Backstreet Abortions in the Philippines: Year of Mercy

[Music] there were four um resonance phenomena Pinella glossary on enough the opens another particle palatable la vita challengers like Marshall on including middle water open are technically middle course after putting it again [Music] the Philippines is in the middle of a health crisis though the government just passed an historic reproductive health law which aimed to provide countrywide access to free contraceptives sex education and maternal care teenage maternal deaths are on the rise thousands of which are the results of illegal abortions being half Filipino I wanted to travel to the Philippines to find out what my choices would be if I were a young woman living in a country where religion is inseparable from the state I were in botando district to get on track to get them a quarter of the Philippines population is living in poverty the Tondo district of Manila is home to an average of 70,000 residents per square kilometre making these the most densely populated slums in Southeast Asia she’s a very bumpy ride in the trike and now we’re right by the same I’ll see em 19 years old buddy multiple tiers or not all this coming November and this is your first pregnancy and this is yours yep elegant escucha I know 17 well 18 are mnemonics rania bacca bacca battle agra delhi card open no visa probabilities do you talk to the boys about contraceptives and lady sex never know why not was it a big surprise when you found out your pregnant [Music] jinke situation is fast becoming the norm with one in ten young Filipino women age 15 to 19 already a mother or pregnant with their first child I headed to a neighboring district to meet with a group of boys to talk about their views on sex here are a few dad to see you or any others out of you do you want babies in your group of friends do you talk about sex a lot very quiet yeah do you ever talk to girls about it never never ever but you’re all sexually active are you guys using contraception [Music] any of you worried that you might get your girlfriend pregnant again if one of you got your girlfriend pregnant and she was having doubts about going through with the pregnancy linea but in your opinion of leg yoga and does that situation happen a lot just by talking to Filipino teens it was obvious there was a lack of conversation around safe sex and surprising in a country there’s over 80% about Catholic just like sprague holy water check I rub it sprayed I’m gonna burn in hell the government is crap because the government is pretending to be Catholic they say condom says 30 blah blah blah because you’re promoting sex but in reality people have sex it’s normal they’re cheating people making them stupid so that they just follow the rules and then just pay taxes and don’t complain it’s the few Catholics I would like to use the term fundamentalist Catholics and Catholic groups are the ones really not in touch with the rest of the people we have been called names we have been shamed and humiliated we were called abortionist by the opposition and that’s a kind of odd thing about the law around abortion it’s always the life of the baby that’s before that’s the norm here there is no reason that would allow abortions or whether rape or incest so a doctor the woman herself any accessory to the crime can be imprisoned there are doctors here that actually find abortion even life-saving abortion unspeakable they would rather have women die from pregnancy and childbirth [Music] I contacted one group of doctors which I mentioned a lot on the forums as kind of the go-to guys in Manila medical practitioners doing these kind of procedures on the side away from their everyday job just a couple of back-and-forth emails with them and they’re saying that they’re getting death threats from pro-life groups blackmail they’ve got police trying to entrap them and they’re saying here for us to keep the service life the countless women in our country we can’t take any risks however small it is so they have flat-out refused to meet me the really shocking part here is they estimate that it’s nearly ten women are dying daily in the country from botched abortions and we’re not going to find that statistic anywhere else just by getting deep into these forums I can tell that my options if I were a 15 year old pregnant gun Philippines seeking a termination there’d be backstreet abortion using a local HELOC which is like a Filipino healer and completely unqualified for doing any kind of medical procedure and then the really budget version is taking these abortion medicines or potions that you just buy off the market in the UK you’d be in and out of hospital in one day or you just take home the abortion pill then that would be it it’s kind of that disparity between where I’m from and then coming here just seems a million miles away to see for myself but so many girls are putting themselves through I tried contacting dozens