Baha'i & The One World Religion Examined

the Baha'i faith takes its name from our founder Mahalo who was born in 1817 in Persia which today is known as Iran hi my name is Josh and I'm a Baha'i we believe Mahalo is a manifestation of God his name means the glory of God but he's not the only divine educator we also view Krishna Moses Buddha Jesus Christ and Muhammad as manifestations of God as Baha'i as we believe that all religions share the one God our temples are all nine sided nine is a special number in our faith because it's associated with unity we welcome people of all beliefs into our houses of worship unlike other faiths we don't have clergy or sermons but we do have administrative bodies at local and national levels who look after Baha'i Affairs at the international level is the universal House of Justice to worship we pray and draw insights from the Baha'i holy writings which have been revealed by b'hala we consider men and women to be equal in the sight of God children aren't born into the faith you're encouraged to find your own religious truth rather than adopting your parents beliefs you can affirm your faith from the age of 15 we are united by our belief in the oneness of humanity many Baha'i in community projects because we believe that work done in the spirit of service is the highest form of wash ladies and gentlemen we know that great change is in the works you can see it all around us we have studied we have research we have uncovered and exposed probably the greatest conspiracy in the history of the world or at least it began as a conspiracy nothing is hidden anymore but by the strict legal definition can be called a conspiracy through the use of common Simpsons study however everything is out in the open now he is hidden the people who are weighing about this change in the world are so arrogant so convinced that we the ordinary man and woman are so stupid so ignorant and so concerned with our day to day life and bringing levin yin sucking up some subs after work been available tavern are just in front of your television rotting your brain that they don't bother to hide anything anymore they are absolutely convinced that it is armed so far that nothing can stop it and the more time that passes you can see their arrogance increase their contempt they want to create a system of regions under a world totalitarian socialist government they want to quote enslave the masses in quote or at least buying them so that they will never again represent a threat to the ruling class we know from their own writings and speeches and documents that they want to call the population of the world and reign down to a much more manageable level we also know that religion has been a big thorn in their side since the beginning and they want to do away with all existing religions save theirs for what is theirs what is this religion of theirs that we're going to be forced to join our supper dire consequences if we could not do and everyone will be given the choice if we study the United Nations ladies and gentlemen we can see that there is only one religion that has ever been recognized in the history of that organization and that religion is the Baha'i faith tonight I'm going to take you on a tour of the Baha'i faith and give you a peek into what has to be a merging of all of the mystery religions into a accepted body of teachings and beliefs that these manipulators believe will allow all the people in the world to live together without any conflict and if I go through this I think you'll begin to understand why there is no concept of freedom in the New World Order understand ladies and gentlemen that you will be presented with a strict set of rules on how you will live your life you'll have to have permission to have children the children will be reared by the state not by the family you will only probably be forced to work four hours a day and be pleasantly entertained with Super Bowls and great sporting contests and fantastic exhibitions and motion pictures and holographic presentations and theatrical works great art exhibitions designer drugs parties and as you have already noticed on television gladiators are coming back although in its present form blood has not been spilled as of yet however it is extremely popular with the less intelligence of what they call the mathis watch it flower in bloom for one day you will watch two combatants of our field in front of tens of thousands of people battle to the death once again and they may be those who choose not to follow the new world religion a person who really wants to know what's coming the new world order will be an avid student of the old Roman Empire it will be amazed at the similarities and even the exact duplicitous of the politics the lies the manipulation of the people and of the Republic and the same roses that we used in Julius Caesar's days to destroy the Republic and create a dictatorship ruled by an emperor who ultimately became God our being played out on the world stage today the exact scenario you don't even see the exact symbols in use the next time you're watching c-span look on each side of the podium where the speaker sits you will see the FAFSA and you see that you gold and if you look upon the lodges of the Scottish Rite pinholes you will see the double-headed eagle it's all there it's all the same religion the same politics the same lies the same manipulations the same controls the same power struggles the same greed the same desire the same frantic temptations to rule the world by the same people descended from the exact same families doubt it not dr. east Annie Jones wrote there is a snag in the statement of the Theosophists and the baha'i that all religions are basically one in the same and are equally good therefore join the Theosophical society are the behind moment' basis but if they're all the same why another it would indeed seem superfluous that buys reporting much stronger response from the public during recent years than ever before and maybe Ferguson was right when he stated that no cults bears a gospel better suited to the temper of our times than the Baha you will soon discover why you see this movement which after all claims only something over 1 million adherents and nearly every country of the world is worth studying for among those 1 million adherents and I sincerely ladies and gentlemen believe that it is way beyond that number are the great families to control the financial systems economies banks the families that rule the nations of the world dr. Atkins was right in observing that there is among all the cults nothing more curious than that the old controversy as to the true successor of muhammad the prophet that lakhs have issued in a universal religion with a temple of unity on the shores of lake michigan you see bhai ISM is a persian Mohammedan origin it praises its beginning to the Mohammedan belief that the last true successor of muhammad who disappeared in the 10th century never died but is still living in a mysterious city surrounded by a band of faithful disciples and that at the end of time he will issue forth and fill the earth with justice after it has been filled with iniquity this hidden successor ladies and gentlemen said that revealed himself from time to time through those to whom he has made known his will and who are known as babs our gates the gate that is whereby communication was reopened between the hidden one and his faithful followers the last one of these babs was a young Persian merchant named mirza ali muhammad we put the title of bob in 1844 and who had much the same relation to baha'u'llah as John the Baptist had to Christ you see the Bob's career was short-lived he died a martyr's death at the hand of Persian muhammadans at the age of 30 years in the year 1850 he had constantly pointed to a divine prophet who was shortly to succeed him the same old promise of a messiah that has existed for millennia and before his death he sent his signet rings and writings to one of his friends and foremost supporters one Mirza Hussein ha leave his senior by only two years the two had never met and were certainly not related alia first continued the teachings of the Bob but soon afterwards announced himself as the divine manifestation predicted by him an opportunist you might say he is known as baha'u'llah that is translated glory to God the followers of this organization then changed their name from Bob's tuba highs and proceeded to ascribe to baha'u'llah divine honor and worship like the Bob bahá'u'lláh and his disciples suffered much from persecution and exile which of course only proved once more that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church bahá'u'lláh passed away in May of 1892 at the age of 75 after 40 years of hardship imprisonment and Dec smile in his Villa of JJ near akka in Palestine also noted the Holy Land it was succeeded by his son of us Effendi born in Tehran Persia on may 23rd in 1844 coincidentally on the very day upon which the Bob made his declaration to the disciples in Shiraz Abbas who had shared his father's hardships as well as his greater ease in his declining years is known among the bhai's as abdu l-bahá in effect translated the servants of God he became the authoritative interpreter of the teachings of the master bahá'u'lláh he too became the victim of persecution and has known adversities and persecutions although not as severe and numerous as his predecessors in the cause in 1912 he actually visited the United States where the first disciples were one in Chicago and where the cause has since grown more rapidly than in any other country except Persia abdu l-bahá died on November the 28th 1921 aged 77 years the leadership of the movement after some wrangling spell to his eldest grandson shoghi effendi the head of the committee of 19 and known by the title of guardian of the cause this handler accepted all the religions of the world found them puzzle mentally and essentially alike and Revere's employee as divine all nine of the prophets so it may appeal equally to Hindus Muslims Christians and Jews it admits the divinity of the prophet of Messiah of each it does not even claim in greater divinity for its own particular profit Baha'u'llah it merely claims that the great beauty of blessed perfection coming later and brought the latest message from the divine source to the peoples of the world and that the message doesn't differ fundamentally or an essence from the message of his predecessor but is you might say brought up-to-date in dealing with certain specific matters