42 thoughts on “Bad Wolves – No Masters (Official Music Video)”

  1. Thanks Bad Wolves! You guys really put out a powerful message in a great way. Anyway, you guys rock! I hope you guys are alright. 💯🙏

  2. There’s a Howard from Killswitch Engage vibe to his voice but obviously he has his own uniqueness to it… love it 😁

  3. I love you guys. This is on repeat. Didn't know of you until Zombie came out. I hope you come to Birmingham AL or Atlanta GA. I'm 20 mins S of B'ham AL.
    I'm a metal lover. His voice is amazing and he's easy on the eyes. What is the deal with the metal lift on the stage? Haven't saw it before. ❤ 💋

  4. Band is whack as hell lmao. Music for dude's going through their mid life crisis and they're favorite band's are tool and shinedown lmao. This shit is so fucking whack

  5. Fantastic.

    We will soon be our own Masters and serve only one..creator.

    Keep it real with the kids and you will see the day of light.

    Our salvation is in them.

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