of backstreet abortionists but was yet to get reply there was however a Catholic solution I’d heard of a minister in Manila for young women in crisis there was offering a faithful alternative to abortion this is the activity hall of the moment right now we have 13 pregnant ones most of the mothers who came here from the poorest of the poor the youngest we have is 13 sexually abused by the I’m really against abortion it’s a crime actually in the Philippines so it’s a crime it’s a murder so you’ll be put into jail grace to be born we usually admit pregnant women under first trimester why the first trimester because we also not only providing them with the medical needs and material needs we also rehabilitate them so part of that is the planning for the building I hate to say this but sometimes we do manipulate especially if the case is like that being abused by the father or we encourage them to place the baby in a better place which is adoption just continue with the pregnancy and then we’ll be the one to take care do most of the babies that come through grace to be born get paired with Filipino adoptive parents very rare in the Philippines will go result to adoption I guess 2% because most of our babies are paddock of sexual abuse and Filipinos are always thinking of what will other people tell about them the family what other people think yes an estimated 1.8 million children in the Philippines are orphans with many not making it to the adoption process I couldn’t help but think that regardless of I were a young woman in crisis I’d consider having an abortion even if it were illegal from researching online I’d found out that one of the most common ways girls seek out abortions is by buying pills from the black-market [Music] contradictory as it is I’m gonna try to look and see what we can get right there [Music] [Music] I know you’ve been out in the Sun God forgive me no pubblic you patented Billina for every Lena really not one Apple you know it’s there to the hospital [Music] deeper and deeper I wore it so yeah 3,500 [Music] ten pearls it’s called cytotec which is one half of the abortion pill which would be a chemical abortion NSA the UK on the states but because it’s only one half not the whole active is that you just have to take loads of them see what happens for this batch three thousand five hundred pesos which is 50 quid 70 US dollars I’ll talk a bit of a scam stuff like just take the loads of pills and see what happens and see if it’s like fuck’s your body up so much that you just miscarry if these pills alone didn’t work my next step would be finding a backstreet abortionist [Music] during filming one girl reached out to me who wanted to share her story marami for a simple Martha vegan pupusas Salama Burkhard of a poor diet 20% to the one and tarma no barbecue no go by the name given Ewing sabi ko ko ko UN dressy onions foreigner na hoona keep in a locked lesbian enough sub first met Eric over seven even with an unequal people a glog Nana and Papa well I’m a columnar of petroleum for the era’s opposite position and pair of embedding uncommon tompa love bringing up Okanagan Napoleon for dinner go home mahira Papa labas s support three months Hawaiian Coco Rocha well it’s my honor in future Dominic Matei Nia alone Wong people’s what now how are gonna push tsunade precise angle again Indonesian Co personal blue pop Sahara planned Simba had something going through who are you Poseidon go he knew it Tracy I need Klopfer Runyan you know walking on my belong to so I love the events of my way but a local of the multilateral don’t go poet Daniela by before fanatic gonna not be touchin enjoys move inside needed being a wonderful logic opened in a dialogue believe me when I’m sorry capital are purposeful now but in two years sixteen a whole kind of boho by mines poor the stigma around abortions can be found everywhere in the Philippines with monuments morning the unborn throughout the country this is one of a few shrines dotted around Manila and their memorials to unborn baby and on this particular plot of land before it’s Philips when they start digging the earth they actually found Tupperware two faces a state-sponsored ignorance around safe sex is causing the Philippines to struggle with its rapidly expanding population with the country hitting 100 million people this year [Music] it’s very very busy we have now an average of 70 to 80 deliveries a day as you can see is very prevalent because there’s no more room and how do you keep a Buddhist business organized turnover time is very fast as long as the mothers and the babies don’t have problems they’re sent home as soon as possible our mothers come from before levels of society sometimes the mothers are not really the help in their Minori sometimes they even have infection we’re going downstairs if you like yeah beneath the maternity ward was a unit dedicated to post abortion care I found this ironic in a country to find that