the concern the people from Christ or Muhammad addressed in the words of another Baha'i writer Jesus could not speak of international problems as people did not know of the existence of Japan a new revelation for our modern day must therefore complete that brought by Jesus when Jesus warned to watch and pray for the coming of the Lord he met receive baha'u'llah Pepa this prophet therefore referred to Jesus as the Son of God or a manifestation of God but claimed to be himself a later manifestation in accordance with these fundamental ideas and to attain to their unifying ideal bhai is present the following principles for which they strive listen very carefully the oneness of God and oneness of religion the oneness of mankind independent search after truth all prejudices must be abandoned – with religious color national class sexual and personal prejudices in international peace international auxiliary language and education for all equality for the sexist abolition of industrial slavery which is abolition of wealth and poverty which translates to communistic personal holiness work in the spirit of service is worship and oh boy now some of these sound really good and some of them really are ladies and gentlemen others are manipulations and terrible manipulations of death bhai is implying that unity and brotherhood are the only important things and not doctrine you see this faith comes out of the mysteries of the brotherhood of the Illuminati and it is built around this word brotherhood love is the ever recurring word in its literature but those who practice this religion demonstrate over and over again that that word love means little if anything at all is his conception of love is neither correct nor consistently carried out in the first place by high ISM itself proves that love without certain definite teachings is untenable when in New York in 1912 abdu l-bahá was approached by two boys who arguing a point of bahá'í teachings asked him to decide who was right the answer of abdu l-bahá was neither is right to be a Baha'i there must never be any discord all must agree unity is the aim and yet that same system now insists that nothing whatever should be given to the public by any individual among the friends unless fully considered and approved by the spiritual assembly in his locality the implication of this of course is that it is not safe to let individuals share their views on bhai except after a approval of their views the star of the West is the official organ of the movement in America and in the next place in case a member of the bajas leads the movement because of change views he are generally she for this is a ladies cult like Christian Science has good reason to hide as far as possible out of reach of the leaders of this loving cult now you can never find anything written that will back up that statement ladies and gentlemen but anyone who has been a victim of the aftermath of their public disagreement with the tenets of the Baha'i faith will tell you very quickly without hesitation and with great fear that it is true you see there is no salvation for apostate behind cording to the system just as there is no salvation for apostate Mormons according to their system just as this there is no salvation for apostate Freemasons according to their system or apostate Rosicrucian members according to their system you would think that the frightfully outlandish names and use among wise tend to make the movement unpopular but the buys however do not shrink from pointing to their great temple as much regal I the car and with this simple they can juror it has cost more money in time to complete this temple than seems to have been originally expected and the dream of building similar structures in every state of the union has for the time being at least not materialized well they have built structures and temples here and there but not in every state of the union the temple at Wilmette near Chicago embodies invisible form many of the ideals of this organization and is its chief means of propaganda in an Illustrated pamphlet on the bahai house of worship an institution of the World Order of bahá'u'lláh one of eval COI informs us that as musicians artists and poets received their inspiration from another realm so the late louis boudoir architect of this simple through all his years of labor was ever conscious that the baha'u'llah was the creator of this building to be erected to his glory when the man-made Creed's are stripped away from all the religions we find nothing left but harmony but today religion ladies and gentlemen the Sun tangled in the superstitions and hypotheses of men that it must needs be stated a new form to be once again pure and undefiled according to the behind and according to the behind that is exactly what they and no one else are doing and likewise in architecture those fundamental structural lines which originated in the faith of all religions are the same but so covered over are they with the decorations picturing Creed upon Creed and superstition upon a superstition that the Baha'is need lay them aside and create a new form or ornamentation so into this new design the design of the temple is woven in symbolic form the great Baha'i teaching of unity which symbology why the symbology that I've been teaching you for the last four and a half years the symbology of the ancient mystery religion of Babylon the great bhai teaching outwardly to the propane is that of unity the unity of all religions and of all mankind there are combinations of mathematical lines symbolizing those of the universe and then there in and see if it doesn't sound a little familiar to you the unity of all religions and of all mankind combinations of mathematical lines which symbolize those of the universe and in the intricate merging of circle into circle a circle within circle we visualize the merging of all of the different religions into one so I'm not going to belabor this and make you weary of listening to a detailed account of the cost that was spent but when the mushrik will add car at will MIT was completed it was supposed to include a hospital and dispensary in a school for orphaned children a hospice in the college for higher scientific education in these institutions the principle of the oneness of mankind was to have been put into concrete practice the surfaces were to be dispensed irrespective of color race or nationality the scientific knowledge we're told was included because religion and science are the two wings upon which man's intelligence can soar into the heights with which the human soul can progress whatever that means you see there are nine entrances into the nonagon temple that's their term I have no idea what nonagon means each one of these inferences represents one of nine great religions and altogether leading into the inner sanctuary of true from the headquarters of the National spiritual assembly of the highs is the United States and Canada we're also informed that when the interior decoration is completed the central hall of the wilmuth temple will be open for daily prayer and meditation and for meetings consisting only reading from the words of baha'u'llah and Abdul Baha in all of these mystery schools you will find the object of central concern is the completion of a temple the work on the Baha'i temple proceeded for many years very very slowly and a letter dated February the 21st 1942 mr. Horace Halley secretary of the national spiritual assembly of the Buy's of Wilmette Illinois conformed since a pamphlet by Guinevere al-khoei was published the work of external decoration has been carried forward to a point very near completion the enclosed photograph taken December 18th shows the progress on the main story which is now nearly completed except for two of the nine sighs we hope that this work can be done before the fall of 1942 and it wasn't and at the same time construct the circular steps which are to surround the building when this construction work is finished the exterior of the building will be complete but work of the interior is still to be done we do not plan any immediate work on the interior but assumed after a few years a definite scheme of interior decoration and arrangement will be undertaken compare this slow financial sacrifice for the movements chief enterprise the remark of WM Miller it is startling to reading the census statistics as given by the buys of America that whereas the property of the Baha'i temple in Chicago is worth more than a million dollars the amount given in 1936 by the members of the cause to charity was only two hundred and eighty one dollars same thing happens with the Freemasons who claim that they are a benevolent organization existing for the good of the community they collect millions millions of dollars every year every research into what is done with those dollars reveals that less ladies given less than 3% is ever and hundred works so even if this figure of the buys is correct according to WM Miller even if it is incorrect wouldn't it be wonderful if they would show their love more indeed than inward he says if they would win our confidence how much more convincing a great medical mission in India are to bet than a million dollar temple in Chicago beautiful as the must rig woo as car may be WM Miller was a thinking man the bhai centenary 1844 to 1944 published in 1944 by the Baha'i publishing company Wilmette Illinois states that the superstructure was finished in 1931 and the exterior ornamentation was completed between 1932 and 1843 from the same source learned that for Baha'i schools have been established in the United States some of which judging from the photographs for quite elaborate of the temple discourse states records of daily visitors kept since July 1st 1930 to show that the total number who went through the building with Baha'i guides up to October 1st 1943 was one hundred and sixty-four thousand three hundred and sixty to deal with that throng of inquires a body of temple guides has been rendering service its members repaired by special course of instructions based upon long experience with the types of questions asked and the information desired and it seems that the Mormons have learned something from this because they have instituted the exact same system now it's evident to me ladies gentlemen I don't know about you that a movement which so strong expresses the unity of all religious forces in the world to be somewhat vague and in general for a Penn State anything exactly and they are no longer unifying market so there are not