BALDI'S BASICS: Google Translated (aka "Basdi's Basics in Education & Education")

hey guys we're back again with another Google Translate I have a guest star with me hey J I'm AJ he sang the original of our song so I thought it's only fair to let him sing the new version way what song am i singing well you're singing all these basic small these basics I need it even better look at all of these languages this is not languages you're ready for this no not really but I guess trial by fire is what they say right yeah well that's what happens luxury packages come to my place their arguments side that I've never heard of it seems obsolete but because it's free I downloaded it over hewlett-packard PC I insert a plate she started walking then I hit myself for educational pleasure well we do the founding of all P in education and education I just need seven laptops exit break this game buckets are brought into the forest and while he is very annoying they listen to all the doors and we do not ask I got the following information from the table every time you make mistakes then you get angry the numbers are confusing and invisible I know that's where man ting me from using the knockout outside the room I heard a big sound the Fox was there and he became aggressive I cannot get away from bazzie I cannot go you are stupid I'm a drink you now I'm like a dead man let me out of the basement of my country love all sacred thing this game should be on fire I went to sleep again I'm a dog I saw you what kind of soft candy does that it shuts off Winkle and leaves me nowhere a student named Plato appears in my way dragging the jump rope he said try to open it but broke my hand so I never started to wear row one – excuse me I object one – yes you ruined everything one two two three Oh I said time is coming I ran like an air and listened to the bow as I rushed out the door do not run down the halls finger indicated his expression is strong prisoners for you he said when are you studying the time has passed pouting nearby two seconds before the flames are there is no time for nature and Baldy is one of my feet only on notebook is missing but time time appears there's no way out of the Baltic Sea bays and Wally will find me I cannot escape soda there is no laptop here where is the seventh information well this was strange Barry thank you guys for watching the video I hope you enjoyed it please click the notification bowl because you never know what we're gonna upload on random encounters every Friday though you know something is gonna get uploaded if you want to see us at a convention we're gonna be a kinetic on this summer and you can see more conventions we're gonna be at right on the youtube about beach Wow

45 thoughts on “BALDI'S BASICS: Google Translated (aka "Basdi's Basics in Education & Education")”

  1. I just translated fnaf the musical night one. Enjoy this weird abomination.

    Hi I'm on the phone. It's so easy to meet you.
    I can speak straight words
    Freddie's friends are also active
    This is incorrect

    How it felt! Freddy! Preparation time!
    What is midnight? Time playing!
    Hello, I hear that they are offering new jobs to new commuters.
    Today is the first day!

    I see all the cameras at the same time.
    Think about the animation. What are you doing Tondarapadakandi! It's crazy!
    Hey, they are still on top. Leave one … can you do it? Bunny sees me.

    What noise?
    They started crying
    All strange
    Welcome! Sounds difficult
    How does this camera change?

    Come here and enjoy eating
    Where do I call a room?
    Close the door! Burn the lights!
    It's a new face! You are nice
    Play Always be alone
    Do not worry I'm alone

    Maybe you leave a tip for it.

    Hey, I'm in a situation!
    You're funny
    The new person is closed.
    Open the door
    This is very interesting.
    Please wait, it does not matter.
    Do you wear jackets?
    Is it blood or heavy to the ground?
    This is our natural taste! (Oh!)
    You have to hide your mask or head!
    Look at the girl, look at the kitchen, I think the camera is dead.

    Yes, do not drink alcohol …
    Do not drink alcohol,
    Do not move,
    Do not move.
    Please exit from here …

    Ahomo … Okay, Freddie's Kitchen utensil dies…for now
    What are going to do? Fighter plane! No new face! I want clean air!
    Wow, it looks like I work for me
    At least I do not feel SCARED

    Forget the new popular song!
    Why do you need a music box?Sleep!
    Many people use a lot of power
    New people, the door!
    You made the core!
    It's far from me!

    I spent way to much time on this. (Also, Tondarapadakandi? Ahomo?)

  2. Can someone help me how people can google translate songs? I pasted a songs lyrics as a diff language and its the same exact lyrics as in english

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