BALDI’S BASICS at Uncle Derek’s House!

– Maybe there’s a book in the fridge. Mustard and cream cheese? Who is this guy? – My name’s Baldi. (screams) In today’s video, Taylor tries
to solve my math problems. – But before we get started,
give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel! Hi guys! In today’s video, guess where I am. I’m in Baldi’s house. – Welcome to my school house. – Alright guys, there’s
five notebooks hidden in Baldi’s house. I must solve the problems
in each notebook. If I get the problems wrong, Baldi will get mad. If I get all five notebooks, I get out of Baldi’s house, I win. But if I get caught by Baldi, I lose. Let this crazy game begin. (mysterious music) Baldi has a phone? – Shh, no phones in the school house. – Baldi is so weird. Um, I’m gonna check downstairs first. (playful music) (squeaking) The first notebook! I’m good at math, so this should be easy. 10 times zero, zero. Five minus three, two. So far, this will be easy. Six plus three equals nine. – Wow, you exist, have a chocolate. – Yummy! – No eating in the school. – Alright, I have one notebook. Four more to go. (playful music) Maybe there’s a book in the fridge. Mustard and cream cheese? Who is this guy? – My name’s Baldi. (screams) What is this stuff? What does Baldi do? (gasp) Baldi’s journal? Hmm. No running in the halls, no cell phones in the school. I love math, math is cool. – [Baldi Voiceover] Baldi
and Baldina together forever. – Where’s that other notebook? (playful music) Wait, Baldi has an Xbox One? – Get back to work. – Found it! OK, I can do this. One plus one equals two. 10 plus zero equals 10. (playful music) Three divided by (sighs), what is this? – That’s the spaghetti from the cafeteria. – I don’t know what this is. I’m just gonna guess. I’m gonna count how many strings. One, two, three. Equals 21, no. Negative 13. (buzzing) – That’s incorrect. I get madder and madder
every question you get wrong. – Oh no, I better go before I get caught. (snapping) (playful music) (intense music) – You can’t pass unless
I get your lunch money. – I don’t have lunch money
but I have chocolate. – You may pass. (dramatic music) – I found one! But Baldi is coming too quick. I’ve gotta lose him! (intense music)
(smacking) Super teen, super teen, super teen. One plus three is four. Four plus four is eight. I gotta hurry, I gotta hurry. Five plus three is eight. Done! (playful music) – Wow, you exist. Have another chocolate. – Not in here. (intense music) – Let’s play. Jump with me. You must jump rope five times. One, two, two, three, four, five. Good job but guess what. Baldi’s coming. (smacking rapidly) – Jackpot. I’m outta time, I need to hurry! Nine plus two, 11. 12. 21 times three something. I don’t know how to do this. There, 125. (buzzing) – Incorrect. – Oh no guys, that’s not good. (rapid upbeat music) (smacking rapidly)
(panting) (gasps) The last notebook! (intense music) – No running in the halls. Detention for you. When will you learn? 15 seconds in detention. – One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11,
(smacking) how am I gonna get past Baldi
and get to that notebook? Guys, I need a plan. I only have three seconds to think of one. 13, 14… 15.
(playful music) (smacking) I need to hide from Baldi, shh! Yes! – I need to sweep! (intense music) Sweep, sweep, sweep! Sweep, sweep, sweep! (smacking)
(gasps) Sweep, sweep, sweep! Sweep! – Got ya! – No! I didn’t win but you
guys can still subscribe to our channel. – And my channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – [Group] Bye! (playful music) – Sorry, there’s so much
in my mouth right now. That’s the bis– (laughing) (banging) – I got stuck. (upbeat music)

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