many points of Christian doctrine upon which this organization teaches it rather ignores then one and all perhaps that's exactly where we should start in your basic education as to the tenets of the Heysel right now it should be clear that the high ISM has some very fine points which I read you which from the Christian standpoint make it all the more dangerous as a religion the last three words that I gave you were stressed for it purpose who would not praise it in the behind when they advocate world peace who would not praise any organization or any person when they advocate world peace who listening is not grasped by this time the terribleness of a universal war fought with modern weapons of wholesale destruction along the lines of world war ii which literally encompass the blow which would be fought not in our interest ladies and gentlemen but in the interest of international investments of large capital rich people make money from wars no matter who wins or loses who among you does not realize that modern warfare comes as close to hell as anything on earth can well come or who does not realize that it is more than a noble gesture for someone who has been a lifelong member of the Ku Klux Klan to lay a sip black child in the bed next to his own in the same ward and then tend to both with equal equal tenderness do you think that it could ever happen you think that it ever would because that's what they're talking about here you see there are great gifts of what Calvin called God's common grace but all such nobility of character does not atone for sin ladies and gentlemen it is not religion least of all is it a religion superior to Christianity or to any other religion for that matter it is a religion which vacillates and accepts basically the tenants remaining attendance of all in order to be accepted by all and their dream is that all will merge as one and Baha'i you see Baha'i ISM is plainly implied pantheism Baha'i ISM is one more example of what dr. Abraham Kuyper called many years ago the irresistible tendency in our age to change along every line but God made him into the man God as pantheism bhai ISM stands condemned from the standpoint of Christianity not man's reaching up to ever higher manifestations of the divine but the transcendent God descending to man and divine revelation is the way out of human ills you want to cause trouble upon this earth you make man God and you will see more trouble than you ever dreamed up in your wildest fantasies or that you can read about in the most terrible history that has ever occurred in this world see if man is God he doesn't have to answer for anything the man is God he does not have to explain the way his desires and temptations if man is God then he cannot sin by stealing what is yours renting your wife your daughter are murdering as many as he wishes without something higher than men which man must answer to there can be no moral there can be no happy with Envy no responsibility it's the danger with all of this around you who's sitting around you would you trust to be God if you trust me to be God by golly I wouldn't I know me too well my teaching has always been enough to place anyone upon a pedestal not to follow blindly not to trust anyone that you sinned to a public office to listen to everyone read everything believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research you see Baha'i ISM as much in common with theosophy it grew it grew literally out of the mystery religions which is theosophy both emphasized the idea that one more divine spokesman must add to Jesus's words but whereas Theosophists are looking for this man to appear since Krishnamurti stepped down from the throne that was Christ's in their words the highs assert that this man has appeared already in baha'u'llah with the octopus the hives also agree that all religions are one we remember any Besant words blended together to give the whiteness of truth blended together they give a mighty cord of perfection this do of course to their common pantheism the high ISM these Gilman has much in common with spiritism and Freemasonry for literally at the highest level they are the same at the highest levels they are the same with the Mormon Church and many others that I am only stating fact here and are condemning any of it of spiritism Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote to me it is religion the very essence of it he called it the great unifying force the one probable thing connected with every religion Christian or non-christian forming the common solid basis upon which each raises if it must needs raise that separate system which appeals the varied types of mind that sounds exactly like me hot by ISM doesn't it does me the discussion of Freemasonry that we had over the last four and a half years on this broadcast reveals that this is the same same old teaching sort of twisted just a little bit to make it a little more likeable and without an awful lot of the symbolism and the esoteric language which tends to scare people away they're frightened by the mmm two great many Freemasons the lodge is the badge of sociability mutual helpfulness and especially the Blue Lodge with a knew nothing of the truth of the higher degrees and they actually raft the idea that the Masonic Lodge or the Independent Order of Odd Fellows or the Rosicrucian should be considered a competitor right a lonely substitute for the Christian religion but indeed in fact it is and nevertheless many leaders of the Masonic movement the officially recommended literature of the movement its signs and England's which are all borrowed from oriental pagan religions all these and other things show Freemasons no need to be such but one dr. Tory was right when he said a man can be a Christian and a freemason but he cannot be an intelligent Christian and an intelligent freemason at the same time for his worship being upon two altars these altars to two different gods and he knows it not so without wanting to give up its therefore to Christian Masons and then being exceptionally polite tonight because normally in a knot I would ask of them to study such works as an encyclopedia of Freemasonry which is in all the lodges but seems to never be open and its kindred Sciences specific volume that I'm talking about our set of volumes was published in 1914 in lexicon of Freemasonry Masonic ritual is all by Albert G Maki MD 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the ancient gods by jsn Ward published in 1926 the new Odd Fellows manual by Reverend ad brush published in 1882 and I would ask freemasons to consider why there is a pole Masonic Order in the Theosophical Society I would ask why the assertion that all religions are one should be tolerated in Freemasonry but condemned in theosophy in Basel bahá'u'lláh and his last will and testament said this ladies and gentlemen all ye people of the world the religion of God is for the sake of love and Union make it not the cause of enmity and conflict the hope is cherished that the people of Baja shall ever turn to the Blessed word lo all are of God and what's wrong with that absolutely nothing ladies and gentlemen it is something that any one of us if we could put the words together would say the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry southern jurisdiction said this of the United States in 1874 quote Freemasonry is a worship but one in which all civilized men can unite for it does not undertake to explain or dogmatically to settle those great mysteries that are above the feeble comprehension of our human his elect in quote you see you thought I was joking when I said that they're the same exactly the same teaching exactly the same bringing about the same end result and Mackey wrote one of the great writers of Freemasonry and I quote in Freemasonry were simply a Christian institution the Jew in the Moslem the Brahman and the Buddhist could not conscientiously partake of its illumination but its universality is its boast in its language citizens of every nation they converse this alter me of all religions may kneel to its creed disciples of every faith may subscribe in quote so all the masons out there who have been claiming that you are really a Christian Brotherhood you are lying to yourself you are lying to your friends your families you're lying to me and I don't let you get away with it where's all the rest of a might stop lying stop deceiving stop manipulating everybody would stop doing those things and start telling the truth we very quickly sort out where we're at in this world and where we're going and where we really want to be and then we might actually be able to get there anyone who has to lie to make anyone else follow them is teaching a lie and following a lie and goading a line the highest claim for their religion they later emphasis upon the very same truth they say but also among others by Christianity we maintain they say that it is at least in its manifestation Christians hands or aliens a bad imitation of the Christian religion but it's not even close to an imitation of the Christian religion at all in any one who could confuse it for such doesn't know anything about Christianity and you could not possibly confuse it for the Buddhist religion are the Islamic religion arc any of the Eastern religions such as the Hindu religion or does not even come close to them either although it accepts and promotes parts of all of it they believe the bahá'u'llah has the final manifestation of God in the flesh is an imitation of the Incarnation as seen in Jesus Christ and in fact is the same spirit bahai inspired tablets did we consider fake are there spiritual baptism holyland beattitudes unity peace for the Lord's Supper there imitation tinta cost as for passing peace it said to fill the souls of those who repeat 95 times daily the words ah-ah-ah-ah-ah these would be Christian touches apparently calculated to catch Christians when it does not increase anyone's respect for bhai ISM but it does actually evening get somebody that's fat edit orally the Christian century of September 25th 1946 tells us that the Baha'is decided to begin to advertise their cause you can hold manner for the rank and file for Newsweek and similar periodicals while others were reached from trade journals of the publishing broadcasting industries and that's interesting first because we're now prepared to look for a more open method of propaganda or you can begin to see their teachings increase there have Verte izing reach out even more as the New World Order struggles to be born they