women didn’t need abortions we now have 12 patients who have had miscarriages or abortion here in this world because abortion is not accepted and it is illegal when they come here they will just say that they’re bleeding and they’re having abdominal pains but they will not admit they will not tell you that they tried to abort the baby so we do not get the history and complications may arise because of that sometimes infection we said and if they are not treated early enough we can die when I the earth being an increase in maternal death why are young moms being affected more by maternal death they’re too young at a very young age you’re not after the mentally physically psychologically prepared to become a mother do you think safe abortion should be made so that there are theism eternal death [Music] walking around Manila like pro-life billboards there’s memorials and shrines to unborn children depicting Jesus and Mary holding the I keep thinking whenever I see one of those they would be such enough or it’s something like that just propped up in let’s just be like rally’s process and here it’s just like this is level you should be ashamed if you have an abortion like being half Filipino I even feel guilty being a public space soon talking about auction I still feel like I’m personally insulting at birth there are women that don’t have any agency over their body and they don’t get the choice to how their life pans out though 72% of the public were in favor of the reproductive health law that passed this spring religious groups successfully rallied to have crucial contraceptives excluded from the law arguing they had abortive effects including prominent pro-lifer attorney Jo yes but the government is still bound by what is moral otherwise the government can just legislate for what legalization of abortion they cannot do that even if 99% of the people agree with something that is illegal it doesn’t make it legal that’s how I would answer the question tani explains me in an ideal world and an ideal Philippines how a sex education class would look to you I would call it virtuous values education not sex education or she was saved just like clover moved to and fro old-fashioned it’s just like an older woman telling teenagers how they should be living their life and how they should be having sex you really understand the foreign of patriotic teenagers all over the world are going to regardless and we need that rather than the tents are happening and put blinkers on we should give people open liberal education the void of conversation around sex and contraception have been quietly filled with whispered abortion stories of great personal pain and overwhelming social stigma but for me to truly understand what it meant to be a young woman ending a pregnancy in the Philippines I needed to see for myself the life-threatening lengths thousands of girls are willing to put themselves through just had a call from here long the girl that’s willing to have hope and legal gotta be really careful so we’re gonna pack down and hide all our equipment and go to meet them the procedure was taking place in the middle of the day a 20-minute walk into the center of a shantytown in Manila or just wait today a lot to prepare before the procedure the young woman had taken pills like those I’d bought from the market to induce contractions allowing the heel up to dislodge the fetus [Music] well I know a Lincoln deliver doesn’t it so the medicine kind of plays out I’m Dan McGann it’s not very close this was not an isolated procedure but one that was happening daily across the country and all too often with fatal consequences upset me as a woman but as a Filipina maybe reading that every woman in this country should be fighting illegal abortions this is like a very small groom they’re blocking it that whole procedure could have so easily been avoided if she had proper access to contraception she wouldn’t even had to reach that stage and it’s not about taking a life it’s about having choices over your own body every woman in any country should have the choice of what happens with my body and what happens with her life [Music] religious devotion battling with politics was overshadowing a national health crisis where women were risking their lives every day to end unwanted pregnancies been protecting the unborn the Philippines was only hurting its most vulnerable above all I learned that even if it went against their faiths Filipino women needed unwanted safe abortions people gonna talk about abortions even if they know that abortions happen on a daily basis to people that we know and rely this is a year of mercy Pope Francis was actually talking about that women who have abortions should be absolved do not obsess do not obsess about contraception abortion the rule of Catholics should be mercy and compassion I think that’s a new message that there should be taken seriously by all Catholics here in this country [Music]

