Baldi EXTREME Difficulty Mode?! | Baldis BRUTAL Basics In Education And Learning MOD

Oh no.. He’s.. OH! GOD! Ooooh! Ba dum ba dum ba dum ba DUUUM leT’S pLaY!! Uh! I’ve got you now! Never again will you freaking be in the hallways and make me jumprope! That’s it! You’re under arrest! You are under arrest for being freaking ANNOYING! leT’S pLaY!! Yeah, yeah, explain yourself behind bars. *SMASH* Oh! I have a phone call! Hello? *Gibberish* Oh.. Hi Satan, how’s it going? *More gibberish* You made a harder version of Baldi? *More gibberish* Well, that seems just like something you would do. All right. Well, thank you for letting me know That’s a lovely call! I am going to die.. wELcoME tO bALdi’S bAsiCs iN eDuCAtioN aND leARNing! tHat’S mE! Oh you thought this was clickbait, didn’t you? Guys, welcome to Baldi’s BRUTAL basics and education and learning! This is a mod by epic Jake 72. I will link their channel down below. Yeah, epic Jake 72 is SATAN. That’s who I was on the phone with. Now, you guys may have seen me play some of this Baldi’s…. business, right? That’s the next name: Baldi’s business.. You may have seen me play Baldi’s basics, you know last episode that we were, you know, were playing the legit game, not the roblox edition. We spent literally 6 hours. Ok, I even tweeted it out with a screenshot. We actually spent six hours and we never. Beat. The. Game. Now, recently, I figured out that the ending to this game is extremely, extremely, Underwhelming and just not worth the time! and, apparently, epic Jake 72 thought the game just wasn’t hard enough! So they made a harder version now.. I have no idea what we’re going to expect, or what to expect. But let’s just get in. Let’s jump into it! I know how this is gonna go! And it’s not going to go well for us… and, no, I’m not going to pass it Don’t even get your hopes up guys! I’m not even gonna attempt to pass this freaking monstrosity of a game, but I am curious and I will, I will say that much. There’s multiplication now! Oh no! I’m really going to have to activate my mind now. fOuR tImES tWO Oh, he actually has voice lines for this? With the actual developer of the game going to do this? ‘Cause it does say right here “Sorry! ran out of time to add more subjects” Please! Shut your mouth! Freddy Krueger hands! Yes, so I’m thinking that maybe they were already in the game just not finished and the modder.. finished it? But great job! I guess, I don’t know if I’m going to like this or not if they add division. I’m out ok I said this last episode. I just cannot do a division. Alright, it is true. Like I wish I was lying I’m really not smart. I don’t know. Hi, mate. What did we pass it on the first try what if I actually passed this? OH! NO, ALREADY?! 10! I CANT DO 10! OK ARE YOU SO SLOW! Oh my god, you can’t be freaking real right now! How long are we gonna be in detention this time this time around guys You cannot live inside of the halls. If you live inside of the halls you will die Now we’ll send you to detention 9. Well 0 neg 0/0 there is division . Wait a minute. What is 0/0? Is it a zero? You can’t divide nothing by nothing. Come on I’m not wrong about this. I’ll bust out my calculator. I don’t care if he gets mad at me look at watch this It should say like error or something right 0/0 result is unrefined. Do what see what’s the answer? I remember that was always a thing that like, you know, you did at school. It’s like oh that’s interesting You know, I have a calculator divide by zero see what happens. We’re starting off the game and he’s already faster than normal Oh, no, he’s… no god. Oh How to play I’ll show you how to play you die. That’s how you play. This games does not need to be harder It’s already extremely hard It’s I would like actually say it’s the hardest game I’ve ever played and I really mean that I’ve never liked Diligently tried something for 6 hours straight and not be able to pass it I’d rather play Dark Souls any day 4 times 1 it’s 4. Yeah, I knew that I’m still just tripping out that he has voice lines for things like that cuz like it’s not like they got the voice actor to Do that, right or maybe? I don’t know but guys right now. Alright, they also the the Jake was his name. I’m sorry if that’s wrong They actually teach you how to mod the game So guys you already know what I’m gonna ask it here can’t we just get some jeopardy music? What is BG Mike about to ask right now? Doki-doki, you guys have already made the joke that Monica should be in the game right at doki-doki characters do it for your homeboy It’s from man and you guys already know that he’s he’s Monica, right? Cuz they’re so they have so much in common already breaking the fourth. Wall. Xandria says right here No, fourth wall breaks, even though he clearly breaks those rules. I don’t break the rules So why do I get punished or imagine if there’s actually like a way for the principal to get mad at you for that? I don’t know. Maybe there’s a hidden secret. No one’s found with the game yet But guys I urge you make any kind of odd that you want to make, you know I just want someone to make you Toki don’t you mind? But any mod that you want to make please make it I know that this this Creator also did one with memes which I would like to play if you guys like to see it I know you’re modders are out there. So please do it. It’s not hard as far as I can tell already Alright, I gotta watch out. He’s a freaking stupid head stupid head. That’s the most brutal name You could call someone is gonna come and get me. Alright, well, maybe we could use the same lessons again I don’t know how hard it’s gonna be compared to the other one. I just know it’s gonna be harder Baldy doesn’t seem to move any faster Cuz if he did then it really what it seemed like it’s fair, you know, just having the red piece of crap alone Have you know 10 jumps is already so much harder because they owe me get in the way Alright, we’re gonna buy