teach the unity of any and all religions secondly however we can get a glimpse of the mentality of modernism when we see II's and gentlemen their Journal of religion go so far in there of the himmat antagonism against denominationalism and state that the plan is alright the highs have something to sell it is interesting and maybe helpful suggesting to other religious bodies can see how this worthy group which had its organs among the Muhammadans of Persia about a century ago makes use of the most modern techniques for making friends and influencing people we'll continue this on money 9 if you don't think it's worthwhile turn off your radio and go to bed I think it's worthwhile because it is after all the only approved religion of the United Nations and that makes it extremely important good night ladies and gentlemen god bless you all yeah with me together this time I'm Jill and Arlene Cooper off liability get kids off like Fergie a magic States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all well ladies know when I'm going to continue tonight where I left off on Friday night with the religion of Baja the Baha'i faith they call it our Baha'i ism it is the only approved religion of the United Nations it is the only religion recognized for that matter by the United Nations and if you want to know where we're going with this new world religion you had better understand that what the United Nations recognizes is most probably and have an awful lot to do with whatever world religion emerges from the birth of the world to talat Aryan socialist state bhai of them in the Bible what what is the difference between what Christians teach and Mormons teach the highs teach and the Protestants and Catholics teach or the Hindus of the Buddhist you're finding through quite a bit the high ISM teaches the followers ladies and gentlemen to listen very closely the only God they teach that their God is the only God and there's the quote directly from their own literature further than this man has no other point for concentration he is God who is he bahá'u'lláh their previously historically manifested they say God in the flesh bahá'u'lláh their massage according to spin are having to do with sin this is what they say listen carefully the only difference between members of the human family is that of degree some are like children who are ignorant and must be educated and whole they arrive at maturity some are like the sick it must be treated with tenderness and care and the onion are bad are evil we must not feel repelled by these poor children we must treat them with great kindness teaching the ignorant and tenderly nursing the sick Abdo la Baja is the one who said that and is another thing that he said right out of their own literature there's these are the tenants by which they practice their religion evil is imperfection sin is the state of man in the world of the baser nature for in nature exist defects such as injustice caring hatred hostility strife these are characteristics of the lower plane of nature these are the sins of the world the fruits of the tree from which Adam did eat through education we must free ourselves from these imperfections and I can tell you ladies right now ladies and gentlemen right now that what he said here is not true but you will not find these things in nature unless man is present if you don't believe me look around these things exist with the presence of man holy injustice you don't see injustice in nature you don't think tyranny in nature you don't see hatred in nature you don't see hostility are strife in nature you see the natural behavior for each animal according to its own nature what they do they do for survival they do to eat they do to protect their territory and their mate our mate as the case may be nature without the presence of man as the perfect and wonderful balance to it and this religion is trying to say that evil is nature and it just is not true what about bhai ISM and Jesus here's what they say ladies and gentleman let me give you two different quotes from the literature and these are but the main ones and the first is by Abdullah Baja and he said Christ was the prophet of the Christians Moses of the Jews why should not the followers of each prophet recognize and honor the other prophets also if men could only learn the lesson of mutual power understanding and brotherly love the unity of the world would soon be an established fact what's wrong with that statement absolutely nothing I tend to I tend to believe that also but only the last part if men could only learn the lesson of mutual tolerance understanding and brotherly love the unity of the world would soon be an established fact I believe that I'm really intelligent person who would not believe that statement whether or not this statement can ever become reality now that's another story this is not the nature of man that's that man has his own nature just like the animals the first part of his statement I totally disagree with Christ was the prophet of the Christian Moses of the view why should not the followers of each prophet recognize and honor the other prophets also because he's not just talking about Christ and Moses he's talking about Buddha he's talking about Nostradamus these target men all of these people then quite frankly I can't accept all of those people I can't even accept most of them to tell you the truth faith versus reason listen to what they say about that and you're going to recognize some buzzwords here that you've heard in the Mystery Babylon series and in a lot of the teachings that you've listened to on this broadcast faith versus reason quote there are two kinds of light there is the visible light of the Sun spelled su in by whose aid we can discern the beauties of the world around us without this we could see nothing nevertheless though it is the function of this light to make things visible to us it cannot give us the power to see them or to understand what their various charm may be for this light has no intelligence no consciousness it is the light of the intellect which gives us knowledge and understanding and without this light the physical eyes would be useless this light of the intellect is the highest light that exists for it is born of the light divine the light of the intellect enables us to understand and realize all that exists but it is only the divine light that can give us sight for the invisible things and which enabled us to see troops that will only be visible to the world thousands of years hence we must not accept traditional dogmas that are contrary to reason our pretend to believe doctrines which we cannot understand to do so is superstition and not true religion as to the sufferings of Christ here's what to say about that why did Christ Jesus suffer the fearful death on the cross why did Muhammad bear persecutions why did the Bob make the supreme sacrifice and why did Baha'u'llah tax the years of his life in prison why should all this peppering have been if not to prove the everlasting life of the Spirit Christ suffered he accepted all his trials because of the immortality of his spirit if a man reflects he will understand the spiritual significance of the law of progress how all moves from the inferior to the superior degree Abdulla Bahasa death and they also say we hold that behind them stands condemned by the following statements of Scripture excuse me Matthew chapter 24 verses 24 through 26 for then shall arise false Christ's and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders so as to lead astray if possible even the elect if therefore they shall say unto you behold he's the maloom honest till not for behold he is in the inner chambers believe it not and in close he ins chapter 1 verse 18 for twas the good pleasure of the father that in Him should all the fullness dwell and through him to reconcile all things unto himself having made peace through the blood of his cross through him I say whether things upon the earth or things in the heaven and that's actually a quote from a Christian leader and his name is blurred here and it is e that says we hold it behind them stands condemned by the following statements of Scripture so you can see there ladies and gentlemen that there are quite a few reasons once you understand some of these religions our mystery teachings you can see very clearly why certain things are happening you can understand why your children are being taught certain principles you can understand why you're seeing things on television that are being ingrained into the minds of the population you can better understand the movies of the Walt Disney Studios throughout its history Walt Disney was not being kind to you or your children while Disney was practicing a great deception it was in fact teaching the mystery religion to the children he was in fact ladies and gentlemen setting the stage in the minds of the youth of his generation I mean the youth that were born and reared on the Walt Disney movies and stories for the New World Order you notice that Friday night I played Disney music and tonight I'm playing it again you're going to find out why I do that because now I'm going to talk about theosophy and the United Nations may recognize the high is amiss the only recognized religion but I got to tell you that almost all of the New Age concepts come out of the melding of all of the mystery teachings and the hidden religion of the worship of the Sun we're all the way back to ancient Babylon into what is known as theosophy which was first taught by madame helena blavatsky and I told you this many times before this is where it's really at this is where you really get the messages this is where you really begin to understand what's happening and why theosophy is also known by its adherents as the divine wisdom they believe it is the apostate child of spiritism and some say that's mixed with Buddhism and if you don't know anything about the mystery religions without the inner core and the highest degrees of Freemasonry if you don't know anything about the ancient religions of myth Reyes are useless if you don't know about the ancient Egyptian worship of the Sun if you don't know about any of these things if you don't know about Diana if you don't know about Semiramis and Tammuz if you don't know about Osiris and Isis and Horus then this is exactly what you're going to think you're going to think that it's a mixture of spiritism and some Far Eastern religion but it's not really it's the melding of all of the hidden and secret religions that have been