100 thoughts on “Backstreet Abortions in the Philippines: Year of Mercy”

  1. Its really annoying because of the religious people like wtf

    Make abortion easily accesable so no woman would be harmed by taking backstreet abortions

    Second i dont believe you shud abort a baby for the heck of it you should be responsible and have safe sex

    Use a condom
    Birth control
    Or not inseminated her

    Theres plenty of ways to prevent abortion from even happening

    Ofc abortion is allowed

    Unwanted pregnancies where the mom cant bear the responsibilities because of lack of finances

    Raped and inseminated

    More reasons what do you guys think?

  2. Heres the thing, one half of the population doesn't deal with this sort of thing, so they don't think about it and aren't concern really. The other half of the population get pregnant at an earlier age and are forced to find their own way to resolve the situation. So they ask friends or family that have been threw the same thing and find their own personal way of dealing with teen pregnancy and abortions.

    This is the focus of poverty. Same with any country, the UK, America, Canada, France or China. People in poverty tend to avoid having children because they can't afford to feed it. Which is also one of the reason i think America's population is so low compared to China or India. Can't feed a baby if you can't feed yourself right?

    China is Communist so most people aren't poor… Allowing them to be able to feed thier families.

  3. Now go to America and see how similar it is even if there aren’t statues everywhere the beliefs and attitudes are still very much alive and with the sexist pieces of shit in the White House the abortion rights we fought so hard for could be gone and day now

  4. Best form of Birth control is "KEEP YOUR FKN LEGS CLOSED"…its so simple even animals like Lionesses in the jungle can FEND of HUGE MALE LIONS who try to mount them until THEY ARE READY TO BE MOTHERS!!!! And these males understand that they have to wait til the LIONESS(THE WOMAN) is ready. So simple animals can do it…but wait Im not allowed to state the obvious.

  5. This is heartbreaking, this is really the first time I said aloud “Thank God for the separation of church and state that I enjoy here in the US.”

  6. Can a documentary be made about the MALE education and culpability because after all a woman is only half of the story? Should not there be a law for father CHILD SUPPORT to impress upon the men the consequences also?

  7. Maybe educate your kids so they are not fucking left and right in their early teens. Fuck man! All that goat bile soup is taking its toll on these people. We all have families, but there are no teen pregnancies in my entire huge family. I can't feel sorry for people when they complain about hardship brought on by ignorance!

  8. Also that rich, old, religious woman yapping her mouth while living her good life is oblivious to the tragedy that is this situation. Push the government to align with her views, then step away sleeping well as people and newborns suffer. Fucking bitch! It isn't heaven that you are going to.

  9. There is no such thing as safe abortions. It is very risky I don’t care how safe you try to be women have died after procedures. Abortion is murder!!

  10. So the Catholic solution is mother and baby homes. That will not end well for mother or child.

    Ireland once had mother and baby homes, victims put in those homes are still awaiting answers and compensation from the Catholic church

  11. Humans are amazing. Animals fight to have offspring, Humans kill their offspring. You as liberal human rights person, you support aborting babies, but never thought if you were in shoes of those babies, that may could have happend to you but by mercy and grace of the universe you came out and saw the light.

  12. Religion, our species number one retardant in all forms of progress. Sickening. Oh yea and FUCK YOU Catholicism you fuckin' suck.

  13. "It would be a grave sin having it aborted" … is FUCKING OUT OF WEDLOCK!!!! STUPID FKN JUNGLE BACKWARDS ASS HYPOCRISY #BANreligion

  14. A real "pro-lifer" would care more about the thousands of people who die every day of preventable disease, war, famine, etc, than a collection of cells with no consciousness. I won't respect any argument a pro-lifer gives until they fully address how all of these unwanted children will be given a high quality of living once born. I'd rather die before I even knew I was alive than live in abject misery and die of some waterborne illness before my first birthday because my parents didn't have any access to clean drinking water.

  15. I don’t get why that one who had an abortion at 13 couldn’t have kept that baby, She kept the 2nd one ???? I could never have an abortion. That’s a life inside the womb !!!! They deserve to live. Even if they are the product of sexual abuse. That’s not their fault…. oh man I’m so emotional watching this.

  16. why doesn't the pushy host move the frik back to the Philippines and actually do something about it if it's so damn important to her…. She doesn't mention the overwhelming majority of pregnancies being free choice by the parties involved. Where does personal responsibility come into play? Don't you pro-choicers realize that if you have sex you can get pregnant? That's like going for a drive and not wearing a seatbelt- sure you'll be fine most of the time, but you've got to know that a seatbelt would have saved you in case of an accident…. I'm not a pro-lifer, but this isn't persuading me to the host's side.

