Bad Dad Hits His Daughter, Good Dad Teaches Him A Lesson | Dhar Mann

can you just go to home why are you coming who did this to you it's not a big deal I'm fine okay my boyfriend I just got into an argument this is not okay what do you mean you yell at me and treat me the exact same way why is it any different hey guys it's dar the video you're about to watch is about how a man treats his daughter shapes the way other men are gonna treat her in the future I hope you guys loved this video and make sure you stayed till the end for shoutouts and giveaway winners Sebastian Sam Wow how you been I've been good just waiting for my daughter how about you yeah I'm waiting for my Megan – she got a B in class I'm taking her out to dinner to celebrate take me out to celebrate that's time my girl got anything less than an a I'd be yellow during teacher the hard way you know well that's not how I hey honey were you waiting long no of course not where do those flowers come from Jonathan he surprised me earlier at school today and he's the best boyfriend treats me like a princess like you it's nice I'm happy for you hi let me get the door for you thank you opening the door kind of man are you I'm the kind of man that sets an example for his daughter I know either messy tree you see I don't yell at my daughter when she does something wrong I show her love and patience I help her grow and get better because that's what I want her to expect from another man and I like to open the door for my daughter and take her on dates I want her to know that chivalry isn't dead because that's a standard that I want her to have for another man and I always treat my daughter like the princess she is that way when she grows up she'll know that she deserves nothing less than it Prince so you see by me being a gentleman towards my daughter she'll find another gentleman that will treat her the same kidding right I should teach you about parenting that's not how it works you see when she makes a mistake you gotta yell at her put her in her place hey Dad can we go home yeah are you okay I'm fine um can you just go to home why are you coming who did this to you it's not a big deal I'm fine okay my boyfriend I just got into an argument this is not okay what do you mean you yell at me and treat me the exact same way why is it any different all men are the same just go a small lesson about parenting treat your daughter the way you want other men a tree it's good see yourself a dad is always the biggest role model for his daughter if he treats her with respect then she'll want the same respect from any other men there will be a time where any daughter gets hurt other men are gonna treat her bad that's just how the world works but that's why a daughter needs a dad to show her that not all men are the same and that she deserves to be treated like a princess so for fathers be your daughter's first love open her doors for her pull recede out and treat her with respect that will set expectations on how another man should treat a lady and she'll never settle for anything less hey guys I hope you guys loved that video now it's time for some shoutouts and giveaway winners also I'm doing the biggest giveaway I've done on my Instagram right now if you want to enter all the details are pinned at the top of my comments so our first winner from instagram is malik dot Waja hot dot three three three who said the first youtuber I've ever seen that replies to all his fans messages and your videos are really awesome congratulations you just want $100 and then Brenda Martin from Facebook said amen God is constantly answering my prayers love this video Congrats Brenda you just want $100 from Facebook and from YouTube we've got Maria Teresa Bernabe who said I am deeply touched looking forward to more inspiring stories thank you you just won $100 from YouTube if you guys want to enter my giveaway all the details are at the top of my comments and I'll see you guys in the next video

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  2. ❤️❤️ this a video I will be sharing all dads need to hear this msg, any parent we can sometimes be too hard on our kids this video definitely made me open my eyes as a mom to not be too hard on my kids and to celebrate all accomplishments cause they always do their best to make mom and dad happy and proud..

  3. A father’s influence in his daughter’s life shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinions of men ❤

  4. What’s your favorite part?

    My favorite part is the role play
    My least favorite part is the part where he talks and talks

  5. I am new to your channel, good videos and the morals are literally awesome. I like that you always answer to your fans and this what makes a you a man that should teach other people. 😄😄😉😉

  6. Thank you Dhar for all of these videos! As I watch many of them, I see a reflection of myself of how I should and should not act. I cry every time. You and your cast are true inspirations. You have changed my life in many ways which should have been done a long time ago. Thank you once again.

  7. I have learnt a lot from ur videos I'm not doing this because of the shout outs its because ur stories have a deep meaning may God bless you

  8. hey can u do a video about a son not doing well in school and is getting into wrong crowd and trouble and fights and his father punishes him but his father punishing him makes it worse as when the son was young and he did a little bad thing the father beats him and the father realise him beating his son and not comforting him made his son how he is now

  9. Literally, your videos need to be aired even in schools. There are so many life lessons packed in each video. Love, love your videos.

  10. Dhar, you teach everyone who watches your videos sooo much. I appreciate you a lot for teaching me and others important lessons. Your videos are great and you are great as well. Have a great day!

  11. Dhar you are the best you've been able to transform people's life to a better life and always never forget to impress your fans love u💗💗💗💗 and we appreciate all what you've done may hit millions subscribers soon

  12. Nice video. Every men should learn how to bring up his children from this video. Lots of thanks for your wonderful video.

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