practiced in dark chambers and groves at midnight and in tombs and in temples without windows for the whole history of the human race it is a cosmic journey and I'm going to try to give you the most basic history and structure of worship and belief of this religion illness theosophy because this is really where all is that this is we're gonna find most of the answers that you're looking for if you're looking to find what is coming what form is going to take what it means and why it's in theosophy is much more complicated than the just spiritism mixed with Buddhism it is extremely intricate it is ancient and at the same time modern it has a world and life view that is very complete it is fascinating for those who study these occult and for people who want an easy explanation for everything and want to be a part of all of the crowd into the New World Order type thing it is the religion before you can know anything about the Asti ladies only have to know a little bit about elena petrova it was a russian girl at the age of 17 she married a man in B Blavatsky in 1848 she didn't stay with him very long she deserted him after two months only and let a wandering life for over 25 years she flitted between Paris London Russia Greece the United States Mexico and India she became a spirit estate medium early in her life and for 10 years was under the control of a spirit he says and called himself John King in 1857 ladies and gentlemen Madame Blavatsky tried to found a spirit estate Society at Cairo Egypt but failed she then travelled to New York in 1873 and she thought cooperation with mediums but just then so much fraud was exposed that she we read of the spiritism of the day and in 1875 she founded the Theosophical Society in New York aided by a man named Colonel Olcott and Colonel in the Civil War and he said of it and I quote it is the same spiritualism but under another name end quote well it certainly wasn't as you will soon discover in 1882 above a ski and Olcott visited India together and rounded out their system of religion of theosophy by adding Hindu and Buddhist elements you see they took as they went along much as the old Hebrew religion grew and changed and borrowed parts of the religion of the peoples of the country through which the nomadic tribe wondered when I say that about the eros I'm talking long before they ever established any kind of a kingdom or nation for they were traditionally nomadic tribes herdsmen Polaski ultimately died in 1891 aged 60 years after a life of fame insane controversy and mistress her greatest successor was a woman mrs. and Edith hunt born 1847 died in 1933 she was the daughter of an English minister but better persons to move in and take the place of telling the Blavatsky because she had her own mysticism to add from the Christian religion she was later the wife of a man she left in 1873 and after challenging the doctrine of the church of england and he bethought identified herself with free thought and radical political movements then suddenly mrs. Besant was converted to theosophy she pretended to become a scholar many claimed that that was a accurate claim on her behalf others say that it was not she was a public speaker a very good public speaker and she was a voluminous writer she died on September 20th 1933 in her 86th year Annie Besant's outstanding claim was that her adopted son Krishnamurti also called Krishnaji was the new Messiah are the reincarnation of the world teacher this she discovered on December 28 1925 and in 1926 Baron Philippe van pelant's gave his large estate at Alden in the Netherlands to be the headquarters of this new Messiah annual conferences were held with it first as many as 2000 attendants disciples while in 1928 there were 1,750 women and 800 men some of these ladies left with the picture of Krishnamurti under their pillows at Crotona California the American headquarters of theosophy Krishnaji announced on November 20th 1931 that he had become convinced he was not the messiah and refused to receive further adoration much to his great credit this is what he said quote I am NOT an actor I refused to wear the robes of Amos fire so I am again free of all possessions I have nothing except my Creed in quote since Danny has lived in retirement though giving lectures occasionally up until the date of his death mrs. Besant died in 1933 and was succeeded by George s Arundale who upon his departure was followed by C Jinnah Raja dasa and I have never been able to pronounce that name spelled ji n AR aja das a general Hadassah it was the president of the Society for many years since 1945 he was a prolific writer among his work for the Golden Books of the Theosophical Society published upon the 50th anniversary of the society at Adyar in 1925 theosophy is called by LW rogers ladies and gentlemen a religion a philosophy a science but accurately speaking none of these apply for it is truly an attempt at all of them and yet something way beyond them that fails miserably and blending science and it can only be described in a brief outline unless you want to spend a whole lot of time and probably years studying the voluminous material which outlines the secret doctrine of the teachings of theosophy we have those available by the way and you can refer to Veritas if you'd like to order the set of three volumes volume three was rare and extremely difficult to obtain as well recently we have that available we're going to look in the theosophy complex ideas concerning God simply because the doctrine of God is always determinative for any system of religion and therefore that had better be the first thing that we look at but I don't want to get into that and pull after this break so don't go away folks I'll be right back and if you're wondering why I'm speaking so slow Friday night and tonight I've been having a tickling sensation in my throat and if I talk fast pretty soon I begin copying and then I can talk it off that's why you're getting this slow deliberate treatment well ladies women did you know that touchstone pictures is Walt Disney do you know a touchstone means if you don't I suggest a few look do a little research because the answer to that question might might into illuminate you a little bit further and do the truth about the Walt Disney Corporation down were the time is brought to you by Swiss America trade twist America trading specializes in obtaining and making available to you any kind from the lowest to the highest from the most credible to the scarcest precious metals in all of their different forms real money when you get into gold until the coin is real money point of the realm the money of attempt law constitutional money it amazes me ladies and gentlemen that people don't understand that what they're carrying in their wallets every day is worthless it's value depends upon the ability of the Federal Reserve to convince you that it has some kind of work and of course it doesn't and it says we're any debt based economy the amount of money in circulation has to continually increase as the population increases and as more and more people took out loans create debt and so a constant and continuing inflation occurs everybody thinks they're better off today than they were in 1954 but I can assure you that's not true if you go back and look what people made in 1954 and what they could buy with what they made and look at what you make now and compare with what you can buy with what you make now to find out that you're not better off at all and you also have to understand that back in 1954 ladies and gentlemen only one person in the family had to work to make a decent living for the entire family think about that it's because we are using a worthless paper that is not money it is not a note and it is not currency according to any legal definition that you can find if you don't believe that you look up those definitions in Black's Law Dictionary or any other Law Dictionary for that matter and also if you look on the new money that has just come out you'll see that Federal Reserve System replaces the old wording yet if you call the Federal Reserve are you checking the law you'll find that there is no legal term covering anything called Federal Reserve System all Swiss America trading get your hands on some real money it's all become undone and embarrassing it has to that's one of the points of the Communist Manifesto which is running the show ladies and gentlemen if you don't believe it take a copy of the Communist Manifesto compare America of 20 years ago to America today you'll see that almost all of the points of the Communist Manifesto as written by Marx and Engels have been implemented already 102 eight nine two six four six has one 802 eight nine two six four six and do it now you know how you are think of a wonderful thought and you can fly well that seems to be the way the world is winning today is thankful wonderful coffee it feels good do it everything is a learning experience so what if you hurt somebody else you learn something by right in theosophy like its prototype the Eastern religions into it well that's email did all of this stuff and which was originally a reaction against the policy is on the Vidya and I'm speaking of Buddhism it is remarkably silent and evasive and its statements concerning God and if you have ever studied Buddhism you'll quickly discover why that is because Buddhism was not a religion Buddha was not teaching a religion Buddha was the son of a ruler they wealthy educated bore but he saw all the misery and suffering the poverty of the people of India and he decided to try to do something about it what he thought was a way of life which is followed by the extreme poor and suffering would enable them to be more comfortable and happier with their bluff it did not teach them to rise above that condition and it taught them nothing about God taught them a way of life and that's why Buddhism is silent that's why it's evasive that's why it doesn't talk about God it is if you really want to know the truth pantheistic since buddha he didn't teach that and now it teaches an impersonal God in some Buddhist actually Revere Buddha himself and just statues so much that many people think that Buddha is their God and that's not true either Buddhism teaches God is all and all is God over and over again the ax stopping writers speak of the unity of all life and you hear that in the New Age is in all these new world people it takes a village from this principle considered fundamental follow many other doctrines if everything that is is God and this