BALDI vs VENOM (Baldi’s Basics parody horror game 3D animation)

Oh no! I’ve overslept! I gotta run to the school or my teacher, Baldi,
will get really angry And if my granny finds out, it’s even worse! Do you want to play hide and seek? Give me something great! Hey, get out of my way! I have nothing to give you! I’m late for the class as well as you are! Hello, Mr. Baldi! I’m sorry for being late, my alarm won’t
go off! The alarm won’t go off? Well… Go to the board and tell this to the math. Or rather, solve this problem, please. I-i… can’t solve it, M-mr Ba-baldi… That’s very, VERY bad, Bob…. Maybe, my ruler will help you to solve this
problem? I still don’t know the answer! We never learnt this topic! Well then… you will learn it now with my
ruler then! Oh no, get off me, you big poo from the school
toilet! AHAHAH! GIVE ME SOMETHING GREAT! AHAHA! My beloved students, help me, please or he’ll
make a Baldi-chop out of me! Bob! At least you should help me! In the name of the math, I’ m smelling this
disgusting stink out of his mouth! Ahaha! It’s YOU! That looser from the hall! I want nothing from you, but the sound of
your bones breaking! I will hang you on the classroom chandelier
by your shorts! No breaking chandeliers in the school! You are so dirty! No dirt in the class. Meet my broom, buddy! GOTTA SWEEP-SWEEP-SWEEP! Oh you, naughty boy! You foiled my math class! That’s what you get when you don’t learn
maaaath! It’s not over! The symbiont has not left! He’s just switched from me to somebody else! What Are you talking about?! Look by yourself Let’s Play! Oh my God! All the school students are in the hall. And all of them will become symbionts soon! To be continued. Oh, thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this Venom animation… give
it a like… and subscribe… with notifications on not to miss the second part. The moment we hit 5 000 likes, we’ll start
making a new episode! Well, by! See you soon!

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