Back to School 2019

(music) Hi I’m Diann Kitamura Superintendent of
Santa Rosa City Schools. Here’s my top five countdown for starting the year off
right. Number five, take the survey. Our district is creating a strategic plan
that will affect all of our children for the next five years. Share your thoughts
in the strategic plan survey. You’ll find a link to the survey on our district
website during the month of September. Number four, fill out the meal
application. Filling out the online meal application means more than just meals.
It helps get funding for our schools. Only one application is needed for
household. Everything is confidential. We don’t share this information. Number
three, visit our Integrated Wellness Center. Our Center has free bilingual
crisis counseling tutoring and school nurse services. It’s near the Mendocino
Avenue Safeway, at the Lewis Education Center. Transportation is free and
available. Number two, update your contact information. Make sure we have the best
way to reach you in an emergency. Your cell phone number and email. If you need
help with online forms, contact your school office. And number one, the most
important thing you can do: get to school on time, every day. When students
miss school, even with an excused absence, they miss valuable learning time.
What are those top five again? The survey! The meal app! The Wellness Center! Your phone number! And remember… Every Day Counts! (music)

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