  17. Puñeta, these kids are shameful. Their parents are shameful. What the hell are they doing, not teaching their kids about sex?

  18. Dahil sa kalandian ng mga magulang na tulad nito, bata ang nagdurusa mula pagkapanganak, hanggang pagtanda. Walang pampakain, walang pampaaral, napapariwara ang buhay. Tapos ano, aasa kayo sa gobyerno na gamitin sa inyo ang buwis na pinaghihirapan ng mga manggagawa? Hindi tama na nakikinabang kayo sa buwis na pinagtatrabahuhan ng mga manggagawang Pilipino samantalang wala naman kayong pakinabang sa lipunan bagkus, nagsisilbi pang salot! Kung wala kayong magawa sa buhay niyo at kinakati yang mga singit niyo, siguraduhin niyo munang mapapangatawanan niyo ang responsibilidad bago kayo magyugyugan. Hindi yung pagnakabuo, ipalalaglag. Walang kasalanan ang bata, hindi man lang kayo nag-iisip kung may maganda bang kahihinatnan yang kalibugan niyo! Nakakasuka kayo! PWE!

  19. After many years I spent Christmas 2018 and was in the Phils over a month. The govt. says that 25 percent of the people in Metro MLA are homeless. All kinds of nude little children are all over the street. Gangs of homeless teens swarm the streets. Teenage girls with one or more babies are homeless. I hear that the orphanages are hell holes. However, I am told that the Catholic Church runs this country. There are some well off Filipinos. Many of the people in PI are supported by relatives working abroad. However, day laborers only earn enough to eat poorly and sleep wherever they can. The Phils is the most sexual place I have ever seen. Even unemployed and underemployed men have wives and a lover or two. Filipino men do not like to use condoms. And even if they did, they are unable to afford a condom even for a quick kantot. The Catholic Church prevents birth control for the poor and abortions for all. If the Catholic Church were controlled…these poor people might have a chance. However, most Filipinos are very nice people. Fuck the Catholic Church and their fat priests.

  20. The chick correspondent makes me sick. The way she looked at these people, her tone, facial expressions, etc. She acted as if they were so stupid for not believing in abortion. Liberals always bitch about Americans trying to change others culture and here she is trying to do just that. She acts as if having abortion will change all of phillipines problems. Now 13 year old girls who are raped and impregnated can have their abortions in the comfort of an abortion clinic. Now the 16 yr old girl who fucks her boyfriend can get a nice abortion in a clean clinic. She says she can’t believe that the woman aren’t fighting and screaming for abortions. Maybe it’s because there are way bigger problems. Like why so many 13 yr olds have kids in first place. Maybe push condoms instead of abortions first. Abortions fix nothing. It’s a temp fix for people who keep making same mistakes. They need to fix education. Not abortions. And I’m not completely against it. But they shouldn’t be free and shouldn’t be unlimited. There’s your compromise you dumb bitch looking down on others because they believe different. Why doesn’t she go to Middle East and stick up for woman being tortured and raped without any rights to do anything. But Catholics are easy targets for liberals

  21. I grew up in a church (in the US) that spoke very strongly against premarital sex and I ended up waiting until I was 26 (and no longer religious) to have sex. people are having sex, yes, but I don't think it's impossible for young people to make the conscious decision to wait. from the sounds of it, a much higher percentage of young pregnancies are the result of abuse in the Philippines than in the US, but the rest… just keep your clothes on and give yourself a chance at a better life!