God is thought of as universal life the limitless consciousness if you will the eternal love if you will the very source and part of all that is it soon follows to every form of activity is conceived of as wave after wave of this life pushing its way up through matter everything is God that is God Hillary Clinton is God given this we don't marvel that all religions are steamed fundamentally won by these people again same principle is the highest the Mayday via a different dog by different emphasis of different teaching the Brotherhood of religions is the first plank in the platform of the Theosophical society everything is Brotherhood and that comes right out of the mysteries at some point in her life elena petrova livanski rose to the heights to become an initiate and adept a priest mystery religion babylon there's no doubt about it and we have found the record of her initiation into the Masonic Lodge so we know that she was a freemason she said every religion had a note of its own a color of its own that it gives for the helping of the world blended together they give the whiteness of truth within it together to give a mighty cord of perfection the last was a quote from the thunk this in personal guard from which they say all religions emanate or occasionally described is spoken of as a trinity but it's a trinity with theosophy in name only folks where it's a three-fold manifestation of power our real wisdom and activity to quote mrs. Besant and I used to teach in my lectures the best way to understand it was to draw a triangle on a bulletin board and raw right thought desire action that's why you see something triangles it represents of the Trinity of the god of the new world religion where it comes from thought desire action wheel wisdom activity anything else where she expresses this thought as follows quote Trinity of divine beings one is God three is manifested powers in quote worse than this we are told there is a fourth person or in some religions a second Trinity feminine the mother this is that which makes manifestation possible that which eternally in the one is the root of limitation and division and which when manifested is called matter it is the triangle below the triangle the pyramid below the pyramid it is what is known as and you're not going to believe this name just slip my tongue just slipped right out of my mouth and disappeared after that I could say but I will remember some time doing this broadcast for the next you heard of as above so below everything opposes the duality of this world in other words there God is not a male God as the Christian God is it is a androgynous God possessing both email anyway this they believe is the desert some of it is so far out fit it's hard for me to even tell you about it folks some of some of it is very difficult to understand and you shouldn't even crying less you want to follow this religion they believe that this is the divine not self the divine matter the manifested nature regarded as one which later on becomes she has purple he is the for making possible the activity of the three the field of their operations by virtue of her infinite divisibility at once the handmaid of the Lord and also his mother yielding of her substance to form his body the universe were overshadowed by his power you see I told you this was a very intricate religion so let me give you one more taste of this one that you might understand a little bit better the second person is revealed by interaction between her the divine mater and the third person of the Trinity and thus becomes the mediator hits the second person of the Trinity a spirit is ever dueled he is the one who clothed himself in matter in whom the twin hounds of deity appear in union not as one and I know that you're all fairly confused I hope that it will become clearer as we go along but this if you understand it suffice is to show that the theosophic conception of the Godhead is very different from that held in the whole Catholic Christian Church or in the Protestant church it is impersonal it lies at the root of all existence it manifests itself as power as wisdom and as activity as thought as desire and action when and only when is considered as a spiritual entity it also manifests itself as dividing matter is the necessary condition for its manifestation the second person wisdom is dual in nature spiritual as reason material as love because Majnu that I spoke about earlier comes about in this manner theosophy considering matter eternal believes the cycles of the universe by the millions and reckons them also as such they believe that we are at present in the fifth sub race of the human root race and even a sub race goes on for millennia without any visible changes preparing for a new sub race which makes its appearance suddenly they say that in the new age the New Age of Aquarius in the world order the fifth root race will disappear and the sixth root race will emerge the present sub race called the teutonic is a sub race of the Aryan race remember I told you this is all racial and religious in nature ladies and gentlemen they believe that the annual Aryan race is a superior race all the other races are inferior being guided in their developmental evolution by this superior race and if they find races that they believe cannot evolve properly they destroy that race get rid of it they believe that the Aryan root race was preceded by the Atlantean and this in turn by the Lemurian race remember all those turns that you already heard and all of these other things and in the Baha'i religion also and in the rose and cross they believe that the Lemurian race was the first that can be truly called human as it was preceded by semi animal races monkeys if you will the proper history of man according to Blavatsky began no less than 18 million years ago as a result of her clairvoyant investigation for she claimed to be a medium have been talked to the spirits the end to the Otherworld he was in contact she claims with divas and Mahatma's terms and titles that she got from her travels through India as a result of her clairvoyant investigations the Theosophists publish maps of the world as it was eight hundred thousand years ago and again has it appeared eleven thousand five hundred years ago and you're beginning to see in the New Age movement maps that are depicting the world as it will appear after these birth changes that will destroy the fifth root race and leave the 6-3 race has the inheritor of the world what do you think that's all about Liam they talk very clearly that those who cannot make the shift in collective consciousness will not be allowed into the new world you better listen to these people because they're telling you that if you only accept what they're teaching you're going to be destroyed murdered if you will and I mean it murdered you may use use played labor for a while but they're sure going to kill you eventually and they make no secret of it none whatsoever they tell us of the Atlantean race living on the Atlantean confident 800 thousand years ago they believed that this continent formed a belt around the earth stretching almost uninterruptedly from Mexico right across the president Larry Cohen on to Egypt and Asia and that the similarity in the pyramids that exists in these countries is proof of this they believe in an older continent the Lemurian much stretched from the Indian Ocean to Australia from the same occult source of information the octopus know that during the Atlantean period very early immigrations resulted in the grand civilization of Egypt which was in progress long before the time assumed by modern historians and some Jewish scholars believe that they are the survivors of this ancient religion and I don't know if they're in the minority or the majority I really don't know other so-called Arian others will call Aryan scholars claim that they are the survivors and the true inheritors of the intelligence and the civilization of these previous root graces and world if you will and this scholar believes that they're all full of crap and it's all about your bullshit I can prove my statement much easier than they could ever prove theirs and it is true that every age the old race dies and the new race emerges and takes control and what they are really saying is that they are the old devolved race but they really don't belong here if they believe their own crap that's what they're saying they're saying that they're really inferior and they don't even understand that because they say that those civilizations were wiped out by a superior evolutionary jump and the progression of the human race and that is true and they're claiming desert survivors and that they're descended from these ancient races and civilizations than what they're saying is they are inferior true but they claim to be superior and you figure that out folks because I'll tell you no matter how I look at it none of it makes any sense at all it doesn't pass even the most basic of common-sense tests if the human race is truly evolving you certainly don't walk to be part of an old race do you I mean if you believe all that stuff me I just leave in the human race I don't care one week about a year of this early civilization we know that very little is left beyond the pyramids and they attributed this to the great convulsions which they say took place eleven thousand five years ago they believed at that time of the Atlantean continent only an island was left about as large as all modern Europe – Russia and due to the Cataclysm this island subsided with horrific suddenness and the city which then covered what is now the desert of Sahara was driven eastward so as to completely dizzy gypped and in support of this so-called clairvoyant assertion for they can't prove it in any other way the Mexican document is proudly positive it has been translated in 1893 they say it is in itself an ancient manuscript of immense antiquity and it says they say that the catastrophe took place eight thousand and sixty years before the writing of the Bible ten countries it says we're torn asunder and convulsion and sank with their 64 million inhabitants we'll continue this tomorrow night and no ladies doing the tickling my throat for those of you who are trying to guess is not cancer or anything terrible I have a sinus condition when my sinuses are acting up I can't breathe from my nose at night I have to breathe through my mouth my throat gets incredibly dry it causes me all kinds of problems and that's all it is good night again and god bless you all you

