 2 Torture devices

    Mr Cleany-Clean vs Gotta Sweep:
    World explodes

  17. I like Baldi more, because instead of the fear of jump scare, it gives the fear of starting over that hell hole. I also like the designs better in Baldi's

  18. i actually think that baldi is more creepy, i mean, yes, Victor is objectively better, but Baldi creeped me out more, everything looked so surreal, and nothing makes you go "oh shit!" more than hearing that slapping come closer and closer.
    also, don't lie, everyone was creeped out the first time they saw the impossible question and Baldis face turn angry, this is the moment where you realise this won't be a pleasant experience

  19. The one guy in Baldis office mentions a Strobovski and coordinates in Russia, and apparently Strobovski is supposed to save him and hes stuck at those coordinates??? Here are the coordinates. It seems to be near a coniferous tree. 51 390257 45 3490856 # 346

  20. I deleted baldis basics and got sucked into the game and am still in right baldis chasing right know oh no ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  21. In my opinion it depends what you want to play, if you want to play a goofy parody game baldi is your fix, but if you want a game with genuine challenge and take it's horror factor somewhat seriously Viktor is your choice, it all depends on what your looking for

  22. Viktor strawhat > Baldi’s Basics

    AEWVS has characters that not only slows the person down but also kills the player is pissed of enough. Baldi lacks the Jumpscare that AEWVS has. The game for AEWVS doesn’t stop when the player is answering the questions making it the Bioshock 2 of Baldi’s Basics.

  23. Realistically, being "bitchy" (if that's even a real word and not just approved by the dictionary) would be to be loving and motherly. Know your animals.
    And by the way, if you can play it, it's a game. They do not "barely classify as games" just because you say so.

  24. You know what, Baldi’s Basic is way better, because it’s Th Original, and I say the original is always better than the fan-game.

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