  22. "We worked hard for it" bitch u literally spent two minutes of abdominal muscles contractions whilst thrusting while ur gf will get 9 months keeping ur fucking baby you "worked" so hard for in ur uterus and then the 10 hrs of fucking contractions u fucking idiot. Like wtf r these boys thinking… im a teenage dude and i cant believe how stupid teengers are
    Welp, im out, triggered

  23. Aborting is a grave sin but isnt pre-marital sex? Hate when "religious" people pick and choose the rules they obey.

  24. if women were smart and horny then they would choose who to have kids with but instead they are lazy and maybe other things but good at blow jobs and hand jobs makes them a baby maker. Stop complaining bitches!

  25. Why doesn't Vice do some documentaries on all of the Catbolic Charities in the world ? We are the number 1 non profit charity. Stop bashing us. Go film the hundreds of thousand of nuns living in dangerous African lands feeding the poor and edicating them . All of the Friars who make wine and things like . Seriously you can stop it with the bashing. We get it, Mainatream is evil and hates Chrsitianity and only shows the bad people in it . Never the good leaders the good people

  26. and yet pro life people says contraceptives shouldn't be legal, then get mad when teens get abortions because they're having unprotected sex. i thought y'all want it the "natural way"?

  27. sex education is important to avoid this kind of problems, filipino teens get easily embarrassed just by talking about it. sex is normal.

  28. So, is it easier to use contraception or to have a back street abortion? Can't use a condom and I'm supposed to pay for you to terminate a child's life? Not on your life! Stop blaming Christians for your bad behavior.

  29. You have sex, you get pregnant, guess what? YOU HAVE A BABY! Congratulations! Oh, no thanks, I'd rather kill it…..

  30. Its sad that they are embrassed to talk about sex and find abortion a grave sin yet they can have sex freely with anyone and not ashamed about it

  31. Im a filipino, i agree to Abortion. Because if you are rape victim and u get pregnant and if u are young atleast u can abort ur baby. But our country dont agree the abortion. Although im not agree to kill inocent baby but atleast government here should think about abortion for those rape victims who get pregnant in early age.

  32. Any religious organisation that bans birth control is itself responsible for the murder of these unborn children. That is why I hate the Catholic church, but I don't hate Catholics.

  33. A lot of people give me a confused look when I tell them that I am a Christian Orthodox who is also a moderate Democrat… and cases like these are exactly why. Making abortions illegals doesn't stop abortions: it stops SAFE abortions. What is important is finding out the causes of these abortions and why the child is not being kept rather than effectively torturing the mother and the potentially-still-being-aborted child for no other reason other than to say "we followed our faith and beliefs!"

    Now, I have two things to ask those people:
    1) If you are doing this for God, then why does it matter if other people think you are following your beliefs or not as long as God knows? If I want to try to stop abortions, then I am going to be a kind and open individual who is trying to convince and help people to keep the child. Sure, on paper you see that I am technically pro-choose, pro-Planned Parenthood, etc etc, but I don't care about that. What I care about is that I am personally helping a potential mother by improving her life in a way that can convince her to keep the child, and to potentially convince her of my beliefs without forcing my beliefs onto her.
    2) Knowing all of this, why are you intentionally trying to make women suffer? If we understand that making abortions illegal only stops safe abortions, and you are okay with that because "these women deserve to suffer and die for this murder they felt this dire, life-altering need to commit," then you are not a damn Christian! No Christian should want to ENCOURAGE the PAIN AND SUFFERING of ANYONE. We must forgive and understand. We must learn from our pasts, our presents, and use that to try to change our futures.

    And for those who will now try to pull the Westboro Baptist Church card on me, I have this conspiracy theory that they are actually Satanists trying to drive people away from God, because – let's be real – that is exactly what they are doing.

  34. The presenter maybe half-Filipina, but she doesn't get the culture and beliefs here. It's easy to blame the Church for everything, it is even a cool thing to do so nowadays, but the problem of legalizing abortion in the Philippines is the conscientious nature of the Filipinos.

