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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to… – [group Altogether] the youtube family! – Whoo! There’s Ty. Today we’re going to be
playing Baldi’s Basics. – An educational learning. Homeschool edition. – That’s right. We’re doing a homeschool version so we are playing Baldi’s
basics in our house. We have some cool items. – If you have a drum,
that distracts Baldi. – We also have a jump rope for the character playtime. Whenever the student approaches playtime they have have to try and jump rope with her for five jump ropes. – She’ll like doing that in the house. – [Woman] Five jumps. – And we have the candy bar which gives you full stamina. – We have seven notebooks
which we have to collect. – We have a sock for
the sock puppet person. When the student approaches
the sock puppet character they get inked and they
can’t see for five seconds. – And if they’re really good
and they get their notebooks, they’ll get a nice shiny coin. – Some scissors to cut the jump rope. The ruler for Baldi. – Thank you very much. – But you forgot the phone. They can pay twenty-five
cents to use the phone to call Baldi so he’s distracted until you open a door. – [Altogether] Oh! – [Woman] That’s a good one. Okay. Guess who’s going to be our student. – Me! – [Woman] And who is Baldi? – I have no idea. – And who is sock puppet? Me! – I’m going to be playtime. Ty! Let’s play! – I guess that makes
me the drummer person. – Alright so let’s play! I need to go hide all seven notebooks. (suspenseful music) (upbeat background music) – I see Baldi. – Welcome. Welcome to Baldi’s Basics. An educational learning. You need to find seven notebooks to get out of this game. Good luck! You’ll need it. – Baldi’s a little creepy. Okay. Found one. – Four. Six. Five. That was easy. – Wow! You really do exist. Here’s a shiny token. – Ooh! – [Baldi] Good luck! – Found a notebook! Seven. Seven. What is this problem? Hmm. U plus smiley face one equals C two. Um, two? (buzzer noise) – [Baldi] I hear every door you open. (ruler slamming) – Another notebook! Okay, need to hurry. Seven. Four. Six. (buzzer noise) – {Baldi] There he is. (ruler slamming) – I’ll take this. Need it. (screaming) (splatter noise) – Squirt! – Found a notebook! Four. Zero. Zero! (buzzer noise) – Ah! – [Baldi] Baldi wins round one. (suspenseful music) – Stop. Welcome to Baldi’s Basics. Wait! I’ve seen you before. Are you ready for round two? – Maybe? – [Baldi] Good luck. You’re gonna need it. – Okay? Found a notebook. One. Five. Three. – Here’s a shiny token. – Thanks Baldi! – You really do exist. – Aha, found another notebook! Seven plus one is- Eight. Three minus four is one and one plus one- No, one plus eleven plus eleven equals four. Right? (buzzer noise) – I hear every door you open. – Ah! – Let’s play! One. Try again! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Let’s play again sometimes soon. (laughing) – Another notebook! Five. Six. Zero? (buzzer noise) – Ah! Phone! Hey Baldi! I just called Baldi. He has to stop until I
go into another room. – Hello? Hello! Who is this? Is this a prank call? Wait. This is a prank call. I think someone’s distracted me. – I’m gonna go this way. No, let me in! – What do you want, twerp? Let me in! Six. Zero. Uh, six. (buzzer noise) (background music intensifies) – Does that count as a notebook? – [Baldi] Where did he go? (ruler slamming) – Um. Ten. And Four. Some of this is erased! Zero, wait no. Twelve. (buzzer noise) – [Baldi] I can hear you! – [Baldi] There he is. (Drumming) – I better hurry and find
those other notebooks. The notebooks! – Eek! – Can’t see! One, two, three, four. Four notebooks. (ruler slamming) (upbeat music) – [Boy] Guess who’s being sweeped. – No! I think it might be back downstairs. – Hey! Where’d you go? – I almost didn’t see this! Twelve. One and one. (buzzer noise) – Oh! Ah! I’m out of stamina! (gasp) Oh! Thirty. – Baldi, Baldi! He’s over here! (buzzer noise) (ruler slamming) – Ha! I got him. – Aw! I got all seven notebooks. – And I got you. Time to go back to school, young man. – [Baldi] Baldi wins again! Yay! – Thank you so much guys
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