soda. I’ve got some B soda, we’re taking it nice and easy here. No rush. Okay Well, let’s just go. I mean we imagine if we actually beat it that would be the biggest metal finger to this game that I could possibly give it after what we Suffered through last time six times three. I know this. This is also eighteen, isn’t it? Haha, alright, so what we’re gonna try to do Stay away Thank you so much room. Oh my god, he saved my life, right? Yes. Yeah. It keeps sleeping me. Are you still here? Okay, we’re gonna go the opposite way. Oh god. It’s totally gonna chase me It’s totally gonna chase me and by the weight that even that freaking I can’t remember the name of it I just call it clearance because it looks like my diamond doll that I have you guys don’t know about my diamond all you see In the beginning of this movie. Oh, he’s in multiple videos If you you know subscribe you would like you would see lots of more of him Anyway, what I was trying to say is Clarence as I call it has more voice lines as well It counts to ten and I was really blown away by that It’s a very simple thing to be blown away about I know again guys do not expect me to beat this I’m just like I’m not even trying to clickbait you up right now I don’t even think I’m gonna beat this although I’ve gotten pretty far from my first try our second try I think now we should Oh My god, this is the only way we’ll survive Boys we just gave up our B. Soda eight minus six is Hugh negative too. Well, no Okay, literally, what am I supposed to put here? What am I supposed to put? Zero divided by zero is now see put the dot That is so stupid. That’s unfair This game is literally created by the devil like I’m not even joking No No, would you vote for me? Okay, Google what is 0/0 Thank you, what is zero divided by zero That’s undefined I will screw you screw you is that an answer cuz that’s the answer I wanna give here you guys tell me to put six six six. I already try that a bunch of times It does not work for anything great way to start on it on a problem that it has no answer q you tell me in What country and what planet or universe is that fair? But again, it could just be you know The game be more difficult because after all it’s more difficult if it has an answer that you have to get wrong I seriously challenge anyone to try to pass this and I really don’t think you thought well, it’s probably possible Well, my kidney I just it won’t be me. That’s castigate. Although we did get really close I don’t think I will be passing this I just I just trapped myself. What am I doing? What am I doing Wow? Oh, hey. Well, you’re screwed 97 seconds for detention. Well that answers my question What why do you even play this 90 seconds for the first offense? That’s like the equivalent of giving someone a life sentence for? Littering. Okay sure, it’s bad But God do I did I do or do I have to get 99 years for for accidentally dropping a paper on the ground? That’s essentially what they’re doing to me right now. Do you know what they should do? They should make it baldies more brutal basics Okay, and add some like stupid crazy hard math questions that you need like your notes, too So write it down to figure it out and then your timed imagine Nats then I’ve literally just it would be done for me I would know more baldie for Michael I am giving a restraint of they left. Okay, they actually left me. All right, I’m getting a restraining where he gets them Okay, apparently, it’s just not enough to put handcuffs on them. You need to rest you need to rest No, you just put in their party before the he comes AHHH! Skipping rope girl: oops! OOPS! You like jump rope huh? YOU LIKE JUMP ROPE?! Huh? You like Jump rope! Today’s scrub the day goes to Clarence from the closet I’m sorry for what? I did kind of but not really actually no, I take that back. You’re horrible You you are something else. Why are you strength like me? Do I have to say I mean, I’ve said it multiple times and I can say it again and again and again you suck Thank you Congratulations Clarence. You are scrub of the day for once in your mirror. Horrible existence guys I’d like to thank you so much for watching. Okay, we’ve been playing lots of Baldy that’s the name of the game right And I really thought that we were gonna be back but then I see people are modding the game and it’s how we actually get An update that’s like pretty awesome. This is so like just like Doki Doki Remember, we finished the actual game and then there’s mods of it. So we’re just repeating the same patterns over and over again Alright, and don’t worry. We’ll probably still play some Doki mods in the future I just been taking a break because I’ve been getting comments people saying they don’t like it and you know Even I’ve been getting tired of it and it’s not you don’t have to Wonder why but that doesn’t mean that I won’t do more in the future There’s still some really awesome was that I like to take a look at but anyway, yes guys I’m challenging you okay to not only try to beat this and if you beat this Please record a video and show me because I won’t believe you if you say you just beat it. That’s easy to say. Oh no Sqeaky voice: Oh Bijuu Mike I beat the game! I need proof or it didn’t happen and also guys be sure to mod the game and send them to me and I would love to play them on the channel and Of course link your channel or whatever you have. Whatever social media Be sure to send it to me. I send me an email if you like That’s a great way to get a hold of me at beat you mic business at Okay, you can find that in the About section of my youtube channel Do you want to be scrubbed of the day be sure to hit that subscribe button? Hit the bell to not miss on on any other videos guys. Thank you So, you know so much for all the support that you guys always give me I love you so much, and I will see you salads in the next one. Bye guys

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