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  1. I know what you say is true for I am a fellow believer. But you sound like Darth Vader on the video. Just a little humor..

  2. "1 JOHN 2 : 22 Who is a liar but HE that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son." He not a person, the bible is specific in it`s words


    Today there is no greater glory for man than that of service in the cause of the “Most Great Peace.” Peace is light whereas war is darkness. Peace is life; war is death. Peace is guidance; war is error. Peace is the foundation of God; war is satanic institution. Peace is the illumination of the world of humanity; war is the destroyer of human foundations. When we consider outcomes in the world of existence we find that peace and fellowship are factors of upbuilding and betterment whereas war and strife are the causes of destruction and disintegration. All created things are expressions of the affinity and cohesion of elementary substances, and non-existence is the absence of their attraction and agreement. Various elements unite harmoniously in composition but when these elements become discordant, repelling each other, decomposition and non-existence result. Everything partakes of this nature and is subject to this principle, for the creative foundation in all its degrees and kingdoms is an expression or outcome of love. Consider the restlessness and agitation of the human world today because of war. Peace is health and construction; war is disease and dissolution. When the banner of truth is raised, peace becomes the cause of the welfare and advancement of the human world. In all cycles and ages war has been a factor of derangement and discomfort whereas peace and brotherhood have brought security and consideration of human interests. This distinction is especially pronounced in the present world conditions, for warfare in former centuries had not attained the degree of savagery and destructiveness which now characterizes it. If two nations were at war in olden times, ten or twenty thousand would be sacrificed but in this century the destruction of one hundred thousand lives in a day is quite possible. So perfected has the science of killing become and so efficient the means and instruments of its accomplishment that a whole nation can be obliterated in a short time. Therefore, comparison with the methods and results of ancient warfare is out of the question.

