Back to School – Who Wins?

Welcome back from summer break. I’m the host of Who Wins, State School Superintendent
Richard Woods. Our contestants did really well in the first
and second rounds, with Ike scoring 450 points, Tracey scoring 500 points, and Kiana holding
down the fort with 675 points. To recap, our contestants seemed to catch
on to the format of the game quickly, and they are eager to start this next round. Oh, we caught on alright. I can’t wait to get started. Let’s do this! Okay, let’s get started. For 100 points, who currently has an all-time
high graduation rate of 81.6 percent. Kiana? Georgia public school students! That’s correct! *clapping sounds* On to our
next question. For 250 points, who outperformed their counterparts
in the nation’s public schools on the SAT? *clicking noises* Tracey? Georgia public school students! That’s correct. The next question is worth 300 points. Who earned more than 41,000 industry credentials
last year? *clicking noise*Ike? Georgia’s public school students. *buzzer noise* Uh-oh. That sound means we have come to our last
question. And we get to find out, Who Wins! For the next question, you will have five
seconds to write down your answer and your point wager. But if your answer is wrong, you will lose
points in the amount of your wager. If you get the answer right, you will gain
points in the amount of your wager. Can we get five seconds on the timer, and
on the screen please? The final question is: who is ranked 16th
in the nation for Advanced Placement pass rates? Go! *”waiting” music plays* Okay, let’s see
your answers! And let’s start with Tracey. Georgia public school students — that’s correct,
Tracey! Woo-hoo! You wagered 125 points so that brings you
into the lead with a score of 875. Ike, you’re next! What did you write down? Georgia’s public school students, you are
correct! You wagered 125 points so you are tied for
the lead at 875 points. And last, but certainly not least, Kiana – what
was your answer? Georgia’s public school students. Correct. You wagered 100 points bringing us to a three-way
tie once again on Who Wins, where in fact, everyone wins – especially the hard-working,
one-of-a-kind students of Georgia’s public schools. Students, we are wishing you a wonderful year. Study hard! And aim for success. And we’ll see you next time on Who Wins! *music

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