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huge huge huge thumbs up and please subscribe please! *music* Hi Guys! Welcome back to my channel! Today we are doing something different.. Why is it different? Because its different 🙂 Everybody knows that Ok let’s get on We are going to do Baldi’s Basics “Welcome to Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning, That’s Me!” We’ve never done this before we’re gonna do
three rounds, only three, whoever gets the best score Wins So lets bring in our challenger. Ahhhhhh! “where’s your head?” *laughing* It’s gonna come in after I do three rounds
and I have to remember my score then add them up and who’s some winner wins When it’s a challenge, so let’s get to it. I’m knowing pressed endless mode Baldy All right pause Probably only gonna get two or three notebooks
for army Yeah, seven that’s right and time- theory
did I get that right Negative one, I’ll try I Exist I didn’t know I existed. Oh I get it Let’s say answer one question I can’t go back 0:17, hopefully at 17 Equals What? That has to be the answer wait 11. It’s always 11:11 no Good get out of here. Get out He’s right there Sleeve the principal didn’t say that was yummy
chocolate bar? Okay, not really yummy to me but Baby, yo me to me, but I will Think he’s inside I Like that shirt it looks so good on you your
shirt matches your personality. Okay enough of that I Just went there body. I can’t believe all day. I just let them Negative one really? Okay, that’s Wow, I exist I am incredible. Thank you Baldy. Wow, this is a nice classroom Why are you giving me your quarter? I already took your quarter last time, but
you should keep it. It’s your money Wow 99 Yeah, three isn’t that coffee No So much quieter 11 is always the answer Right. I hear every torii open. That’s not good. That’s not good. That’s not good. That’s What’s coming from why do I always do that? Okay Baldy fine, I’ll Never knew this well all these wearing lipstick
he’s not just has a very very red mouth He’s a chapstick is your toe that’s being
give me some band-aids Now I’m on round three Dude, what happened to your face? Not yours. Nice lips you got there Matt laughs equals more math math math math
math, that’s what the chalkboard says Nine Negative one is it Three is it three Baldy Wow, I exist I never knew that Baldy. Thank you Sir I was too lazy to add more subjects another
chalkboard says that negative three I’d take on in my head for that one because
it’s five minus eight dude, like really Four four four isn’t it four? Oh Not until this one I’m not doing fantastic
until this one. It’s always eleven dude I’m the only one that knows the answer Maybe not. Hello, it’s me Sorry, Bobby’s gonna get me Hopefully the principal don’t see that how
many quarters do I need? Do you help you notebook? I’m beating my score Hey That goes eight baldy baldy baldy baldy, five
six, seven eight what it’s eight again. Oh It’s manna P88. It’s gonna be a great day Whittler with number eight eight eight. I hear every door II open. Okay Baldy. I know that You’ll have to tell me that anymore Well, you came into the cafeteria you just
did So You wrong a one out of the easy answers you’re
gonna have to get bigger eyes And look at how eyes those how big are those
eyes see like why do they need bigger eyes This is what you should call me call your
principal, you know why it’s called this difference no, he’s called the principal but these are
prints and Then his last name That’s the principal prints up hold Have to dodge him Say you’ve got three four No, nobody has enough and hacker Somebody owes me a quarter This is one me I am the one who won I Already know online, but it’s Baghead won
with his strong mustache now. See you guys soon

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