    According to an intrinsic law, all phenomena of being attain to a summit and degree of consummation, after which a new order and condition is established. As the instruments and science of war have reached the degree of thoroughness and proficiency, it is hoped that the transformation of the human world is at hand and that in the coming centuries all the energies and inventions of man will be utilized in promoting the interests of peace and brotherhood. Therefore, may this esteemed and worthy society for the establishment of international peace be confirmed in its sincere intentions and empowered by God. Then will it hasten the time when the banner of universal agreement will be raised, and international welfare will be proclaimed and consummated so that the darkness which now encompasses the world shall pass away.

    (Abdu'l-Baha, Baha'i World Faith – Abdu'l-Baha Section, p. 232)

  4. Barely a minute in and any listener who knows the Holy Scriptures know that this is a false religion… You don’t need to look further than the first commandment of the Ten… God shares none of His glory nor worship…

  5. Thousands and thousands of people died for the Baha’i Cause…and still are…the Christians sensed something was happening in Europe in the 1800’s….the Millerites were prevented from going as a large group to investigate from the Holy Land…how about awake Christians now, 200 years later…finish the quest of their brethren and find who this wonderful Messenger, the Glory of God, Baha’u’llah trans. (The Glory of God)…really is? Do you have the courage? He is the Father…

  6. You are absolutely brilliant! Editing a old Bill Cooper monologue with visuals to date of what he was speaking of. Wow. Powerful stuff. Thank you and God bless you!

  7. They're not all the same..they are so can't mix them all together..a prime example is where l work in a nursing home where now they mix everyone together..those who have their minds and those who don't.. doesn't work..big time

  8. "This is the changeless Faith of God, eternal in the past, eternal in the future. Let him that seeketh, attain it; and as to him that hath refused to seek it—verily, God is Self-Sufficient, above any need of His creatures." -Baha'u'llah

  9. All I see are HELL BOUND. Why do they all ways want to tell us something by their thoughts. We know their thoughts are the same thoughts from the same people who put disease in blankets to the natives. Compared to Father's place, they are short 3 sides. 12 Gates for 12 Tribes. All ready I see at beginning, their things can't compare to anything belonging to TMH. No people outside 12 Tribes, are allowed in Temple. Even if you are grafted in…you are NEVER allowed in Temple. Understand that now, outliers. Your only blessing will be you was saved from the pit. To now serve your nephews and nieces is your last lot to do. Be some arrogant servers, get your pass card rejected.

  10. Bahai is a pedophile kabbalah cult operated by the jews its sayanim talmud front for jewish supremacism it has no value.

  11. So crazy how the original elite freemasonry of the world was secret and elective, whereas now as u see anyone can be allowed in. Desperate if u ask me.

  12. I think baha faith will be the one world religion. The roman catholic church has something to do with the baha faith. The baha faith has a temple on mount carmel which will have a battle in end times prophecy

  13. If I recall correctly that the 9 is considered satans #, according to the writings of Anton LaVey. I've seen a few videos detailing this an these freaks are literally doing everything they can to carry out the plan of destruction. ZIONISM is following a similar path since many want the Moschiac to appear by self full filling the prophecy written in their books an spoken by their rabbis. Isn't it odd that many of these religious leaders are now coming together and pushing this one world, one religion agenda? I personally believe that the end game is to carry out the prophecies to see what's to come. If nothing happens, they at least will have their one world under one ruling class.

    FREEMASONRY is the culprit and common denominator between everything happening now on both sides in every country that has any significance (role) in carrying out the agenda. INVESTIGATE FREEMASONRY!

  14. Very interesting. Thank You. We know a Lot of Freemasonry but not ALot about BAHI. RELIGION. I thank YHWH for showing me the ONE TRUTH. HIS WORD. ONLY. It's funny though. The more time I spend with others. I learn the opposite. HOW MUCH WE. DON'T. HAVE IN COMMON. Too Many Churches teach FALSE GOD FALSE CHRIST. FALSE HOLY SPIRIT. William Cooper Lost. This life. For EXPOSING TRUTH

  15. The LORD is about to shut/close the door on The Ark of HIS Grace aka THE ARK OF SALVATION. When this happen s The Flood/Tsunami of Great Destruction aka THE GREAT TRIBULATION will sweep across the whole world { Rev.chp. 6-17 }. A persons Obedience to Romans 10:9 &10 will ensure then entrance into The Ark. Do NOT delay/be apathetic to come on board. Today is The Day of Salvation.The Gift of GOD is Eternal Life ( Romans 6:23b ) It is The Will of GOD in Christ that all be Saved (1 Timothy 2: 4 & 5 ) GET SAVED TODAY you may not have another opportunity to do so Maranatha – Amen


    If you choose NOT the Way of Life then by default you choose the way of death. ~Maranatha~ 5/25/19

    Weep no more…

  16. @SMH can you touch on the DEEP FAKE ISSUE. Technology is getting to advanced the even the very elect will be decieved.(paraphrasing) videos can be falsified to where only those with tech awareness and knowledge will be able to see.

  17. I read about something to do with Bahai. It's in scripture and was to do with fixing gates of Israel. This is just another christian franchise and it's just another religion.

  18. As if "religion " would be the answer, it's only Jesus Christ and the blood shed at the cross that saves, anything else is control, I am a sinner saved and washed of my sins and Redeemed me a lowly dog in the gutter, ALL GLORY BE TO GOD FOR BRINGING HIS SON TO SAVE THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN CHRIST JESUS AMEN, read your Bible daily, if you're "to busy" listen via kjv Bible audio book, time is short the LORDS DAY IS NEIGH EVEN AT THE DOOR, I pray for you all nightly and God's grace and mercy is the only reason I'm still here to even glorify God, I truly came a long way from the streets of Cali and Seattle as a very dangerous street soldier who would have you robbed and laugh at you about it while bragging and please understand I'm not glorifying it, it is simply how it was and illustrates the power of almighty God and staying in prayer, Ephesians 6:12 "for we wrestle not with flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places " turn from your sins and except JESUS before its too late brothers and sisters IN CHRIST


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