‘Bad Education’: Tap Dancing Hugh Jackman & Embezzlement & with Allison Janney, Ray Romano | TIFF

– Mr.Wolverine, Hugh Jackman,
couldn’t be here today, we all know he’s the
nicest guy in Hollywood, I’ve heard that. But, what is something
that sort of surprised you about working with him, or? – Well I had a trailer right next to him. And I kept hearing thumping. Yeah, and you’d think, yeah
well you think what you think. And then I found out he
had a tap dance board, in his trailer, you
know about this, right? Yeah, and he would tap
dance in his trailer. Just an amazing guy, yeah. – He’s kind of shockingly
handsome, I will say. Kind of like, I met him the first time, I was like, “You are
stunningly handsome dude, you are really cool looking.” (slow jazzy music) – “Bad Education” is the
darkly comic, true story, of the largest embezzlement scandal in American public school history. – You did it. – You could have taken a
few adjectives out of there. (laughing) – Trim the fat. – I was, it took me awhile to get into it. Reading scripts is really painful for me, I’m a really slow reader
and there’s a lot of, and I was like where is this going? And then, as the story started unraveling, I was fascinated, I was so
hooked on these characters, and what they did. It was shocking every relevation, well not relevation, what’s the word, revelation, thank you. Ah relevation, that’s when, you know. (laughing) Every revelation was just mind blowing, I thought it was incredible. And then knowing that I was
going to get to work with him, because I’m just a huge
fan of “Thoroughbreds”, and I thought, I’m very
excited to work with Cory. – I was really drawn in
by the writing, I feel. Like Mike Makowsky just
wrote an incredible script. Like the pace is so distinctive, and fun. And it just really, I felt
like I was in that world. So that’s really what
drew me to the story. – Well the tone is what
drew me to the story, I thought it was a real high-wire act. It was, if it was gonna work I knew the movie had
to be very, very funny, and also very serious, and very
empathetic and very nuanced. – Well that was important to me too. I think that when I
met you the first time, you know, you didn’t want
it to be broad and pushed, or whatever, it had to be,
come from character, you know. So that– – Well you should’ve told me that before. (laughing) I hammed it up. – We edited, you haven’t seen it right? – No I haven’t seen it. – [Interviewer] And I think
we’re gonna wrap things up with our fish bowl game here, if Ray, you want to
maybe pick up the bowl. – Character from film or TV you wanted to be like when you grew up. Are you grown up yet? – We’re getting there. I’m still, I hope. – This is a weird one but it’s honest, I really wanted to be
the genie from “Aladdin”, the Robin Williams genie. I just thought he was the coolest guy. – Oh, well. – I wanted to be Barbara Eden, Genie. – That’s what I was gonna– – Oh, I cut you off again.
– Wait, no no no, not her, I was gonna say Elizabeth
Montgomery, “Bewitched”, that’s who I wanted to be. – Let’s see, I wanna be like,
Steve McQueen, was kinda cool. Yeah, you guys know who Steve McQueen is? – I wanted to be the
best me that I can be. – Whoa. – [Ray] Get out, get out. (slow jazzy music)

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