  35. Abortion is murder. It ends a life and we all know that. We need great sex education and morals taught in our schools

  36. Thank you for your willingness to cover this important issue. Those of us that are pro choice are jist as compassionate as pro life foks. Peace and love from Phoenix, Arizona, USA ✌❤✌❤

  37. Being half Filipino, I get so frustrated and angry when I see things like this. I've travelled to the Philippines every year or other year since I was born. It's scary how many children you see on the streets each and every day. How many children people have because there is no way except just not having sex to stop this. Abortion is wrong. Condoms aren't easy to come by (I think I've seen one place that sold them all the years I've been there). Contraceptive. I mean, these are the poorest of the poor. Just getting food on the table is something they have to think about each day. Yes. I can understand the fact that some people may see abortion as murder and instead talk about adoption. But there are SO many children there that are just "forgotten". And having girls so young have children. It's just making the whole thing worse. A girl that could've gotten a good education and maybe even a better life for herself and her family. It's just so heartbreaking.
    Yes. I know. Some will say that you can't decide for your baby. But, you're basically bringing in a life to a place where it might never get food. Might life in a graveyard (yes, very common). No education whatsoever, which is also extremely common.
    There needs to be a difference between religion and everything else. Instead of being so hard on bringing in a life to this world, why not try harder for those that are already in it.

  38. This shit pisses me off to no end. Ur too shy to tell ur boyfriend to use a condom but ur not to shy to fuck?

  39. Wow this reporter should repent… hopefully theses people will wake up and recognize the murder of children is evil. As far as the kids getting knocked up… it’s attitudes like this reporters that cause that…, “ young people are going to f*** anyways so we just need access to the murder of the result because we don’t want the responsibility….

    Grow up….

  40. I also find it amusing when the pro-murder side argues “women’s rights” but then completely ignores the unborn women they’re murdering…


  41. I don't want these women to have to endure this but this idiot making fun of the old woman for talking about sexual morality is insane to me. You ignorant bitches that think it's OK to just fuck whatever you want when you want you are the reason why most women today are as immoral, disgusting sorry as fuck trash! Typical fucking liberal. You need to learn sexual responsibility and make women hold men accountable for there rampant desires instead saying i am vessel of morality that you cannot just have.

  42. Boy (maybe 16 or 17 years old): "We worked very hard to get it (the woman pregnant)." Weeell… 2 minutes fun = 'Worked hard' … ?!?

  43. Normalization of abortion isn’t the answer, just like killing everyone who reaches 65 isn’t the solution to social security. Excuse me, it’s A solution, but not a moral one, or possibly even, a practical one. “All teenagers are going to fuck”, well, they will if they’re taught it has no consequences, that there’s some mystique to sex, that’s it’s “no big deal”, but doesn’t occur amongst all population groups equally. They should legalize contraceptives and other forms of birth control, however. If kids are going to be dumb and careless enough to get pregnant at 13 or younger, it’s society’s duty to make sure the harm they do to themselves and others is minimized to the greatest extent.
    Btw the reporter was just so struck by the horror of that backroom abortion, which, must of course been simply awful, but, perhaps because it’s not in her face, the horror of killing part of the next generation for one’s/society’s convenience seems to have escaped her, in fact she supports it. I mean it’s just mostly poor people….not like they matter much, besides their children are a “drain on society,” right? rolls eyes Well, since it’s easy, socially accepted, and many of the moral and even pragmatic implications are essentially moot(at least in 21st century America), nobody seems to want to find a better solution, especially one that’s not tied to religion. so, let the killing continue, keep calling it just a “medical procedure”….

  44. The problem has always being unnecessary blinding poverty. Where we are witness to syndicated
    class rape by restricting education to covet competition… masquerading as money but further faking entitlement when merely the end result of social engineering and the flailing authority demanded by
    the worst offenders to civil health and peace, just to make themselves out more deserving than their neighbours. "Stop weaponizing our global children". YVO Abortions in the Philippines: VICE 1 Mar 2016 .

  45. Majority of Filipinos opposes the legalization of Abortion. So no way on earth that Philippines will legalize abortion, we can't even legalize divorce

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